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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Fiction - Episode 5: Adapt (FIN)

The Traveler

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The Professor was a flurry of activity. This was the end of her first week of gestation and her new-found awareness of her body is causing her nothing but problems when she finds out that her body when she reaches near her 7th week, she is really going to be waddling. So she was modifying one of her heat-resistant models of her suit so that instead of filling with gel, it used it's expansive mode to accommodate her growing body. Of course she kept the heat-resistant function intact so that she can use the gel in an emergency... although she calculated her already limited mobility the longer it goes, the percentage drops drastically. She wagers a week 9 deployment would only allow a very slow waddle indeed. She sighs, resigning to the fact her safety was more important. She'd been working on it and now was trying it on for the first time. She tests it with a bio-foam buoy that slowly expands to a size roughly near where her stomach should be when it is at maximum size.

When she looks in the mirror and sees a preview of her future, she sighs. She opens her suit and sets the buoy next to the mirror and closes her suit, letting it tighten back up to her current frame.

"Well, no avoiding it... I am going to have... to just deal.

She makes sure the life support features of her suit are functional, and puts a helmet on that has a slide-back visor. She thinks that she should use as little quantum during this time as possible as a safety consideration. She cannot "dorm" because she might cause internal damage to herself and her children, particularly later in the pregnancy.

She does a quick check of her inventories on ship via her computer to make sure it was properly stocked with safety equipment. Other than the lack of one escape pod, the whole ship was suitably safe and sound. She decided a while ago to park in the Pacific, and let the ship float for a while. She wasn't going to stay in space where a power failure could mean doom.

She steps out of her quarters and leans against a bulkhead and sighs. "here we go."

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Chris was out on deck, watching the surf. Mary and Sarah where in what remained of Tokyo. He'd brought it back as it was, but nearly all the people there were gone. Using Mary's training they'd be performing search and rescue, as Sarach scanned for any signs of life.

The first week had gone by on this world, and only a tiny handful knew how much it owed to him, and in turn to Sakurako. He smiled thinking of her, and the children within her. It was wholly unintended, but he was happy. She seemed to have quietly accepted this new role, and though busy, their lovemaking hadn't diminished at all.

He was waiting for her now, to see what her plans were for the day.

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The Professor had set the ship back to it's default form, the large, cargo/cruise ship configuration seen when they were in "The Zoo" as The Professor called that universe. She stepped out to the deck and met Chris. She made sure to grab a life vest to wear while outside.

"Hello, Chris... how goes the relief efforts today?"

She smiled. Her red suit and gear sort of made her look ready for a search-and-rescue effort at the least.

"I was wondering... how am I going to explain how an extinction level event on this planet was reversed?"

"I'm already getting questions from several shelters in regards to this very thing... how did they come back?"

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He shook his head. "I had to use all that power for something." He didn't have an answer really. He felt the phenomenal power and simply used it to reignite the universe she came from. What could be brought back was.

"He noticed the baby bump aldready showing, and reached out to caress her stomach. "How are they?"

"You're the smart one here. I just know I wanted to give you your home back. How, that's tricky."

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She sighs. "The best explanation I've had is that the dump of quantum energy from the destruction of the Hive caused a quantum cascade event, restoring energy to the cosmos to pre-hive levels. Anyone not killed before heat death was resurrected and anything still intact before heat-death was restored... as if the universe pulled up a back-up of it's last quantum state before the crash. Almost as if the Universe itself has a quantum template of it's own."

She stretches. "So you see it too huh? I did the calculations and I had to make a pretty extensive modification of my heat-resistant hazardous environment suit to accommodate my growing dimensions and it will still function as required. I'll be speaking with a joint meeting of the remaining UP, Nippontai, and the few Municipal Defenders left in a couple days to brief them on recovery efforts. I've extended a hand to Count Orzaiz and his remaining Terats as well. Seems the culling the Hive did allowed the liberals in the Teragen a chance to change the movement for the better."

