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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Infinite Earth & Cosmos Nova - Character Art Requests


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Okay guys, I got my scanner functional, so today... I announce I am taking requests.

This is the current order of sketches:

1: Umiwashi (Kei)

2: Coyote

3: Mel

4: Naomi

5: Taehlyri'salatria

A sketch may take from a couple days to a week for each. I'm doing this for free, and this is for the fun of it. So please be patient. Once I get them done I may do a group sketch.

Place your request with description below.

Current Progress

In Progress


In the Pipe





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Exactly as I wrote it:

Appearance: Coyote is best described as “cute”, a word which she has come to hate. Why do so many call her cute? Yeah, she’s not beautiful, and her hips are sometimes called 'birthing hips', and there’s that tendency to nerd out at the drop of the hat, but why do people have to call her cute!? Surely there’s a better word than cute! She can do sultry, but it does take a lot of work to put on all that makeup. And there’s sexy, but she can’t really wear lingerie – it doesn’t go with grease stains very well. So maybe there’s no great word – but she knows she’s not cute!

If you want an idea for clothing, work overalls stripped to the waist, and the arms tired around the waist, probably holding tools or hanging from a big machine. Her hair is always in pigtails and she sometimes wears a bandanna to cover her head (if the job is messy). Add a few grease stains. Done. :D

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Appearance/Personality: Mel's ruddy skin, short red hair and menacing brown eyes combine to inspire unease and spell trouble for people. He comes off as a crass, stony old man, fighting Irish and everything.

For clothing, he might be wearing fatigues, or perhaps simply a windbreaker and everyday clothing, your choice. Also, expect him to be carrying a gun of some kind, maybe even a knife too. Scowl optional. :D

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Well... I have a actual, mature reason behind withdrawing my offer.

1: I draw for crap.

2: I was starting on Kei and I haven't even gotten past the guide phase of the drawing.

3: I am very intimidated to the point of freezing in regards to this.

The last drawing I've made just out of having fun with it was 3 years ago. I got too much rust, guys. Sorry.

If I do something, it'll be at my own pace and time.

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Well, after doing a few things to prep... I think I will take a stab at this. I will be doing this at my own time and pace.

I need to find something fun to do when not posting... this sounds just what the doctor ordered. I will also expand this to other IE characters.

I also put Naomi into the queue, I figure one of my characters, draw two other people's characters, then draw another of mine, and repeat.

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4fadfbd52b376_Kei.jpgI know, double post... but I just had Kei drawn by someone who is fairly decent. I know I'm not really progressing on this project, but if you are interested after seeing what he did for Kei, send him a request here. It's not a typical 4Chan drawthread. This guy actually delivers. He is slow, and it may take a couple weeks.

I just have to edit this pic slightly. ^_^

As for me, I will be working on characters soon. Things are calming down and I am terribly sorry for the delay.

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