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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Cosmos Nova - [CN Prelude ] Supreme


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location: Atsugi japan (4 years ago)

"You got to me kidding for FREE?” One Japanese business man raised his voice.

“Dr. Hitosh you are not going to agreed to this are you?” asked the second Japanese man.

“Just wait Nomoto and listen to him,” DR. Hitosh replied.

Nomoto was furious. He thought, I traveled from Tokyo to listen and all I find is this trash. “He is not even Japanese he is a gin-jin!” Nomoto declared. At that moment he was distracted by the Stranger that walked toward him.

“That is true honorable sir,” Supreme said while bowing to him.

Dr. Hitosh Enjoyed the reaction of others meeting Supreme for the first time.

“Mr. Nomoto my I introduce Supreme” Spoke DR. Hitosh. it was entertaining as Mr. Nomoto tried to make sure he heard the name correctly.

Supreme spoke up “ Sorry sir you must forgive the location but I want to do this outside the boardroom.”

“The Agreement is Simple you will provide these machines in the following hospital and qualified doctors to run them” Supreme looked into Nomoto eyes as he said it.

“ Yes it will cost Millions” supreme answer before Mr. Nomoto could voice it.

“ But in return You will have the sole Rights to produce, Marketed it as you See fit for the next 10 yrs”

Supreme told him

“ That is all good and nice but what does my good Doctor and Professor here get” Asked Mr. Nomoto trying to clear his head. It sound too good to be true but at the same time it made perfect sense after listening to Supreme.

“I get to be the first Doctor to show off the procedure to the media and the board” calmly Reply Dr. Hitosh

Mr. Nomoto thought about it. the doctor would become famous overnight. He then turn to look at the Professor. The man sat on the Medical board and Tokyo University.

Professor looked at Mr. Nomoto “ all the Doctors will go thru me to learn this Procedure, this will Keep the Procedure with in japan”

“ Machine will put a end to most surgery that cuts into the body. Allowing a doctor to preform surgery that would not be possible otherwise. But it will take highly skilled doctors to handle the equipment.As they must deal with dozens of variants at once. So I will train the First Dozen to handle it. Then Prof. Hidero here will screen and train the others “ explained Supreme.

Mr. Nomoto looked at the information then back at Supreme

“it will take years to build them” Mr. Nomoto Said as the finial obstacle to his agreement.

“5 years to be correct” Supreme reply.

“ But do not worry I have a working model that the good doctor was taught on,”

“ you can use that to show your board and investor. The Good Doctor has agreed to preform all Surgery using it.” Supreme told Mr. Nomoto.

Supreme watch as all doubt left Mr. Nomoto.

Supreme finish up “ I will leave the Detains to your company to handle”

At the end of the golf game. After every one left.

Dr. Hitosh stayed back “ you know you gave up a lot of money and fame over this”

“ I do not care about that, we have a duty to the human race and I for one will pull us up by the shorts if I have to. The current infrastructure won’t support my designs so I will change it so it will” Supreme told the Dr. with full conviction.

“ why not America instead of Japan” inquired Dr. Hitosh.

“ Simple America is a great land but the current political climate is not ideal for me.” Supreme said

Dr. Hitosh Said goodby to Supreme and drove home.

After he arrived home. Dr. Hitosh sat down in his chair and closed his eyes. he was exhausted .Dealing with Supreme was tiring to the Extreme. He laugh at that thought.

“ In a good mood Doctor” Said a Pink hair Japanese women who was waiting for him.

“ So what is going on in T.C.R.I they contacted you nearly 6 month ago. “ asked the woman.

“ You were Right, Director Nishimura there was a Nova involved.” Dr. Hitosh told the Director.

Director Nishimura waited as the Doctor gather his thoughts.

“ we should be careful dealing with him, with the right influence Japan can be leading in medical technology and more.” responded Dr. Hitosh.

“ He just convince the CEO of Kyocera Corporation to fully fund his project”

“ What project” inquired Director Nishimura

“ It is next generation of operation and therapy. I can not tell you more because he will find out” Dr. Hitosh said as he close his eyes.

The Dirctor quietly left the house.

Meanwhile outside a young man came up to the Director.

“ mam should we put a detail on him or send someone to bring him in” the aide asked.

Director read the note that Doctor handed to her as she left

“ No we will leave him alone for now. But I want a agent at this place now and it must me a local”

“What is the agent assignment mam” the aide asked in confusion. This was not normal policy in handling Nova's.

Director Nishimura was lost in though, yes let this Nova build deeper ties to Japan. It will make it easier to deal with him latter.

" Find a Girl that can cosply if possible and she will do nothing but give detail report of her daily activity."

" See about arranging a Anime expo in the area some place near there." Director Nishimura told her aide.

she though there are many ways to handle this, but first she needs more information to go on.

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Some where in Japan.( 1 year ago)

“Director” Called a young Japanese man as he hurried to catch up.

“ I got the information you requested ma’am” as he started to hand the papers to her.

“ Keep them tell me what you know” the Director told her subordinated.

“ yes ma'am , the information was not easy to get. Iitt” he stud er as he saw the impatient look in her eyes” yes I was Saying the Company is privately owned. They do not marked anything themselves they license their patterns thru other medical companies. “

As the Japanese man finished he took a deep breath. “ The problem is with in next 5 years there will be as massive release of medical cures and treatments”

“ How is that a problem ” asked the Director

“ The problem ma'am is that the license will revert back to T.C.R.I in 5 years. This will cause the Medical firms to flood the marked so they can make a profit before they lose the rights” explained the Japanese man.

“ That is nice but what I want to know is what are they up to” Fumed the Director it has been 3 years and still no solid hints on what was Supreme game.

“ Well ma' am there is one more rummer. It is said a certain medical company will reveled a new medical procedure that will change surgery forever. They have been training a few doctors in this procedure”

“ and how is this related” the director asked.

“ well it deals with the watch we set in town the hospitable there has a new wing it is filled with some of the most hi tech equipment that our agent have ever seen the security is easily equal to most vaults.

Plus some of the most influential people have been seen visiting there. Afterward they donated large amounts of money.” the Japanese man finished .

The Director thought to her self It looks like I may be force to make my move before I get a handle on him. What is he really up to he follows the typical O'tocko pattern but then this donation to children and the elderly plus this medical cloak and dagger it does not add up I am missing something but what.

“ you may go. keep me updated on any development” said the director.

She walked into her office and look around her desk the paper work keeps piling up she laugh at the thought of the people that was after her job. If only they new.

As the Japanese man Left the director at her door. he decided that it was not imported enough to inform her that his own daughter is now working for Supreme.

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