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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN Profile] Kevin Cooper/Taehlyri'salatria Duirsar

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Name: Kevin Cooper
Nova Name: Taehlyri'salatria Duirsar, Taeli for short
Concept: Accidental Elven Bladesinger
Allegiance: Unsure at the moment.
Theme: RPG Character for real.
HT: 1.65 m/5'5''
WT: 48.2 kg/111 lbs
Hair: Long, luxurious, rich purple, often pinned up
Eyes: large, canted, almond shaped eyes of intense cyan, ringed by a thin band of shifting, prismatic colours
Age: 17 (Born 07/01/1996)


STR: 5 (Well-Built) Mega 1
*DEX: 5(Rhythmic) Mega 5
*STA: 5 (Energetic) Mega 3

*PER: 5 (Keen Eye) Mega 3
INT: 4 (Bright)
*WIT: 5 (Creative) Mega 3

*APP: 5 (Exotic) Mega 4
MAN: 3
*CHA: 5 (Fey) Mega 4


  • Witch's Might (M-Str: Precision)
  • Expeditious Retreat (M-Dex: Enhanced Movement)
  • Elven Grace (M-Dex: Cat-footed, Perfect Balance)
  • Bladesinger's Dance (M-Dex: Physical Prodigy)
  • Elven Lifespan (M-Sta: Unaging)
  • Elven Resistance (M-Sta: Health)
  • Elven Sight (M-Per: Electromagnetic Vision)
  • Detect Magic (M-Per: Quantum Attunement)
  • Song of Celerity (M-Wits: Multitasking)
  • Bladesong (M-Wits: Combat Awareness)
  • Arcane Mind (M-Wits: Taint Resistance)
  • Blinding Beauty (M-App: Obscurement)
  • Fey Glamour (M-App: Awe-Inspiring)
  • Regal Hauteur (M-App: Unattainable)
  • Voice of Art (M-Cha: The Voice)
  • Animal Friendship (M-Cha: Bestial Rapport)
  • Swordswoman's Stare (M-Cha: Disconcerting)

Physical -

Archery: 3
Athletics: 5
Martial Arts: 3
Melee: 6 (Bladesong - Variant Fencing x3, Variant T'ai Chi Chuan x2)
Ride: 2
Stealth: 3

Channel: 5
Endurance: 3
Resistance: 3

Awareness: 3

Academics: 2
Computer: 1
Linguistics: 3
Medicine: 1
Science: 1
Survival: 3

Arts: 3 (Drawing)
Meditation: 5
Modulate: 5
Rapport: 2
Tactics: 2

Social -
Intimidation: 3
Style: 3

Subterfuge: 1

Animal Training: 1
Carousing: 2
Etiquette: 2
Perform: 6 (Dancing, Singing, Moonblade-Flute)

Allies: 2 (the rest of her gaming group - Alan MacAvoy, Connor Donovan, )
Attunement: 5
Gadgets: 5 (Moonblade)
Node: 5
Resources: 2
Sanctum: 5 (Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion spell, write-up forthcoming)

Adversarial Backgrounds:
Fan Club: 1/1
Media Exposure: 1
Suitors: 1 (The other three in her gaming group, Alan MacAvoy, Liam Meath, Connor Donovan)

Quantum: 5
Quantum Pool: 75
Temporary Taint: 0
Permanent Taint: 0
Willpower: 10
Initiative: 18

Elven Attributes (2np)

  • Ability Score and Skill Bonuses (Body Mod: Improved Attributes - Dexterity, Perception, Appearance)
  • Resistance to Enchantment Spells and Effects 2 (L1 Psychic Shield)

Bladesinger Qualities (2np)

  • Warrior and Sorceress (Body Mod: Improved Attributes - Stamina, Wits, Charisma)
  • Good Hit Points (Body Mod: Extra Health Levels - +2 Bruised Levels, +2 Maimed Levels)

Personal Bag of Holding 5 (L2 Extra-Dimensional Pocket w/Deep Pockets)

Uncanny Senses 4 (L1 Intuition)


Telmiirkara Neshyrr - The Rite of Transformation (Out Of Theme)

  • Mystic Fortitude 3 (L2 Armor)
  • Witch's Might 1 (Mega-Strength)
  • Arcane Flesh (Body Mod: Augmented Blood, Improved Skeletal Muscles)

Spells (16.5np)

