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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Fiction - Episode 3: Life's a beach [MATURE] [FIN]

The Traveler

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The Hikari Maru had come to rest on a beach near where Yokohama harbor would be, but all that was here was trees, warm beaches, and sand, and crabs.

The orange and black body of the Hikari Maru rested comfortably on the beach as the front flap is unzipped all by itself, and a door behind it opens.

Out stepping from the odd contraption was The Professor, wearing a yellow sundress, a wide-brimmed hat, and a beach umbrella under one arm and a innertube under the other. She also had a very large backpack on, one you would suspect for some sort of multi-day hike. Although The Professor was using it for carrying the gear for the base camp.

She sets the pack down once she sees a nice flat stretch of beach and starts to unpack, after setting her umbrella into the sand and deploying it. It had sewed-in solar panels on the portion facing the sun, and she attached a battery to the umbrella shaft, after hooking up a device that looked like a surge protector into the shaft. She then pulled out a white packet that looked like it took up a third of the pack.

She hooked a cord form the packet to the surge protector and hit a switch on the packet. The sound of a motor was heard as the packet expanded slowly.

She playfully takes her pink innertube, and wears it around her waist and kicks her shoes off. Playfully, she runs up to the shorline and lets the water rush over her feet.

"Well, the shelter should be fully deployed in ten minutes, and the battery should be charged for a night's worth of use by sunset."

She turns to the ship disguised as a life raft and waves to it. "C'mon you guys! I owe you this little vacation! It looks safe to me!"

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Chris stepped out onto the beach clad only in swim trunks and a white tee shirt. He was a stunning man, and as a nova it was even moreso. He smiled as he held his hand out and helped Sarah out, onto the clean white sandl. He nodded. Sarah'd been through hell, and though she wasn't the Sarah he knew, she quickly fell for him , and he smiled, taking the role of her knight, even though she was disowned, a princess without a kingdom. He brought her over to the Professor and smiled. He breathed deeply the shirt straining against his powerful frame, and nodded.

"Finally, the beach, and one all to ourselves." He smiled, "Just me and two lovely ladies."

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Sarah smiled. Sheepishly. Her ginger red hair betraying her half-british heritage, along with her blue eyes. She had a sailor collared short-sleeved blouse on with a pair of blue cargo shorts on with a unmarked baseball cap shading her brilliantly blue eyes that glowed ever-so-slightly with quantum energy. She had a yellow bag over her shoulder that looked like a day-bag.

Mary was next, poking her head out to look around. She had found out by accident in her lower-powered state she was nowhere near the invincible wonder-woman of her past. Particularly when she accidentally spaced herself and Sarah had to go outside and save her from vacuum exposure.

"Are... you sure it is safe?"

The Professor crossed her arms. "No, it's rife with danger and you should stay indoors." The Professor said with a sarcastic tone.

Mary just glared.

"She'll come out... she always does. Besides at some point we'll need our lunches brought out and you drew the short straw!"

"Don't remind me..." Mary says, lugging over her shoulder the day's lunch. She was dressed almost scandalously with a very revealing bikini. Although she was wearing a life vest over her top. She didn't really feel like drowning today while taking a swim.

"So where do you want the grub?"

"Under the Umbrella." Sarah said. "You did remember the cooling blocks, right?"

"Of course."

The Professor walked over and hugged Mech. "So... where to start?"

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He smiled. "Well, I'm going for a swim, since you've set everything up. I'd welcome the company of the rest of you."

He grabbed the hem of his shirt, smiling as he pulled it off, giving the ladies there a good luck at him as he did so. Perhaps the most handsome man alive, it was a rare treat for them all, as he'd never appeared unclothed before. He finished taking the shirt off and tossed it onto the blanket, oblivious to the effect on the girls, though Sarah was blushing bright red.

He smiled . "I expect all of you to come into the water. At least for a littlewhile."

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Chris could see Sakurako was wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit under her sundress... so she fully expected a swim.

"Oh Let's go now... everything is still getting set up."

Sarah giggles. It's the first laugh she's had since being freed by The Professor and Mech. It was hard though seeing Mary was with them. If she had her way she would kill Mary where she stood... But when she realized that Mary was injured and under the effect of something not natural, she took pity.

