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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - Morgan "Psi Cop" McLeod

Mr Fox

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Morgan's background:

8 years in the Army, during which time he did college classes in order to get a degree in Criminal Sciences. Because of his test scores and aptitudes he was assigned duty as an MP in Afganistan for his first 5 years, after graduation he was reassigned to Military Intelligence.

After his stint in the army, Morgan was approached by the NSA to become an agent. He specialized in profiling and data mining a persons life to build a picture of what they were likely to do, but because of his experience as an MP he also earned the right to work as a field agent on cases where his specialization was needed.

Within the NSA he was considered to be on the Fast Track to advancement having gained the notice of some powerful people.

That all changed when the "Refugees" arrived. He was among the group assigned to profile the new Novas, and one of the novas in particular was a scientist that the US Government recruited, based on his recommendation.

No further information is available about Morgan from that time until his reassignment to the Interpol's Nova Task Force.

At some point after the refugees arrived Morgan erupted with mental powers. Nothing is known about how this occurred and when asked Morgan just raises an eyebrow challengingly and says, "Classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to wipe your memory."

Since that time people have begun calling him PsiCop because of his abilities and his expertise in tracking down the guilty. He takes his role as America's protector seriously and knows better than anyone just how many threats are out there and how dangerous they can be. Before the transfer to the NTF he was awarded more than a dozen commendations and accolades the details of how he earned them are classified.

What is known about him is that although he has a sense of humor, he can become very serious quickly when danger threatens. He has also garnered a reputation for being a bit ruthless in pursuit of justice. Although the United States has no "00" group of secret agents that are licensed to kill, he has never been prosecuted or disciplined for terminating suspects during an operation.

Unlike most Novas, Morgan does not choose to wear spandex costumes to show off his physique, instead he dresses all in black and wears black gloves at all times. The only exception is a silver PSI symbol that all telepaths are required to wear.

The gloves are also a part of the 'uniform' as it is commonly believed that physical touch is required for telepathy to work. While this might be true for most low level Psiads, it is far from true for Morgan, but he finds it useful not to disabuse people of that notion and so only removes his gloves when he is openly reading someone's mind.


He stands 5'9" with black hair and grey eyes and although he is fit and trim like all novas, he does not display the obvious and sometimes overly large muscles that they tend towards. He has average looks, and although he does not possess the charisma of a star or politician, he does have a way of connecting with people on a personal level that is surprising given the reluctance most people feel towards being around telepaths. When he chooses however, he can be very intimidating.

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Birth Name: Morgan McLeod

Nova Name: Psi Cop

Player: Mr. Fox

Concept: Psi Cop

Series: IE: Cosmos Nova

Theme: PSI/Mental powers

Strength: 3

Dexterity 5

Mega Dex: 5

Athletics: 3

Drive: 1

Firearms: 3

Martial Arts: 1

Melee: 1

Stealth: 3

Stamina: 5

Mega Sta: 1

Endurance: 3

Resistance: 3

Perception: 5

Mega Per: 5

Awareness: 5

Investigation: 5

Intelligence: 5

Mega Int: 3

Academics: 1

Bureaucracy: 2

Computer: 3

Intrusion: 5

Linguistics: 5

Survival: 1

Wits: 5

Mega Wits: 1

Biz: 2

Rapport: 5

Appearance: 3

Intimidation: 5

Style: 2

Manipulation: 5

Mega Man: 3

Interrogation: 5

Streetwise: 2

Subterfuge: 2

Charisma: 3

Command: 1

Etiquette: 3

Perform: 1

Willpower: 10

Quantum: 5

Q Pool: 50

Taint: 0


Attunement: 5

Node: 2

Resources: 4

Followers: 2

Backing: 5



Fast Tasks

Physical Prodigy





EM Vision

Ultraperipheral Perception

Quantum Attunement


Eidetic Memory

Mental Prodigy: Investigative


Lie Detector


The Voice


Quantum Powers:

Telekinesis Suite: 5

Telepathy: 5 (Surreptitious)

Teleport: 1

Psychic Shield: 5

Stun Attack: 5 (Area)

Domination: 5 (Telepathic)

Intuition: 1 (Out of Theme)

Empathic Manipulation: 3

ESP: 5

Armor: 5 (Out of Theme)

TK Suite Power:

Shield (same rules as any other suite power)

Storm (same rules as any other suite power)

Throw (same rules as apply to mega-strength based on successes as per TK rules)

Lift (the normal TK ability to lift single objects) This would also be expanded to include the ability to lift and control multiple objects based on the number of dots you have in TK. 1 object per dot. +1q activation cost per object. (can't be used in combination with other powers, ie, you couldn't throw 5 objects at once, however, you could be lifting 5 objects and throw them one at a time based on how many actions you can take in a round.

Fly (same rules as any other suite power)

*Stun Attack is not defined in the book as to what type of energy or means are being used to stun... I'm defining it as a mental attack that stuns only.


English (native), Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German


2 telepaths that are members of Psi Corps. Morgan is working to build a cadre of loyal followers within the Corps so that he can eventually take control of the corps out of the hands of the politicians.

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