She walks up to Chris, for all the gear she was wearing, she was still damn cute. "I'm... taking precautions for myself so my quantum expenditures are at a minimum during the pregnancy. Hence my greater than normal precautions now."

"I want to sweep a certain area of Tokyo. The devastation in that ward is small, and my family lived there. There is a Nippontai shelter originally built for emergencies nearby. I need to know if my Mother and Father are alive... or died in the battle."

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He nodded. "You can use powers as you will and freely. The children will be safe, I can tell you that much, just don't dorm. A regular non nova body wouldn't hold up I think to the stresses."

He smiled and took into the air, holding a hand to her. "Come and show me your home."

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Sakurako held out her hand. "I really need a flight pack... Let's go."

"If you are familiar with the typical Tokyo layout..." She closes the clear faceplate on her helmet and the speakers come online. "...It should be in the Jinbocho area. I think I remember the street layout so once we approach I'll guide you in. Since there is potentially things like natural gas drifting about we should be careful at the lower altitudes."

She sighed. "Once we get to the bunker I am going to have a look-about. You can check for survivors since a few buildings did have partial structural failures. Once I am done checking things we can find my home and check on that."

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"Don't be fooled, Chris... There is quantum dampers around the bunker. It was something I invented to help prevent the Hive from detecting any novas here or around the area. It also suppresses any life signs."

She finally sees a couple people milling about the entrance in blue jumpsuits and she walks over. "Hello... Who is the bunker commander?"

Their eyes go wide. "Commander Hino! Your daughter is back!"

Sakurako smiled. "What of my Father?"

"He's well, he went off to the Osaka shelter to check in with Nippontai. He will be back soon actually, he took a VTOL from the JASDF."

Sakurako nodded as her Mother Hideko walked up. "Oh dear... Sakurako! You're alright!" She runs over and hugs her and notices the change of body. "Wait... who are you?"

Sakurako disengages her faceplate again and takes her helmet off, allowing her pink hair to drift over her shoulders and behind her. "My... Nova powers gave me a way of... cheating death. I form a new body after every time I die. I am willing to submit to a genetic test to prove I am who I am, Mother."

"What happened August 3, 1995?"

Sakurako thought for a moment. "We went on that beach trip... I panicked when the raft I was on capsized from a wave. A riptide pulled me out to sea... I was never so scared in my life."

"And why was that?"

"Because... because I went out too far and you told me not to."

She hugged Sakurako. "And?"

"And I... was lost... alone..."

Hideko nodded. "You remember that feeling?"

Sakurako cried. "Yes."

"Welcome home... You'll never be alone. How... how did you... Sakurako?"

"When the Queen's ship exploded and the Hive were killed in a quantum chain-reaction, their ambient quantum energy forced the universe into a Quantum Cascade. It literally rebooted the universe and reconstructed the universe's quantum template. Wasn't my fault... honest." She says jokingly, putting her helmet back on for protection. "So... need any further help with search and rescue?" Sakurako said.

"Any hand here is appreciated. I hear you brought someone from another universe to assist Ensign Minneapolis here?"

"Yeah... Sarah Hideyoshi... Uncrowned Empress of Earth... well... her Earth." Sakurako said.

"Wow... you got about... intended to avenge us?"


Her mother slaps her across her still exposed face since the large, transparent visor was up.

"Didn't I teach you better?"

Sakurako looks away in shame. "If... if it comforts I was also fighting in defense of a universe I called home. Sarah's home."

Hideko thinks then looks up to Chris. "I see you brought help." She walks over and offers a hand to Chris. She couldn't help but be enamored by him. "I'm Hideko Hino. Commander of this bunker."

The pips on her jumpsuit didn't look like a normal branch of the military. "We're not a military operation here, the rank is a civilian one, like a firefighter or police officer. We're still trying to bring up the Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hokkaido, and Yokohama bunkers. All total with all of the actual online facilities, There are approximately 1,100,000 Japanese currently alive on the main islands. Seems that there are only 320 Okinawan survivors remaining."

