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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN Character Profile]: Nate "Jedi"

Mr Fox

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Collin Nathan Chatham (Jedi)

Strength: 5
Mega Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5
Mega Dex: 5
Athletics: 5
Drive: 1
Martial Arts: 5
Melee: 5
Stealth: 2

Pilot: 5

Stamina: 5
Mega Sta: 5
Endurance: 5
Resistance: 5

Perception: 5
Mega Per: 1
Awareness: 3

Intelligence: 5
Mega Int: 3
Computer: 5
Engineering: 5
Science: 5
Survival: 1

Wits: 5
Mega Wits: 5
Arts: 3
Biz: 2
Rapport: 3

Appearance: 5
Intimidation: 2
Style: 2

Manipulation: 3
Mega Manip: 1
Streetwise: 2
Subterfuge: 2

Charisma: 4
Mega Cha: 1
Command: 1
Etiquette: 2
Perform: 1

Soak Totals: 30/25 min +successes on FF roll.
(die pool penalties reduced by 5)
5/2 Sta
5/3 Mega Sta
15/15 Armor
[5]+Sta+FF successes x2 soak Force Field

Health Levels:
+3 bruised from Mega Sta

Willpower: 10

Taint: 0

Quantum: 5
Q Pool: 50

Attunement: 5
Backing: 2 (Just out of prison)
Node: 2
Gadgets: 2,2,2 (Comm Unit, Sunglasses, Antenna)

Followers: 4
Sanctum: 3 (Airship Hanger)
Sanctum: 5 (Space Ship)
Resources: 5

Claws: 5 (AP)
Intuition: 1
Psychic Shield: 3

Armor: 5
Forcefield: 5
Quantum Bolt: 5
Telekinesis Suite: 5
Molecular Manipulation: 1

Luck: 5 (in theme - guided by the force)

Mega Str:
Quantum Leap
Mega Dex:
Fast Tasks

Mega Sta:
Mega Per:
Ultra-peripheral perception

EM Vision
Mega Int:
Eidetic Memory

Mental Prodigy: Engineering
Mental Prodigy: Scientific
Mega Wit:
Artistic Genius
Mega Manip:
The Voice
Mega Cha:

Power Notes:
Force Field:
Forcefield is defined as his ability to dodge, block and deflect incoming attacks though his martial abilities and/or the use of his lightsabers, however, even if he is unable to actively defend he can still call on the 'force' to shield himself.

His 'claws' are his lightsabers, and like the lightsabers in the movies, they cut through nearly anything (armor piercing), and cauterize any wounds as it creates them.
Weakness - Must have a lightsaber prop in order to use his claws ability.

Nate has purchased an Airship hanger in California to use for constructing his spaceship.
Features: Host, Igors, Professional (Inventor's workshop, Computer workshop, Mechanical workshop), Posh

Sanctum Sanctorum: (SpaceShip - The Star Gem)
Nate has built a second sanctum, his space ship. Han had the Millennium Falcon, Lando had the Lady Luck, Mara Jade Skywalker had the Jade Shadow, which later became Luke's after her death. It only stands to reason that the only Jedi alive ought to have his own ship as well.
Since there are no other space ships currently in existence (as least as far as the human race is concerned), he didn't feel it needed to be a warship, in fact he felt more that he needed a place to get away from it all, a place to live and party among the stars. So, rather than copying the Falcon or the Shadow, he looked to Lando's example and decided that a flying luxury yacht would actually be more his style. So the design of the ship is such that the upper half of the vessel is basically a posh luxury setting for great parties and comfortable living. The bottom half is where the business happens. The ship was built larger in scale than Lando's ship, and capable of doing some heavy lifting. Retractable docking clamps have been designed that will allow the Star Gem to connect to large cargo pods for delivering scientific equipment, or even habitat modules to distant planets. His goal is to use the Star Gem on a contract basis to make space deliveries for the Governments of Earth as well as for private individuals and corporations.

Despite it's luxury qualities, the ship will have the ability to be upgraded with advanced weapon systems and other gear in the future as the need might arise. In a sense, for Nate it is like an old car that gets constantly tweaked and upgraded as an ongoing project, never to be totally finished.
Stats: Posh, Host x3, Igors, Mobile x3, Sensors, Long Range Sensors, Gravity Generators, Shields, Professional x2 (inventor, computer), Well Hidden x2. Enhanced feature: Traveller

The ship was finished on March 1st.