Sarah walks over to Mary and leans her elbow on her shoulder. "We'll be out there in a minute. We just got some last minute stuff to do."

The Professor grabs the shoulders of her sun dress and pulls up, taking it off revealing her swimsuit underneath and tosses it on the blanket. Still holding her innertube around her waist with one arm she smiles and tosses her hat over too. She then runs into the water and splashes about a bit at Mech.

She seemed so carefree now... so youthful comapred to the harder edge that she had when dealing with Mary a while ago.

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Chris waded into the surf waiting for the others until the professor splashed him, which he promptly returned. "I hope those two can get along."

"There's litle we can do that doesn't involve me using my power to make them do as I want... I won't do that."

He splashed her as he smiled. "Still the matter at hand.. having fun. How well can you swim?"

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"Oh... just fine, I wanted to just..." She through a hop and a acrobatic motion flops into the water and is riding her innertube. "Relax for a bit. I'll probably let Sarah borrow this later on. I doubt Mary needs it."

She has a chuckle. "I think that now that Mary is aware of what is causing her mental state is changing her point of view... I'm happy for that."

"But I am particularly loving my point of view..." She says, in prime position looking up Chris' chest.

Mary just sits at the edge of the water for right now, staring at the surf. Sarah sneaks up behind her and kneels down, then pulls the lanyard on Mary's vest and inflating it as a prank, but Mary is in her own world.

"Trying to be cute, Sarah." Mary says in a almost detached mode.

Sarah stands up and sighs, shaking her head. Then she heads back to start putting the support pegs in for the shelter.

Mary gets up and wades into the surf and does some backstrokes over to Sakurako and Chris then rights herself. She gets distracted from her funk seeing Chris' pecs and if it wasn't for her vest keeping her safely afloat she would drown from her fainting spell she just suffered. Blood trickles from her nose as Sakurako grabs her first aid kit from a pouch on the back of her swimsuit and rummages for some smelling salts.

"Oh dear..." Sakurako says, actually amusedly.

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Chris took Mary in his arms to steady her while the Professor administered the smelling salts. Gkistening from the water he was an imposing figure, stirring parts in the women that they'd seldom answered before. He seemed totally oblivious. "I hope she's alright."

He looked to the Professor in her suit noting that from above he had a great view of her cleavage, and he smiled. "That suit looks good on you."

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The Professor blushed. "Judging from your height and the angle, Chris, you are." She says with a giggle, finally getting Mary to start to come to.

"Geeze Mary, even before your eruption you were tougher than this."

Mary wearily comes to and the first words from her mouth is; "I've never looked at God this up close."

On one side, The Professor was annoyed. Chris was powerful yes, but he was still a sentient, corporeal being with needs, dreams, and wants like everyone else. Her other side though did agree... he was different.

She splashes Mary once to get some more of the daze out of her and Mary returns the favor.

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Chris smiled, and Mary could swear the heavens opened up and bathed her in their radiance. "I'm no God, just a mova everyone else here." He released her from his embrace and nodded. "I'm going for a swim, you two can catch up." With that he dove backwards, and took off swimming into the waters.

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Sakurako sat on her innertube looking to Mary. "Will you be alright swimming?"

"Yeah... Were you going to invite Sarah along?"

"Well... she can swim with this tube if she likes. Although I know she's adaptive like me, she's a young Nova, she is unaware of alot of what she can do. If I get in trouble..." She points to a blue fabric cylinder with a yellow tab on the same belt her first aid pouch was on. "...I'm prepared too."

She sees the shelter was fully deployed and Sarah has completed her work. "Hey! You are fast! If you want to join us, you can use the tube!"

She slides off and pushes the tube in the direction of the beach then pats the reclined Mary on the inflated collar of the vest. "Iet's go."

Sakurako starts off fast, and the two catching up was a wait, but Sakurako and Mary caught up. Sarah decided to stay near the ship and the camp.

"So... what is the plan, Chris?" Sakurako said, backstroking along.

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Chris smiled, laying on his back, floating in the water. "I have no plans for right now, simply enjoying a beautiful day with lovely ladies." "Why do either of you have something you'd like to do?" He was impossibly charming, his tone suggestive, and laying there floating in the water, he seemed perfectly content. It was hard for either of them to see him as the unbelievably powerful nova they knew him to be.