"Currently, Japan only has 3 members of Nippontai present and accounted for, Naginata, Denshi, and Kou. The rest died in the battle to save the solar system. The three that survived were so drained, they died of heat-death since their bodies couldn't adapt because there was no Quantum left in the universe. I guess in a way that ended up being their saving grace."

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The clone of Chris vanished, and there was a screaming whine, as a fifty foot gundam descended on blue ionic drives. Cradled in his hands was someone who was supposed to be very dead evidently but wasn't. Mariko Kuramoto, Miko, a member of Nipontai and three small children lay in repose in his powerful metalic hands.

"I found them in one of the buildings. They are alive. The children need medical attention."

He smiled. "I have radio transmissions from all the other bunkers, sadly Okinawa is as barren as you fear.."

He looked down and she could see the Mecha was looking directly at her. "Commander Hino, I'm happy to meet you.I have others working on scouring the surface looking for others, holding out hope."

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Sakurako immediately went to work. Pulling out her Ionic to scan the children. "Miko's children are injured... bad. Multiple broken bones. The youngest is nearing shock. Mother, get a medical team up here immediately."

She works on the most desperately injured, as per triage. She starts using the one feature on the screwdriver that it was originally intended, to repair physical damage as a "Medical Scanner Wand". She started mending important nerves and vessels and managed to reset the broken arm the child had. The pain kept the child conscious as Sakurako repaired the bone. "I need you to stay awake, I got help coming."

"Mommy... is she alright?"


"Who... who is the giant metal man?"

"My friend."

The child screamed again as her organs were realligned and repaired.

"It always hurts before you get better." was all Sakurako said.

The medical team dressed in white uniforms with bright yellow reflective trim escorted by Sarah run over. Running out of a warp.

"Got here as quick as we could. We were called over radio. The other teams are occupied at their medical stations and we were a roving group."

Sakurako nodded. "I took care of the critical case... the other two children are hurt bad as well. The boy has two broken legs, and the girl has a broken arm."

She scans Miko, kneeling before her to have an easier time. "Multiple internal injuries..." She starts repairing the critical injuries. "Her spleen has been closed and repaired, and the intestinal damage rectified."

She pulls a large medkit off of the back of her vest and pulls out a hypospray and injects it into Miko's bloodstream. "She's got no Quantum energy and she is in danger of being septic. The Nanites I injected should take out the bacterial infection."

The medical team nods as Sakurako pulls out a strap on the medkit and packs everything away.

"Okay, all yours."

Commander Hino saw Sakurako get to work. "It seems you have been busy... what have you been doing while you were away?"

She turns to her Mother. "No time to talk right now. We got a job to do."

Hideko nods. "Right."

A young girl no older than 16 runs up to Sakurako. "Sis?"

Sakurako turns around and grabs her. "Mizuko? You're alive?"

She nods. "Oh god... Mizuko..."

She moved the hair covering her face and she was missing an eye. "What happened?"

"I... was part of the resistance... we fought hard... but even our life support suits weren't enough against nature's dying moments."

She was wearing a white tension suit, she had her helmet under arm.

"You... fought?"

She nodded.

"Well, help your Mother, I need to go somewhere. Somewhere important."

She steps over to Chris after the injured Miko and her children were safely moved. "Chris... follow me. We're I think... only a couple blocks."

She pulls out a black box from a belt clip and flips a switch. Suddenly Chris senses all the life and quantum in the area as the suppressor devices were brought offline. "This should help."

"We're going to find home..."

"I got everything here, Saku-chan." Her mother said.

"Radio me on the usual frequency. You know which one."

"Channel 42, got you."

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Chris reached down a massive metal hand beside Miko, and the cowling over his chest opened, and the blues ray that shot forth was an outpouring of quantum energy, revitalizing Miko enough so her own systems would function. "Her eyes fluttered, and she spoke. "Kami."

then she fell to unconsciousness. Chris followed dutifully his steps shaking the ground some but not harming the concrete. "Where are we Going Sakurako."

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"We... we are going home, Chris. My real home."

As they walk the scattered books and shattered storefronts that once were a buzz with devoted readers were eerily quiet.