2 Lightsabers:
(Always has at least 2 spares in case in case his get lost or destroyed.)
(These do not actually count as gadgets in terms of point costs since the do not actually have any functional value.)
These do nothing in anyone elses hands, they are just props for his Claws power, however they are more than just simple props. They do contain large high quality gemstones that Collin made himself. The tubes are a titanium alloy and in the base is a "power crystal" which is a gemstone that he created containing matrix of gold filaments as a power nexus. The inside of the tube is coated with a sheet of solid gold.
They are each masterpieces of sci-fi imagineering and beautiful and elegant accessories that he constantly wears on his belt.

Comm unit:
(2pt Gadget)
Unlike the lightsabers, his comm unit is a functional palm-sized computer and cellular device. It's is the equivalent of a high-end server, and has both wireless capabilities and jacks in order to connect via hardwire to other systems.

(2pt Gadget)
The sunglasses works as a heads up display with adjustable opacity for his comm unit. There is high-fi surround-sound output and noise cancelation built in. They have full 3D HD capability. Wireless connection to comm unit.

(2pt Gadget) (1 Q to activate and use)
A credit card sized device which contains a hair thin retractable wire that can attach to a port on a computer. When connected to a piece of metal in a building or other structure will cause the building itself to act as a massive antenna for amplifying wireless signal. It can broadcast and receive on any wireless or satellite network.

Teleporter Band:
(Q Pool: 19, 2 Q to activate and use.)
The band is the size of a large watch and upon activation teleports the user to the desired destination.

Hull Steel:
Hull Steel is a transparent alloy of titanium, tungsten, and several other metals that has strength and durability 30% beyond modern steel and titanium alloys. The new alloy is capable of resisting the negative effects of space as well as surviving reentry. More importantly, because the material is completely transparent it is an ideal substance for everything from ship hulls, to replacing the glass surface of an iphone or ipad or other electronic devices. Because of it's light weight it can also be used for such purposes as replacing bulky and heavy bullet proof glass in automobiles and banks. There are literally thousands of uses for it and Nate has licensed it's manufacture at reasonable rates such that he will get more money through making a few cents off every piece instead of by gouging those who want to buy it. He knows it will be a revolutionary material and wants to share it with the world.
This is also the basis of Nate's 5 dots of Resources (Complete)

Quantum Capacitor:
The Quantum Capacitor was designed to provide power in both quantum energy and electrical for Nate's space ship, but could be used just as easily as a power source for anything else. One Q-Capacitor could provide enough power for several standard homes. A ship like Nate's would require several capacitors to ensure adequate power at all times for all systems. (Complete)

15 xp

Quantum 5 dots
Merge Gadgets and Devices together
Q-Conversion 5 dots
+5 quantum pool (25 total)
Allow baselines to use

5 Quantum
5 Q-Conversion
Can be attached to both quantum powered and standard electrical devices
Q-pool of 50

Gravity Engine:
Fufills the function of Repulsors from the Star Wars stories. By controling the gravity in and around the ship, it enables it to lift massive loads into space without having to reach escape velocity speeds and perform reentry at slower speeds.
It also provides for regular Earth gravity in and around the ship while it is in space.
Ironically this means that the ship and it's occupants will be at zero G when launching into space and landing. (Complete)

(gravitational field only)
L2 power
Qpool: 25

6 xp Power
5 xp 2nd dot in power
10 xp 3rd dot in power
15 xp 4th dot in power
10 xp Area (Strength)
3 xp Merge device and gadgets
3 xp to raise quantum
6 xp to allow baselines to use

58 xp total

Roll: [10, 6, 10, 3, 9] + mega [3, 9, 7]. Total Successes: 7. Reduces R&D time by 21% Rockin success!

58 Days of research reduced to 46. Invention complete on 11/15.

Sublight Drives:

Anti-matter engines capable of 80% of Light. However, due to acceleration not being instant it will still take time to move around the Solar System. Engines will be based on this concept:
It will be a matter creation gadget/device coupled with engine similar to those discussed in the link.

The basic idea is that the matter creation device will create a small fixed amount of anti-matter and matter each day, enough to supply the ships drives with fuel. The device will channel the fuel to the engines where it will be stored and used as needed. Because matter created is for a finite duration the fuel will be replaced as needed by the MC device.

Q5 with a pool of 25 quantum

Nate already has matter creation as In Theme so buying gadget with the in-theme cost.
5xp - Matter Creation - 1 dot - Lvl 3 power major weakness - Can only create Anit-matter and it's specific matter counterpart and only in specific quantity.
3xp - merge devices and gadgets cost
14xp - 4 dot 'gadget' engines since they are an improvement over existing technology, although as noted in the linked article, we have the technology today to produce these anti-matter rockets, we just don't have the ability to create the anti-matter fuel.
6xp - to allow baselines to use

28xp total - 56 days to research and construct
Roll: [2, 3, 2, 5, 10] + mega [10, 1, 3]. Total Successes: 4. 12% reduction time - 7 days
Total research and Construction time 49 Days.