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Mary kept a holding distance on the other side of Chris where The Professor was and watched, quietly.

Sakurako piped up. "Not really." She says, leaning back and floating there. "I'm... going to be honest... For the first time I have not made any quick calculations... and life or death decisions... I've... not even had to think about making sure we were safe... For the first time I feel... Safe."

She starts to close her eyes and listen to the water. "I used to do this back home. The waters of Tokyo Bay were so clean you could see down right to where the light dispersed... nothing but endless blue. The sky was clear... The sun shining down making the water sparkle as if it gave a piece of the grand cosmos to the ocean... It was as close to heaven as I would want."

Mary swims over. "At least you had a whole ocean... all I had was Lake Calhoun."

Sakurako smiled. "Right... being landlocked you didn't have the experience of swimming in salt water. Heh, I remember your training at the academy for the mission. You were so scared..."

Mary crossed her arms over her vest and pouted... she really was nothing more than a spoiled schoolgirl. "It was my first time."

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"I envy you all that." There was a touch of melancholy to his voice. "For all the power a wield, the truth of who I am is shielded from me. The only memories I have are the ones made since you found me adrift in space."

He looked at Mary. "I didn't know you when I met you, only that you'd tried to kill my friends, and me. "I did my best to not kill you, and the pain I caused you, well, I'm sorry. QBS has been explained to me. I know it wasn't really you." His voice made her believe it herself, he could simply have that sort of effect.

"Now I'd like to help both of you, however we proceed."

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Mary's rage simmered... Her aberration gave her acute megalomania, but being around Mech has squashed her inner tyrant. But that demon was still there, staring at her... tempting to let it free so she could embrace it. But now that she was weak... frail... she felt that... she needed someone. And she needed The Professor... she needed her help to get whatever is wrong with her head fixed.

The Professor spoke up, seeing Mary was struggling with her internal monologue. "Mary's Aberration isn't caused by Quantum Retention. It is a injury caused by quantum backlash from that CTT device she was using. Simple genetic therapy should start to repair the damaged neurons, but first I have to repair her quantum template that was damaged by the backlash. Once I do that the brain can be restored through a simple retrovirus."

"I just have to look into her Quantum Aura somehow and find the bit that was ravaged by the device. I just can't place my head on it."

She scratches her head and sits up in the water again. "Hopefully until my brain provides a solution, the psychological therapy sessions I'm giving you can be a start."

She looks down at the water. "I can't believe though... I said goodbye to Brittania... I told Section T I didn't plan on coming back there for quite a while before we left. There is just... too much insanity going on there now for me to bear."

"If I had my way I'd build a residence here. But CTT capapble novas from other universes like coming here to relax."

She looks up and a contrail streaks across the sky from a very fast moving Nova. If they were spotted whoever it was didn't give a damn because they left over the horizon into the pacific. "As you can see..."

She smiles and swims over to Chris. "There is a unspoken agreement among us Jumpers... we will never fight here, and we will never colonize this earth. I follow that code to the letter. Captain Jane... many others follow that law too."

"And... there was a reason why I thought this universe would be a good place to go."

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Chris nodded. "I will see what I can do to help realgn MAry's signature once we've taken care of the issues the device caused. He looked at Mary. "If that's what you desire of course."

He listened to the description of the world. 'Once you said goodbye, and Sarah's ties were severed, there was no need to stay. It would have been dangerous to do so, in case anyone saw her as a potential target."

He reached out brushing the side of of her face gently. "What reason's that? other than the beautiful view?"

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"Just something in my heart was telling me to come here."

She had all but started to chalk up her encounter with "The Woman" as nothing more than a hallucination, but she told her to come here. Having Jane decide to tell her about the universe here was a odd coincidence.

"I actually want to know more about this place, learn how it is different from most earths I have been to."

Mary lets herself bob in the water, actually feeling like a kid again. "Well... if you feel you can do all that for me, Mech... get my brain restored and I can have faith that my thoughts are my own... I accept."

"Just one condition... after I am better... take me somewhere where I can be Ensign again... where I can be a hero. I feel that is the only proper sentence for my crime... to return to what I was good at."

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He smiled to the professor. "Exploration is a noble cause, one I'd join in."