"After my eruption, I went through this place like a thirsty man looked for something to drink. Every book I could buy I read... until Nippontai put me through their accelerated learning program for geniuses like I. The only way I guess I even felt... like I was living a normal life."

She walks to one of her favorite bookstores, and grabs a book from a shelf. "It's going to take a century for Metahumanity to recover from this. A concerted effort. So much has been lost, Chris..."

She arrives at the former office building that is... was her home. "Back on Brittania, I rented out space from someone that owned a building just like this one in the same spot..."

The upper floor had suffered damage but was repairable. "You'll have to become something more my height. I need to check the basement for something."

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They walk through the front door and move to the stairs to the basement. "I have a lab underneath this. Hopefully everything is down here and intact. If so... I can start my research."

She adjusts her suit. "I have in my head a burgeoning design for a taint treatment device. One that when built can cure Quantum Retention."

"Combined with genetic therapy, this can even cure aberrations. I'm going to be busy over the next few weeks, and perhaps longer as I raise our children."

"So... I need to start something here I can work on."

She opens the door to the lab, and sees her equipment is where she left it, although some things fell over.

"Help me right this centrifuge."

Chris walks over and one-hands the centrifuge to an upright position. "Nevermind..." Sakurako says with a smile.

She opens a laptop and hooks up to it's power port her suit's power supply. Then opens it and starts looking through the files.

"Tell me, Chris... What do you think we should do with all of this?"

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"Rebuild this world." He smiled. "We will raise the children here, then they can help if they decide to." He smiled "This is your home. I'd make it ours."

"Regarding the taint cure, let's see what novas are still alive first before we announce it to the world."

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"I have to admit... I actually was thinking more for me... I'm aware of the Taint within me now, it's like a damnable shadow creeping on me looking to rip my very self slowly away."

"Mary had signs of stage three when she was quantum injured. I personally don't want to end up like her... it scares me. I have to do this. I promised Brittania I would deliver on this... and this world can benefit too. I... I..."

She massages her head even though her helmet is on. "Chris... I want to be there for my family... for as long as my existence continues."

She adjusts herself as she turns to Chris. "We will move the Hikari Maru to Tokyo Harbor and dock her there. In a couple days is the summit. Seeing this here... intact... gives me hope. Once we get the upper level repaired we can start the process of setting up shop. I can make personal CTT jumps... but I've never needed to. I think Captain Jane should know what I accomplished here..."

"She's been a good friend, and I think she deserves to hear the good news."

She holds Chris by the shoulder. "This Earth... my earth... soon won't need me... My children will inherit it. I will move on. The Continuum could use me more. I heard some people from this universe evacuated via the gate and other means to other universes and I need to find them and help them get home."

"We saved their home and they deserve to help rebuild."

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"After having the children wen can see about that."

"I don't want you going anywhere but this world until they are born."

He nodded. "As ever I will go where you go, Sakurako." He pulled her to him and kissed her. "I will aid you however I am able."

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Sakurako nodded, and kissed Chris. At least her visor was open. The lights turn on as their lips locked.

"Looks like... the recovery teams managed to bring a generator or two online. A good beginning."

==7 weeks later==

Sakurako waddled about the Tokyo Docks where the Hikari Maru was docked. News was filtering in from all over the earth of several cities being re-established. The OpNet was slowly coming online as the main servers returned. The first news of farmers starting the cultivation process for crops. Food Supplies being restored and even a new talk show coming online... although the conversation has been of people separated during the war reconnecting or Count Orzaiz talking about some sort of new era of peace for the Teragen and Humanity.

Nippontai was mourning. Their best and finest were gone, and those that remained were holding Japan together by strings and bubblegum it seemed.

But the first shipments of food from the US and flights from several portions of the world gave hope to the islands that perhaps all would soon be well.

Most moved to Tokyo in the intervening time, with fuel, food, and other necessities rationed since there was as of yet no real economy to speak of.

Sakurako was helping re-establish that and the supply lines with some new-found management skills. Of course as she got bigger as her children grew within her the harder it was to be active.

