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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Chapter 6.0] Lightning Lies

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Time: October 3

Tensions continue to rise between Angola and Congo, accusations made and discounted, and some of the preparations being made by the King of the Congo were to be useful for what was to come. Attacks were made on the border at both sides, but by the time anyone arrived on location, the attackers were gone, vanished into the jungle, or wherever they might have gone.

The final straw however, was as the leaders of Angola gathered in the capital to speak to the matter, whatever it was that they were about to call for, a huge lightning storm and dozens of tornado's devastated the city. The surviving members of the Angolan government accused Einherjar directly attacking their people and their capital, and declared war on the Congo, demanding the immediate surrender of the King to justice for his crimes against the people of Angola. Immediately, payed by the Angola goverment and their backers, about 12 nova elites attacked the border in retaliation for Einherjar's direct attack on the capital city of Luanda.

Of course, those closest to Einherjar knew that this was contrived, that someone was manipulating the country of Angola to attack him, but outside of Congo itself, plenty of folks believed the story about his actions.

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However, the plans and preparations of the King and his people meant that the forces that attacked the border bounced... hard, between the prepared forces, the robotic forces that Alexandra had built for them, and the superior equipment that his military had, the King of the Jungle had prepared his people well for this coming conflict. There was however, matters that required the direct intervention of the countries greatest nova's, mostly attacks dealing with the more powerful nova forces and spies that were hired, or who served the angolan side of the conflict.. some of whom were actually paid by forces outside of the country.

At the moment, there was a gathering of about a half a dozen nova's who were about to attack the more northern border, to punch though the Congo force, hopefully to become the head of the spear that would break though Congo's defenses, and of the six novas, about one of them was powerful enough to even challenge the might of Einherjar himself, though his power had few external impressions. 'Wrath' as he called himself, possessed extremely high physical Mega-Attributes to say the least, and while most of his powers were internalized, such as armor and involunerability, he did possess a powerful quantum blast ability he could unleash... 'Wrath' was the nova name he went by, and he was one of the worlds more dangerous elites.

But he was supported by several other novas who had complementary powers, and the six of them prepared to attack the border together.

This team of Nova Elite's basic breakdown

'Wrath' - Heavy Mega-Physicals (7's), Quantum Bolt with several Extras & Power Moves, Armor, Invulnerability, Luck. (Has only Quantum 6, but as special Merit allows him to push Mega-Physicals to 7 (and just Mega-Physicals) - See Bombshell's merits for details.

'Burn' - High Mega-Dexterity(5), Powers over Flame(Elemental Mastery), Flight, Superspeed

'Stone Breaker' - Bodymorph: Stone (high), Mega-Strength, Mega-Stamina, Powers over Earth and Stone (Elemental Mastery), transmit though stone, Armor, Invulerability

'Psychic Storm' - Density Decrease, Telepathy, Parasitic Possession, Invisibility, Mega-Manipulation, Mega-Wits,

'Shatter' - Mega-Physicals 4-5, Mega-Intelligence 5 (Analyze Weakness, Strategical and Tactical Prodigy), Mega-Wits 3(Born Warrior), Disintegrate, Premonition, Warp, Claws, Quantum Bolt

'Dread' - Mega-Physicals 5's, Empathic Manipulation (Fear Only), Immobilize, Temporal Control

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She wasn't a named nova, she didn't want to be, but the tiny spider crawling along the roof of the Einherjar's home was also invisible, doing all that she could to be completely unseen even by nova's with incredible levels of perception, and she was invisable in more ways then one, besides being a shapechanger, she was a precog who as invisable to other precogs. She did have a code of sorts, she didn't kill, but she was expert at removing people from a situation in a way that kept them out without killing them.. she moved them to another universe, timeline or dimension, whatever one might call it. Today, her target was the King of the Congo, and she moved over him, as a tiny invisable spider as she dropped.. all she needed to do was touch him, and it was over, the King of the Congo would be out of the picture for some time... and she was close enough that no one could prevent it now... one moment the Storm King was standing there discussing plans with his most trusted, the next he was was simply gone.. eventually his people would likely find him again, but for now, they had to deal with this matter without the Storm King.