He looked over to Mary. "Heroes come in many shapes and forms, I invite you to stay with us. Atone if you will on more than one world, stay with us and help many."

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"Well... first things first... I need a crew. I like having You, Sarah, Mary... even that clone on board. Heck that AI is amusing too, but... at some point I would like to find others... either those displaced by the Hive or travelers like myself."

She sighs, for a moment she loses a stroke treading water and gets some water in her mouth. "Ack..." she coughs a little bit.

"I had the same bit of distraction around Chris... you're not alone."

The Professor stares at Mary with a face that says "not now, Mary."

Mary shrugs. "Oh... come on. It's as obvious as the air on this world. He's pure man and you and I both want a piece. Stop being a girl scout and admit it."

"How the heck..." The Professor wispers. "Mary... to imply that I am..."

The Professor slaps the water in frustration. "Dammit you're right!" She gives in and grabs Chris around the waist and pulls him down to her level and lands a kiss on his face.

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Chris smiled at the unexpected move. He cupped the back of her head in his hand and kissed her back gently. "Well that's unexpected, and certainly not unwanted. I'd been wonderinng which of us would work up the nerve first."

He stroked her back softly and looked at Maary, who seemed to almost wish to be invited in. He shook his head. "I'll go help... Sarah." He smiled and bowed his head in thanks, as she swam off. leaving them alone.

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"Oh no you don't!" Mary says grabbing Chris before he starts moving and with a vice like grip holds on and lands one on his mouth.

When she pulls back Chris sees Mary's eyes... and while the passion was there, there seemed to be a broken soul behind the eyes. Unlike the Professor who expressed a fire like no other.

"Now... check on the runt."

The Professor swims over as Chris leaves. She spins Mary around and stares her down. "So... I'm warning you, Mary... don't get any ideas."

"What do you mean?"

"Well.. he has your leash and your life in his hands... what better way to seduce him than that?"

"Woman... didn't you figure it out that he's incorruptible? I'd have a better chance seducing your frigid ass than him."

The Professor glares. "Take that back..."

Mary starts swimming away. "I can only speak the truth now, Professor."

The Professor crosses her arms in frustration.

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Sarah floated there in her innertube. Of all the people in the world that she would be interested in, it was Chris that garnered the most attention, after all he saved her life.

"No... there are... some lingering issues... after all she's tried to kill us two three times, and she succeeded once. I think there is an established pattern of mutual... hostility."

She brought up her legs then put them through the hole in the center of the innertube and leaned forward on it with her elbows, kicking her legs in a carefree manner. "To be honest... I understand more Miss Master's issues. I saw the full extent first hand but..."

She moves forward some more... "...I'm more interested in just enjoying myself."

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He smiled. "Me too honestly. I'd hoped to finallymake some headway, and it seems Mary's intent to block that too."

He sighed, sitting in the light surf and floating. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you sooner, that i couldn't "fix" what happened on your home."

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"Mary is still a megalomaniac. It's just that right now you have her in the palm of your hand. She's also conflicted I think."

"There was nothing you could do... Mary used her charisma to lead people with their own evil in their hearts. I couldn't change that. No one can."

Sarah leaned forward a bit more in her tube. She was quite youthful for what she had been through. "I think the first thing you can do for her is build her trust further."

She used her legs to swim to Chris, and she was blushing... brighter than the yellow on Mary's vest or the orange on the ship.

"I... I just..." She looks away for a moment... with a very shy look... the type she reserved for her last boyfriend.

She bobbed there indecisively.

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"I'm not giving her anymore power back. She could be dangerous even at the level she has, if her darker side takes over. Without it though, the quantum forces in her body would kill her painfully."

He reached down to squeeze her shoulder reassuringlt. "Just what, Sarah? You can tell me. I just want to do what I can to help and make people happy. I think you and the Professor deserve at least that much."

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he hugged her to him and his soothing voice calmed her. "You have us. The Professor and I at the very least. We'll be here for you Sarah, as long as you wish to stay. You're young, you've your whole life ahead of you, aboard a ship that can explore the boundaries of infinite reality. With good friends, and those who in time might redeem themselves, you will accomplish and see great things, if that is your wish. if it isn't know that I will support you however I am able."