Her red suit was quite expanded at this point, and had opted to sit in a automated wheelchair she controlled with her mind. She sat down and started wheeling towards the Hikari Maru to oversee the offloading of more supplies from Brittania.

Her efforts have started emergency commerce between the two universes. With the Hive destroyed, Sakurako was being lauded on Brittania as a heroine of Earth. While on her Earth she was one of thousands... millions of heroes who sacrificed all to save all.

"Good! Move that wheat to that rig, and send it to the Tokyo Dome!"

"No! That fuel needs to go to the Shinjuku delivery point!"

"Those medical supplies go to Tsukuba!"

She adjusts herself, actually loving her new job.

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Chris was hard at work rebuilding the infrastructure of Tokyo, and as the copies of himself had it in hand, he appeared behind Sakurako. She was having trouble now walking. He smiled as he kissed her head softly. "How goes the work, Madam chairman?" He reached down to pat her stomach, one of the children kicking against his hand as he smiled. They'd be born soon enough.

He thought on the last seven weeks, and knew it was due to him they'd been able to get the food needed to satiate her.

"Are you feeling alright today?"

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"To be honest I think it is about time to put the conductor's baton down for a week. I see the clock slowly ticking away to zero hour on unloading the cargo."

She smiles. "So, Chris, thanks for helping in the construction effort. Already the City Infrastructure is up to pre-war standards. Also, I have received word that London, New York, New Delhi, Sydney, Los Angeles, Chicago, Rio, and The Twin Cities have all come online."

"The Twin Cites are becoming a lynchpin in the recovery effort. The research the U of M had been looking into in regards to construction methods and agriculture have been invaluable. Many have moved there to get work... soon it may dwarf Chicago as the main transport hub."

She adjusts herself in her wheelchair. "People have been working with me a lot, they already gave me the rank of General for my efforts in the War. Since the planet is still in martial law... I... I am literally the dictator of the planet."

She wheels over to Chris. "I personally find that state unacceptable. I have ordered all armed troops to stand down and assist in recovery efforts, and I have restored standard law. Of course all nations have promptly declared that due to the emergency that all sovereign borders are dissolved."

"And... they placed me in control anyways. This... is troublesome."

"So... I've declared for open elections using a instant runoff to happen One Year from now. I never wished to be a leader. It's time for someone to lead."

"I... won't run."

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"Good." "You're going to be to busy being a mother to worry about being a politician."

"once they're grown and this world can stand again, we'll set out into the cosmos again. There's still much to see." He carried her into the ship, to their quarters.

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Sakurako nodded. "I'm happy you feel the same. I'm... not a person who likes to... be in command for long."

She sits on the bed and smiles as she lays down. "Thank you."

A lot of weight was off of her now. While she was as flexible as rubber when it came to this, and her body accommodates her precious cargo easily, she still appreciated the stress being taken off of her.

"I didn't want to tell you what has been on my shoulders. I've told my advisors that Sarah is my number two for now. She could use the experience of running a government. She will need that. She will of course be advised by me from time to time between now and... whenever she is no longer needed. I'm not sure how long the maturation process shall be with our children when they are born. It is logical to assume they will mature quickly when they are born since my gestation has been so quick."

She placed her hands on her extra wide stomach, she felt a small little hand touch her's. "That one is... special. I can feel their quantum, Chris. They all are little stars in me. But her's... it is like she wants to stay near me. I feel her every time want to touch my hand whenever I rest and I lay my hands there."

She smiled. "Of course the one that tried to burst out of my stomach a while ago is a fighter... He's a real warrior spirit. He's gonna be hell to raise."

I don't really know of the rest, those are the two I have connected with a bit while they are in there. Mother's intuition more than anything...

She sighed, rubbing on the material of her suit. Then she hit a button and the suit became slack and it opened along the front.