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Morri froze in shock for a long moment. Tavon, Esperance and the others were likewise shocked into silence and fear. There was no reaction for a moment, then everyone reacted at once. Several voices filled the air at once, but Morri’s was not among them. She sat, her red eyes glued to where he had been: the spot where her King had disappeared.

Her first instinct was to lash out, to strike at the universe in rage and grief. But the universe wasn’t here; there was only her friends and family – or those that were like family to her. Her fingers clenched into fists and her slim body shook. But more than anything else, what held her hand from violence was Ein. Her beloved wouldn’t want her to hurt the people he loved too.

Drawing a deep breath, she shouted, “Quiet!” Her voice boomed out and cut into the noise. “We have to organize. We need to look for him.”

“We need to do it discreetly.” Tavon looked as upset as Morri felt.

“No. We do it openly. Someone has kidnapped the King, and the world will know it soon enough. The sooner we have the world looking for him, the sooner he is found.” Morri was trying not to think about the other worlds.

But Esperance was more than willing to speak about it. “If he’s in this world.”

“We need to narrow it down, if he isn’t.” Morri was having trouble breathing evenly. I can’t do this without Ein.

You have to. You must.

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Evo took his breath slowly and hard, not raising his voice. The boss who had given him real hope, a true purpose beyond the elite work - he'd not felt truly satisfied with the novahood he'd achieved until the Congo and Ein recruited him... those bastards... whoever they were. But now, he had to focus intensely hard. His brain, super-humanly intelligent and overclocked faster than computers, took in the scene and considered several factors.

One, Ein had been made to vanish by some quantum force undoubtedly. Two, another powerful nova had to have achieved this. Three, even if the nova had gone along with Ein, traces would be left. Immediately, he stared, forcing his gaze to be overlaid with the quantum layer. And the radiant energies were there... and the pulsing but vanishing rip...

"He's not Morri." Hurt but calm, the Justicar of the Congo spoke, trying to keep balance here. "The quantum forces I see here... they just break into something else. Another reality. We could find him... but it'll be a while with whatever travelers we could employ. So until he's back, you've got to step up."

Morri looked back, stunned at him, and Evo could still see the expression as a positive gain from her normal state, he trusted that after the psychologist, she could handle the truth when push came to shove. "He told me and Tavon, you know. You're the heir, and acting head of state now."

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Maia nodded. looking to her Elder sister. "I will call on Alex, to see if she can help." Her own expanded perceptions traced the patterns, and she looked at Morri. "I can start searching, but crossing dimensions, finding which one he was taken to, It's like looking for a straw colored needle in a haystack the size of Alaska. I only know of a couple other novas with this ability." admitting it was something she wouldn't normally do.

"Until we find him Morri, you're in charge."

Losing Ein tore at her, but she steeled herself to be strong for her elder sister. Later well, they could speak of it as sisters.

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“Then I will be in charge.” The world swirled around her and the Morrigan fought dizziness. Her throat ached to say Find him first but instead she said, “He was discussing defenses. Is there more to say there?”

“No, there is not.” Tavon’s voice was gentle as he spoke. She could see the grief in his eyes and smell his worry – not just for his King but for her. It was a comfort, to be reminded that even if Einherjar wasn’t by her side then she wasn’t alone. And so long as she had her friends with her, he would be here, too, in a way. “Queen Morrigan?” The use of her title startled her and she instantly guessed that was Tavon’s motivation for doing it. “You mentioned a public search for King Einherjar. I would counsel otherwise.”

“But the whole world will know in time that he’s missing. I want everyone looking for him.” The panic was bubbling up in her madly; if they didn’t find him – if they didn’t even start to look for him, what would she do?

“But he’s not in this world, and few will search for him on our behalf.” Tavon looked to Esperance for confirmation, and the seneschal quickly spoke.

“We will tell others. But I suggest that we do so carefully and with intention of them helping us.” The pretty woman, so like a mother to Morri in some ways, added, “We can hire anyone in the world and we will.”

Morri nodded. It felt wrong to do it this way, but they were making sense. Many respected Ein, but few loved him outside of the Congo. And indeed, many would tear him down – or tear down what he’d built while he was gone. “Maia, who do you know that we can ask – and that we can trust?”

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