Magic Missile 5 (L2 Quantum Bolt [bashing] w/Homing [Autofire, Strafing]; Weaknesses: -4 range (4pts), Cannot use the Targeting maneuver (1pt); Strength: Reduce Level of Power by 1(5pts))
Haste 5 (L2 Time Acceleration Technique)
Bull's Strength 1 (L2 Boost-Strength)
Mage Armor 1 (L3 Force Field w/Impervious; Charisma-based)
Dimension Door 1 (L1 Teleport w/Combat Teleport; Weaknesses: No long range Teleport (-3pts), Only Auto-Successes for determining Range (-5pts), -2 Auto-Successes for Range (-2pts); Strengths: Reduce Power Level by 2 (10pts))
Greater Invisibility 1 (L3 Invisibility w/Enhanced Effect)
Light 1 (L1 Bioluminescence; Can only be used on inanimate objects; no flashlight effect)

Mage Hand 1 (L1 Telekinesis w/Reduced Quantum Cost; Weaknesses: Only Auto-Successes to determine Weight (-5pts), -5 Range [range 10m] (-5pts); Strengths: Reduce Power Level by 2 (10pts))

Devices (8.5np)


Ithilhyanda en Duirsar (Quantum 3, Quantum Pool: 21; Cost: 8.5np)

  • Sharpness 1 (L2 Claws w/Kinetic Discharge and Armor Piercing; Weaknesses: Only enhances the Moonblade (3pts), Powered only by user's Quantum Pool (2pt), -1 Damage Die (1pt); Strengths: Reduce Level by 1 (5pts), Increase Duration to 1 scene (1pt))
  • Ancestors in the Blade 5 (L1 Combat Sense; Can only be used in conjunction with Claws (2pts), Powered only by user's Quantum Pool (2pt), Sensory Basis: Sound - user must be able to hear the singing of the blade (2pt); Strengths: Reduce Level by 1 (5pts), Increase Duration to 1 scene (1pt))
  • Sword of Dancing: Empty Force enhancement
  • Combined with a Gadget (Uses Whipsword as a base, +3 Accuracy [6op], +[3] Damage [9op], Can be used as an instrument - as a type of a flute - by cutting the air [2op], +1 Difficulty to defend against attack made with the blade [3op]
  • Locked to Taehlyri'salatria
  • The Moonblade of the Duirsars is more a singular piece of artwork than a weapon, the double-edged blade long and tapering, the crossguard elegant and deceptively strong, the pommel backed by another, shorter blade. Three runes of arcane Elvish are inscribed artfully on each side of the blade. It is fashioned of the clearest glassteel with a faint, everbright sheen to the surface and permeating it - by some angles and light, the blade is nearly invisible, by others, it's as bright as a mirror reflecting sunlight. Infinitesimal perforations line the edges of the blade, making the Moonblade whisper and sing as it passes through the air, and for those experienced with its use, the weapon may be used as sort of versatile flute.
Former Devices


  • This luckstone is crafted with a roguestone, a scintillating gemstone unique to Faerun, with nearly infinite facets, whose rainbow colors shift as if in liquid, slowly swirling iridescently, when exposed to sunlight. It is supported by a close-fitting choker made of fine, interwoven chains of sable mithril. Chance seems to favour the possessor of the Luckstone, which also throbs and grows warm to warn of danger

Tasmia's Heart

  • Crafted for a vain, self-indulgent, and astonishingly beautiful elf maiden during the height of Myth Drannan decadence, Tasmia's Heart is a revealing, backless bustier of the supplest, softest leather with a pair of matching, fingerless, shoulder length gloves. The set is coloured the deepest blue, with fine, gold filigree. Tasmia desired something that would protect as well as showcase her abundant curves, prompting others to name the outfit, Tasmia's Heart, since it was practically on display.

Boots of the Decadent Maiden

  • These stylish thigh-high boots with a pronounced heel match Tasmia's Heart, and were crafted for the same woman. Tasmia never went without her heels, yet so many places in a Elven Realm weren't conducive to the demands of fashion.
,, ,,

Merits & Flaws
Acute Hearing: 1pt
Acute Sight: 1pt
Enchanting Voice: 1pt
Exceptional Talent (Melee): 5pt
Light Sleeper (Elven Meditation): 2pt
Quantum Regeneration 3: 3pts
Sexy: 1pt