"I'm... gonna need help to undress." She said. She was wearing her eufiber underneath for underwear, it was a skin-tight pink one-piece swimsuit, and it glistened a little. "I'm gonna have to clean the exposure suit sometime. Been wearing it almost non stop for the past week. I'm glad it's hermetically sealed when it's worn so no smells get out, and it's innately antiseptic so no bacteria can grow inside of it. But I am slightly picking up on a degree of funk on it."

Chris helped her get undressed until only her pink suit was on.

"I noticed something odd..."

She takes in a heave of air, and her body expanded a little, in locations around her body. "Seems that little upgrade you gave me gave me something new... I did a analysis of these airsacs in my body. I've practiced with them a little before I was too busy, and they are placed around my body in ways where if I controlled where the air went I could control my buoyancy or even float. Like a fish. But it seems you molded one of the locations."

She looks down and Chis saw the obvious, one of those areas were under her breasts, making them look bigger than even Sakurako largest when she's being playful with her appearance alteration. "I think my body developed them as a survival mechanism, to protect the children inside of me."

Chris did notice that her stomach moved to accommodate her changes.

"You know, in a week we won't be able to do it... let's go swimming in the pool!" She sits up, everything seemed to move naturally on her. It seemed Sakurako was having such an effortless time that some would forget she had some 60 pounds or so of children in her guts.

"Besides... I probably won't sink."

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He smiled and scooped her up in his arms, He wasn't about to force her to walk to the pool now. He brought her there and helped her in before diving in himself and swimming around her. They were in the shallow end, so she could easily touch the bottom. Chris watched her carefully, and soon, Mary and Sarah arrived. He'd sent a message on the quiet, calling them there, and they joined the parents to be in the water.

"You two are going to have to help out more here too." Chris smiled. "The children deserve to see their Godmothers regularly. I know we're gonna all be busy with other duties, but we four share bonds stronger than most others. I wanted to spend this downtime enjoying it with all of you."

Mary smiled, worried about the water though only in the shallows while Sarah flanked Sakurako.

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Sakurako used her new gift and floated lazily on the surface. Completely relaxed.

Mary waded in with confidence and went over to the deep end and went under moving like a fish practically. She loved swimming, even though she still swallows back her phobias. Her black eufiber wetsuit made her look almost special-ops.

Sarah let her feet dangle. She was in a flat navy-blue swimsuit, one piece and practically boring.

Mary snuck up behind Chris (Probably not since he probably sensed her somehow), and gooses him from behind. Sarah has a giggle. Something that's rare.

Mary swims about looking more and more confident around Chris. Of course not needing to breathe works wonders.

Sarah looks to Sakurako. "You've... gained more weight than I thought, Professor... everything okay?"

Sakurako lets some of her air out enough for Sarah to see but she still floated. "Nah, just some new quantum gift I have."

Sarah actually looks slightly jealous before slipping into the water and wading over to Sakurako. "You get all the fun powers."

Sakurako didn't think her ability was fun... although she could see it's utility. "Sarah... it's... not completely fun and games... it's murder on a non-adaptive wardrobe."

Sarah giggles as Mary finally comes up and leans a bit on Sakurako's chest. "So... after make your delivery and start raising your little geniuses, what are you going to do?"

Mary sighed. "I want to stay here now that I've been here a while. This was my home and it is again. I want to help them, I really do... My place isn't here."

Sakurako nodded. "It's your life, Mary... or Ensign Minneapolis."

Mary smiled as Sarah spoke up. "I intend to head back to Brittania. It's time I brought order back to the chaos. So many noble houses are fighting amongst themselves. My world on the brink of civil war. I've had to make three jumps back in the Hikari Maru and one gate transit just to simmer things down. I need help in reclaiming the Brittanian Throne."

Sakurako nods again. "Agreed. But we'll have to wait until I'm not with child at least."

She smiled, grinning from ear to ear. She actually falls back because she sucked in more air than she wanted and it made her flop back because of the change of buoyancy. "Hehe... I guess I'm a bit giddy."

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Chris nodded. "I will of course help you Sarah. I haven't forgotten my promise. I just ask you let us get things abit more settled here with the children, then I will devote my considerable efforts and power to aiding Britania for you."