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"That is the thing... wherever the Professor goes, I go... I know nothing else... She's saved my live before, even recently... I don't want to leave. Never..."

She buries her head in Chris' chest as best she could with her 5'6" frame. "I just want it to be like the old days where we went to other worlds and simple looked to see what we could find. To find adventure wherever it lived."

As she said this another voice could be heard from the ship.

"Sir... Ma'am..." It was 3. The holographic representation of the Ship's AI. "I've detected a quantum signature appearing over Stonehenge and is moving fast to this location... ETA... 30 minutes. The Nova is a class Omega power with a approximate power gradient of 9. It is not showing any signs of suppressing it's signature."

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he stroked her hair and back reassuringly. "It will be, as long as you don't mind me being around."

Then the warning for an Incoming Nova sounded, and he lifted her in his arms, going to where The Professor and Mary were. "We've got powerful company incoming you two. Be ready for anything."

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The Professor blinked while Mary looked quite concerned.

"We'd better get back to the ship. I know there is a binding treaty among CTT capable Novas here, but this is still worrying." The Professor said, looking at the watch she wore. "Twenty-Nine minut... wait it's accelerating 10 minutes... 5... We'd better swim back, fast."

Mary didn't even need to say it and was half way to shore. If there was one thing she was, it was in shape.

"I'm just hoping I'm not in someone's spot. Chris, grab me and get me to the beach. Mary'll be alright on her own."

Chris Nods and grabs The Professor with his other free arm and lifts her up, then the two fly back over just as Mary gets to shore.

As they get situated, a white flash shoots overhead miles up but still visible, then straight up, before stopping and moving back down first at trans-sonic speed only to slow once it got too close for such maneuvering. When this light landed it seemed to change form until a woman wearing a white labcoat, large glasses, and noticably long pink hair was kneeling in front of them. Her Porcelain-White skin definately suggested a Nova.

When she rose she looked at everyone.

"Hello... Thought I would show myself... I am Endeavor."

She walks to the Professor. "Changed your face again, I see."

The Professor could only look at her in awe.

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"She owes me after all. I granted her that little trick of her's that lets her cheat death. Or more precicely I simply activated something in her quantum template that causes that to happen."

She points between the Professor's eyes. "She is no where near her potential yet but she is coming along quite nicely."

"But I'm not here to talk shop... I've come with a warning."

"The Hive is stirring again and they've taken aim at another universe. In approximately 7 days they will reach Brittania."

Mary, Sarah, and The Professor pause.

"Already my scouts have seen what they are bringing. And it is not just they typical hunting swarm, It is a swarm with a queen inside. It is as if the mass is migrating more than actually foraging for more energy."

"To see that it is bearing down on Brittania is disturbing."

"My plans will have to come into play far sooner that I or my Husband can prepare for."

She sighs. "I have been jumping from world to world and time to time but I have been watching for this moment. I've already talked with the council, and they are onboard with my plan."

She looks over to Chris and Mary and Chickles. "The guardian of the universe... here now... Can't even believe it to be true."

She grins at the Professor. "You can follow directions. Look, enjoy yourselves. You still got 7 days before a defense has to be raised."

She leans against the Hikari Maru and looks at it. "I never thought I'd get to see this again."

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"What if we don't wish to fight, Endeavor, will you forcr us to do so?

He looked at her, and allowed his own qatum signature to unfurl. "I'll defend my friends and allies,but..." He trailed off and nodded. "You probably knoww hat it's like to reach out and snuff many lives at once, like I did with the pirates. Just because I have this power doesn't mean I use it all the time."

"I don't like fighting."

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The woman sighed. "I know. Neither to I."

"And I heard what you did in Orion Sigma's little zoo. Damn impressive. But there is a far more personal reason why I've warned everyone. They are targeting The Professor directly. I'm not sure if they know she is here or not, I myself placed many means of protection around this universe just to stop them. But I have to be directly honest, the gate is the achilles heel in my defenses of this sanctuary."

She stretches out. "You've made a fair statement, Mech. I cannot force you to fight, that decision is yours alone to make."

She gazes at Chris, her eyes showing a sense of Nostalgia. "You are so much like my Husband, and more."

She walks to the shore and stares at Mary, and shakes her head. "So easily fixed... but I'm not sure if you want it."