(Completion date 1/19/13)

Shield Generator:
Based on the Forcefield power with a fixed output of 17 lethal/bashing soak.

6x to allow baselines to use
3xp merge devices and gadgets cost
28xp - Forcefield 5 w/fixed effect (in theme)
(powered by Quantum Capacitors, does not have it's own Q-rating or Q-pool)

Time to research - 37days base - 9% engineering prodigy roll = 34 days (completion date 2/15)
Roll: [4, 4, 4, 1, 3] + mega [6, 10, 3]. Total Successes: 3.
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XP Tracking:

  • 25 xp for March
  • 25 xp for April
  • 5 xp for Story: Nate's Prison Years
  • 5 xp for Story: Nate learns a few things
  • 25 xp for May
  • 5 xp for Story: Sunrise at 80,000 feet.
  • 25xp for Birthday XP gift.
  • 25xp for June
  • 25xp for IE's 2nd Anniversary
  • 25xp for July
  • 25xp for August
  • 25xp for September
  • 25xp for October
  • 25xp for November
  • 25xp for December
  • 25xp for Holidays
  • 25xp for Janurary
  • 25xp for February
  • 25xp for March
  • 25xp for April
  • 25xp for May

  • 25xp for June

  • 25xp for July
  • 25xp for August
  • 25xp for September
  • 25xp for October
  • 25xp for November
  • 25xp for December

XP Spending:

  • 23 xp - Resources 5
  • 3 xp - Mental Prodigy: Engineering
  • 12 xp - Mega Dex to 5
  • 3 xp - Luck 1
  • 22 xp Sanctum (Nate's Ship)
  • 6xp Device: Teleporter (OOT - bought at regular cost of 1 dot in power)
  • 15xp Mega Int to 3
  • 72xp Invent and build a Quantum Capacitor
  • 58xp Invent and build a Gravity Engine
  • 12xp Pilot 5
  • 6xp EM Vision enhancement (OOT)
  • 28xp Invent and build Sublight drives
  • 37xp Invent and build Shield Generator
  • 12xp Raise Background: Sanctum to 6 to become Sanctum Sanctorum
  • 15xp Raise Luck to 5 (in theme- guided by the force)

XP remaining: 316

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Nate's Sanctum:

The company that owned it went out of business. Markham Brother's Inc had been a high-tech firm with the big idea of putting large area Wi-fi access on high altitude balloons. It was a great idea, but for two factors. The owners of the company spent money like Enron executives, and secondly, because a competitor beat them to market with a better product.

Even during his time in prison Nate had been looking for likely places to construct his space ship and had run across pictures of the massive hanger. There were other perfectly good facilities available and for cheaper, but the spend thrifts had really decked out the old hanger with all the modern amenities and it's out-buildings were downright posh.

The owners of the company still were baffled by how their competitor could have made it to market ahead of them, and how the bank figured out so quickly that they were operating deeply in the red.

The bank officers didn't care that it was an anonymous tip that gave them the clue to investigate Markham Brothers Inc. They were just happy that they could unload the confiscated property before their investors found out.

The lights had barely been turned out when Nate moved in and took over the facility. He felt a little bad about putting them men out of business, but he justified it by the fact that he saved the bank, it's investors and even Markham Brothers investors a great deal of money and heartache. After all, their business model had been doomed all on it's own even without a little Sith help.

Hangar One is one of the world's largest freestanding structures, covering 8 acres (3.2 ha), and has long been one of the most recognizable landmarks of California's Silicon Valley. An early example of mid-century modern architecture, it was built in the 1930s as a naval airship station for the USS Macon.




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Nate's Ship:

Nate's ship is based off of the Sorosuub Luxury Yacht from the game Star Wars Galaxies. In the Books, Lando Callrissian had one of these ships as his personal vehicle, it's name was Lady Luck.

Nate's ship is the Star Gem, and it is a modified version of the ship from the game. It is scaled up to be larger in every dimension and has a crew of 4. It also lacks the large bulkheads that the game ship had which partially broke up the view from the large windows in the party deck.

Crew quarters are below decks as are the other main areas like the Galley and guest quarters. On the bottom of the ship are retractable clamps for connecting to Cargo capsules similar to the way the space shuttle connects to it's booster tanks.

Armor: armor rating of 5[13] + 17 if the shields are active.

Speed: up to 80% of Light using the sublight engines.



Also understand that the ship is a work in progress. The ship will be finished on March 1st 2013 and it is his Sanctum Sanctorum.

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