He looked at Mary. "You've proven able in the last couple of months, if you cholse to go or stay, I'll support you your decision. "Though I'll miss having you around." He had an arm around her and Sakurako. "I'm not going to be alone there."

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Mary nodded. "Always ready to serve, Chris."

Sarah smiled. "Thanks... as always. Although this soon will be the end of my adventures. It's been a good run."

Sakurako feels the hand of the one she felt was a girl seemingly wanting to move towards Sarah.

"I think we are all behind you, Sarah. Always." Sakurako adds. "The Professor has always protected Brittania, and always will."

She smiles as she lays back. "Now... why are everyone using me as a raft? Get swimming!"

Once everyone lets go, Sakurako slowly moves her arms to move to deeper water. "One more thing everyone... don't make plans for next Tuesday... that's B6-Day."

Sarah's eyes widen. "I forgot! Really?"


"I want everyone on deck and prepared by midnight that day. I will be sequestering myself in sick bay one day prior. I demand you two wearing full surgery gowns and masks for this... just for your benefit to keep clean of course and for Sarah's squeamishness."

"Right." Sarah said.

Sakurako's tone becomes stern. "Same goes for you Chris. I want you there to see the moment. We gotta name these little hellraisers. You gotta wear the stuff as well." She points at him. "No complaints. My Orders."

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He looked at her and sighed. "I think you have a fetish for uniforms." He chuckled. "I won't miss any of it Sakurako. There's no place I'd rather be."

He looked to Sarah. "You may not be able to go far and wide like we have, but I promise when you want a vacation we'll be there to take you away." He nodded. "Even a Queen will need a day or weekend off."

He stroked her cheek softly, a gesture of affection he'd taken with her. She'd come to him early on, but he'd refused, solely on the grounds that she wasn't eighteen. He'd promised that if she still desired him when she turned eighteen, he'd come to her. Sakurako knew and even approved of it, which surprised Chris, but then she was unpredictable.

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Sakurako grinned. "If you only knew... I got plans on one of the quieter nights after I give birth..."

She says this in a tone that definitely suggested something kinky. "But now, let's relax. We've earned it."

==The Big Day... one week later.==

Sarah and Mary were bored, with facemasks, paper hats, rubber gloves and full surgical gowns, they looked like orderlies. They were watching the reclined, seeming behemoth that was Sakurako's stomach, like they were anticipating the opening kick off of some football game.

Chris stroked Sakurako's hand, as Sakurako looked expectantly.

"Chris... it's about to happen. The water will break in approximately 3 minutes, thirty seconds. Delivery will start soon after. Knowing my pliability this should be effortless although... the contractions will be hell for each delivery. Any final words?"

She smiled. Knowing soon... it was time. Mary stood up and took position as trained. "Sarah." Mary said. "Get the cloths ready for each one. use the blue for the boys and pink for the girls. And Chris, sometimes it is considered customary to have the father cut the cord. Be sure to use the clamps after each cut. We're going to save the blood and stem cells for medical use if the children require it."

Sakurako nodded. "2 minutes, Chris..."

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Chris sat there and kissed her lightly. "Relax, and let nature run its course. Your body knows exactly what to do." He smiled, He held the laser edged snipping scissors in his other hand, as he was ready to do his fatherly duty.

He could feel her body tensing, and he touched a nerve cluster at the base of her neck sending a wash of pleasure over her, just as her water broke, to make her relax......

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Sakurako felt her stomach move, then was pleasantly suprised how the movement started until the fist beardown occurred... but it only took one as the first boy came out.

Mary called it out on catching it like a pro baseball catcher. "It's a boy!" She says before the boy started crying.

Chris cut the cord and Mary clamped off the severed cord. Sarah rushed over with a blue cloth.

Sakurako paused for a moment. "What's his name, Dear?"

"Samuel. We'll call him Sam though."

Then the second came out. She was easier as Sakurako already found a rythym. The same dressing and cutting process commenced.