Mary glares but before she could say anything The Woman snarled. "You brought this on Brittania... You told Zero where The Professor was! I should kill you where you stand."

This causes The Professor's eyes to widen. "What?"

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Chris laid a hand on Mary's shoulder. "Be calm, getting angry won't help now Mary, and she's almost as powerful as me, in your state, she's not someone you can defeat."

"Perhaps Endeavor, staring at the beginning is the best option."

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She sits down on one of the sides of the Hikari Maru. "I have been tracking the Hive since they started their miserable existance. Their universe was very much like everyone's here. A universe with Novas. But the event that created them was very massive. It caused the entire Earth's population to erupt. And that only started a spiral that led to that universe's demise. Let's just say all that quantum being tossed around caused so much conversion from one form of energy to another that it was draining energy from everything in it just to feed the insatiable power-thirst of those people."

"Eventually the Novas there started draining from each other, stars, Whatever they could find. One of them got smart and decided to protect herself she linked other novas she could trust into her mental network. She found out that energy could transmit along that network and be shared. So, the Hive started and she was Zero. First thing she did was take as much of energy she could from their home universe and find another universe to drain. They didn't care who they killed or why. Then one universe wasn't enough as they brought novas into their Network. Then at some point, the hive became insatiable. By the time they went to The Professor's universe though, they were in stasis. They had enough energy among eachother to survive. The energy they shared in their network would be enough."

"Except for one. A new Queen. The original Zero... wanted to stop the madness and just find one more universe so that they could live in another universe without having to drain it. But the hivemind was power hungry."

The Professor was shifting uncomfortably.

"The Professor never told you this but she got in touch with the first Zero to help her try to stop the destruction of her universe. But she was left to her fate with all of The Professor's universe."

"This new Zero... believed that all would either join the hive or be destroyed and their energy brought into the network. No other options."

"I followed The Professor among her journeys until she made it to Brittania. All the while I was making sure the Hive couldn't find her. They wanted her dead. Particularly since she was the one who at the last moment saved the first Zero, who she renamed Ichi. I know where she sent her, she is alive and living peacefully... here on this planet. I've been helping Ichi rebuild her humanity while using this planet as a meeting place for the council. She also enforces the Sanctuary Treaty that ensures this planet's safety."

She adjusts her coat.

"But then Mary contacted the new Zero. Well unintentionally. Zero posed as someone looking to get back at The Professor. Zero was smart, she looked for new universes by teleporting to other worlds and looking for juicy targets. And Brittania is a cherry pie of Quantum goodness. Also since Zero has a mad-on for The Professor... this was revenge."

She adjusts her glasses. "If Zero takes Brittania, every universe around it for 50 universal diameters is in jeopardy."

"Now... to you..."

She looks to Chris. "Now Chris... or Mech as I called you earlier... I know where your home universe is. I... I've been seeing something in you and I was curious as to when I would see you reach that potential. This is... you deserve to see home once. Perhaps that is what you need to regain your memory."

Then she looks back to Mary. "I'm sorry for my reaction earlier... but you really... really complicated my plans."

She walks up to her. "Chris, since Mary is your responsibility, I am sure you know how to fix a negative quantum spike sitting in the quantum template aura of a nova, correct? Once that is done, The Professor can start her genetic therapy treatment."

"You will be Ensign Minneapolis again, Mary... you are no villain."

She then turns to Sarah and hugs her. "You dear girl... You have been through so much."

She kneels down. "What do you think of things?"

Sarah looks down. "I need... a moment to think."

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He looked at her, and sighed. "interdimensional war, killing entire worlds... Over power. "It sickens me."

He nodded. "I can fix mary's problem."

He looked at her intently. "If I do this Endeavor, you'll tell me the truth of who I am?"

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The woman stared at Chris. "It sickens me too, that is why... it needs to end."

"I can't bear seeing someone suffer, Chris. If the real Mary can return through this effort... the true Mary... then we should do what we can."

"As for telling you who you are... I figured giving the coordinates to your universe and perhaps sticking with you guys as things progress and helping where I can would be a good start to building trust."

"I can't just tell you, Chris... Mech... There are people at your home universe that love you. Perhaps that love can bring you about."

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