Signature Weapon (Longsword): 2pts

Minority (1pt): Many people make assumptions about Taehlyri'salatria because she erupted from a man into a female elf.
Aberrant Ears (1pt): Long, pointed elf ears.
Aberrant Eyes (1pt): Intense electric cyan, ringed with a thin band of scintillating, iridescently shifting prismatic colour
Aberrant Hair (1pt): Rich, vibrant purple on head and brows only.
Distinctive Looks (1pt): She's a Goddamned bloody Moon Elf! Currently there's only one other, and unlike him, there is no mistaking her gender
Quantum Beacon (1pt): Taeli is locked into her Nova form, unable to develop Dormancy or the Ms. Nobody Enhancement, and the seething quantum forces contained inside her makes her more-than-human nature obvious.
Sex Object (1pt): The living fantasy of rpg'ers, MMOers, and otaku world-wide, Taeli is often a hot elf babe first and a person second.
Surreality (1pt): Much the same as Sex Object, most people find a "real life elf" just too interesting; those that don't care about the elf bit are usually caught by the gender change or gorgeous looks.
Bladesinger (3pt): To activate most of her powers and many Enhancements, Taeli must be able to speak and gesture freely, though the gestures can also be done with a sword in hand. This is a variant of the Compulsion Flaw and the Dumbo Effect Aberration.

Known Languages
Native: Elven
Others: English, Gaelic, Deus Vox (as Language of Magic)

Walk: 5m, Run: 8m, Sprint: 32m

Base Soak: 8B/4L

Armor: +9B/+9L

Total: 17B/13L

Healing Rate:

Health Levels:
Bruised x4
Maimed x3

Creation Log

Attributes: 6np
Mega-Atts: 36np
Elven Attributes: 2np
Bladesinger Qualities: 2np

Personal Bag of Holding: 5np

Uncanny Dodge: 2np
Telmiirkara Neshyrr:
Spells: 16.5np
Devices: 8.5np
Skills: 10np
Skill Mastery x2: 2np
Backgrounds: 3np

+25 Quantum Pool: 5np
Total: 98np

Bonus Points
Merits: 16bp
Willpower +7: 14bp
Flaws: -11bp
Adversarial Backgrounds: -4bp
Total: 15bp

XP Log

Earned XP
XP earned for April: 25xp
XP earned for May: 25xp
XP earned for June: 25xp
2nd Anniversary of IE: 25xp

XP earned for July: 25xp

XP earned for August: 25xp

XP earned for December: 25xp

XP earned for January: 25xp

XP earned for February Birthday: 25xp

XP earned for Two Elves: 5xp

XP earned for Convention Crawl: 15xp

Spent XP
Mega-Appearance 4: -9xp

Mega-Charisma 4: -9xp

Mystic Fortitude 1-3: -21xp

Witch's Might 1: -6xp

Mega-Stamina 2-3: -9xp

Resources 1-2: -4xp

Fey Flesh: -10xp

4 Enhancements: -12xp

XP Balance: 165xp
XP Total: 245xp

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Personal Information:

Identity: Kevin Cooper/Taehlyri'salatria Duirsar

Names: Taeli


Legal Status: British National by birth

Marital Status: Umarried

Known Relatives: Dylan Cooper (Father), Deirdre Cooper (Mother), Katherine Cooper (Sister; 3 years older), Colin Cooper (Brother; 4 years younger; twin to Kenneth), Kenneth Cooper (Brother; 4 years younger; twin to Colin)

Allegiance(s): Family, Friends

Physical Traits:

Weight: 105 lbs

Height: 5’5”

Apparent age: late teens to early twenties (actually 16)

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian, now Tau'Tel'Quessir (Faerunian Moonelf)

Eye Color: Cyan

Hair Color: Purple

Handedness: Ambidextrous


Powers, Skills, and Personality

Known Powers:

Abilities/Special Skills:



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Alan McAvoy: Played a Jotunbrud (giant-blooded) Barbarian from the North. Awakened as a Biological Psiad (Biokinetic and Vitakinetic powers). Through metabolic manipulation, now stands over six and half feet tall of hard muscle, blond hair, and blue eyes. Seventeen years old

Connor Donovan: Black Irish descent (white ethnicity, dark hair/eyes), with a stocky build and just a below average height. Bit of a prankster and a school athlete that happens to be a nerd. an Anime fan and kind of a peeping tom. Played a half-elven scout (Ranger/Thief) and has awakened as a Cognitive Psiad (Clairsentience and Telepathic powers). Seventeen years old

Liam Meath: Skinny guy with spikey orange-red hair and glasses over his sharp grey eyes. Intelligent and creative, with a flair for writing and an interest in theater, Liam was and is their perpetual Dungeon Master, Game Master, Story Teller, et al. Awakened as a n Energetic Psaid, with a talent for photokinesis, specific the creation of holograms and visual images, which he uses to add visuals to their RPGs.

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