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Shadowrun: Everybody Lies - [SR4A - Everybody Lies] The usual suspects


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These are the teams I’m currently looking at:

Team Blue:

Kemuri (Dawn) – Physical Adept

Zan’nen (Malachite) - Technomancer

Tomas (Ravi) - Mage

James (AceWildcard) – Street Samurai

Chunin (Revenant) - Physical Adept

Team Red:

Imiri (Krul) - Shaman

Mr Grimm (Jordan) – Street Samurai

Valkyrie (Smax) – Combat Hacker

Jian (Jeremy) – Physical Adept

Ace of Hearts (Kamiko/Saku) – Combat Medic

Without submission/undecided as of yet – Revenant. Depending on his pick either Team Blue or Red. Special case – Justin’s PC will be handled in his own thread because of metaplot. Both Teams look balanced and well-rounded and should be able to deal with the challenges I planned.


Unless I get heavy complaints, these teams are final now. I'm giving Jameson a card blanche to decide which team he wants to join - he can do fine in both. Jameson - please tell me your pick - Blue-Pill or Red-Pill? :)

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