"It's a Girl!" Mary shouts as Sarah gets a pink cloth.

"Aoi." Chris stated. "Thought I could give one Japanese name."

Sakurako smiled.

"You know... the last three... I'll let you name those."


The third one comes out and this one was particularly stubborn. But his cries were quiet, but to the point. He still had quite a set of lungs.

"It's a boy!"


Mary smiled. "Heh... after me huh?"

Chris nodded but then immediately looked as one child didn't want to wait and seemed to want to crawl out. He already had some hair on his head and his eyes seemed to show ambition. When Sakurako finally pushed back though, he seemed to get the point and slow up.

Sakurako laughed as Mary called him out. "It's a boy! and it looks like Martin!"

"His name is Kamina. Because that boy fights like a god."

Chris smiles but Mary has a laugh. "You seriously think he is the god of GAR?"

Sakurako chuckled as Kamina was handed to Chris. But then the next in line came out. She seemed to come out with quiet confidence. Some of the fluids still in Sakurako's uterus cam out with her. In such a way that Sakurako didn't even know she came out.

"It's a Girl!"

Sarah runs over. "She's so cute... she has a black tuft of hair on her head..."

"One came out? I didn't even notice..."

"I think some of the fluids came out with her."

Chris nodded. "I think I sensed some quantum out of her when she came out."

"Umi. That's her name."

The final child started to worry Sakurako.

"Has the last one come out yet?"

"No... I don't even see a crown."

Sakurako puts her hand on her stomach. She feels her last child return the touch.

"Something... something is wrong. Sarah... toss me the Ionic."

Sarah tosses it from the stand and Sakurako does a quick scan. "Oh no..."

She points it at her stomach. "I'm going to have to sever her umbilical. She's actually trying not to get choked out by her umbilical so she's spread eagle... I'm going to cut it internally. She might spit out fast.

Mary nods as Sakurako works the Ionic Screwdriver and the sound of Mary catching a girl in her hands is heard soon after followed by the sound of the severed umbilical. Followed by all the fluids still in her womb.

The last girl cooed. She seemed quieter and reached for Sakurako. Sarah put the last cloth around her. The new girl looked just like Umi.

"Bring her here, Sarah."

She stroked her chin as she looked to Sakurako with teary eyes. "You've got an intellect, little one... My library will be your playground... Yomi."

Sakurako noticed her stomach shrink as her body metabolized the rest of what once held her children. Then her breasts seemed to ache as they grew to accommodate feeding.

"Oh golly..."

Sarah smiled as she had two of the boys, and Mary had two of the girls. Chris held Kamina and Kamina seemed content around his father.

"That was... far easier than I expected. I still feel hungry though."

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He smiled, marveling that her body was already readjusting to the absence of the children. Kamina had a very firm grasp of Chris's fingers, even as he began to cry. Looking at Sakurako he nodded. "He's already hungry too." Without a hint of embarrassment, her gown opened, and he laid Kamina against his mother's chest, and he began to suckle happily. "Least I think they'll help you on that front." She'd gained another size, if not two there, and hopefully breastfeeding six would help return them to what was her new normal.

"As for the hunger, you've still got to handle feeding them, and replenishing your body's nutirents. It's natural. especially for a new mother of six." He took Sam and Aoi to him and they both cooed happily in their father's arms, the new family a happy, healthy one.

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Sakurako took Yomi and let her work on the other breast. "Yeah... I'm going to have to schedule their feedings. All at about the same time, three times a day."

"I'll randomly pick the order of which two go first."

"It feels... odd..."

She starts to sniffle a bit. "I don't feel them anymore."

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"Heh... I was...."

She looks to her children and her extended family.

"We all did magnificiently."

Mary mutters... "When do we take these goofy ass outfits off?"

Sakurako does a quick quip. "Now if you wish... spoilsport."

Mary and Sarah give Sakurako a raised eyebrow. "I kid... what came out of me isn't exactly abstract art... get cleaned up."

Sakurako smiles as she looks up. Knowing that maybe... perhaps... life is normal once more.


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