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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Cosmos Nova OOC

Mr Fox

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This topic is to discuss the new setting Cosmos Nova.

Cosmos Nova:

  • Q6 limit for the duration of the setting/story
  • No Mastery at start
  • No Q Supremacy ever
  • Must stick to a power Theme
  • Only original/ or inactive characters allowed (no active copies from other games or versions from other IE universes)
  • No backgrounds over 5 at creation
  • No gadgets over 5 at creation (only 1 Gadget at 6 ever, this would be a defining item)
  • Aberrant compendium not allowed (mega att books o.k.) Any irregular power from another sources needs approval
  • Free enhancement with every odd Mega Att dot

Any other limits or suggestions?


These rules apply only to the Cosmos Nova universe and not to the IE multiverse as a whole.

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I have a setting suggestion:

Since this is a world with very few novas and they have only recently erupted... What if the reason they erupted was that a small group of novas came through the Stonehenge gate from another universe, and those novas were refugees from another universe where the Aberrant War went badly against them. They fled their world and came to ours, but they because of what they experienced they all (even the good ones) harbor a strong resentment against humanity. That sets them up to be potential bad guys or antagonists.

At first on their arrival they tried to play nice in order to avoid being attacked, but since then they have begun showing their true nature. Most of them are just novas who were caught up in the war, but some were actual Teragen members and are plotting humanities destruction.

With the influx of quantum and the presence of active novas, eruptions have begun to occur naturally on this Earth. Enter the PCs. Each one is a nova who has erupted since the arrival of the refugees and has been recruited by the governments of Earth to defend against the refugees, after all, only a native nova can be trusted right? Or so the Governments believe anyway. Besides, by recruiting them it keeps Earth's new novas out of trouble and loyal.

There is no Divis Mal among the refugees that is spiking the planet's quantum in order to boost eruptions. Therefore, eruptions since their arrival have been relatively few, only a handful in fact, but each nova who has erupted has done so because of exposure to quantum energies. How that energy was generated is a mystery. (I've got an idea, but I want to keep it a secret as part of story until the characters discover it.)

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c/p of rules for theme costs...

To borrow Krul's table....

In Theme

Trait Increase Cost

Mega-Attribute CR x3

Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 2

Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 3

Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 5

Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 7

Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 9

Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 12

New Trait Cost

Background 1 [Attunment and Node Only]

Body Modifications (1/2 cost)

Enhancement 3

Mega-Attribute 3

Quantum Power (Level 1) 2

Quantum Power (Level 2) 3

Quantum Power (Level 3) 5

Quantum Power (Level 4) 7

Quantum Power (Level 5) 9

Quantum Power (Level 6) 12

Out of Theme

Attribute current rating x 4

Ability current rating x 2

Background current rating x 2

Mega-Attribute current rating x 5

Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 3

Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 5

Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 7

Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 9

Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 12

Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 15

Willpower current rating

Initiative current rating

New Trait Cost

Ability 3

Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1

Body Modifications (Normal)

Background 2

Enhancement 5

Mega-Attribute 6

Quantum Power (Level 1) 3

Quantum Power (Level 2) 6

Quantum Power (Level 3) 9

Quantum Power (Level 4) 12

Quantum Power (Level 5) 15

Quantum Power (Level 6) 18

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I am interested in IE again, and this sounds like a cool idea.

Ok, the Aberrant War though? If it got that far, it could be trouble from the get go. Because it was zero-sum, nova or human and that could just carry over to Cosmos. Maybe the Teragen and other groups tried this place as a bolthole for some, and thus we could mix our characters in the place of some canon chars and modify Geryon or other types for the versions that head through the 'Henge.

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I too would prefer not to have canon NPCs just because then there are no expectations on what may or may not happen in the story.

Mel, like you said, I'm thinking they were just ducking out to flee, whether that was because they didn't like the Chinese Ultimatum or because on their Earth they were getting their butts kicked and wanted to regroup, or for some other reason. I'm also thinking there are no Divis Mal level characters among those who came through, although maybe there is one who has Cross Time travel in order to operate the gates. Those who did come through would range in power levels from a little stronger than the PCs down to 30pt novas. No Q8s or above since they are too god-like to be realistic antagonists.

The Cosmos Nova world would still be adjusting to the new paradigm. Because of the way novas were introduced to this world (refugees fleeing from an war), the Governments have scrambled to get Novas of their own, and while some of the refugees might have offered their services, the Governments just don't trust them fully. Thus our PCs.

Be sure and take backing for your character, that not only shows your standing/rank/security clearance with whichever government you work for it also demonstrates the level of trust they have in you. So Backing 5 would mean that you have the complete trust of your government, whether that's because you are an awesome person, or because they have your family in a secret location and are holding a gun to their heads to ensure you follow orders... the point is they believe you are reliable. ;)

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Just gotta figure out which organization brings us together. I was thinking a special branch of Interpol. Dedicated to handling the Nova situation.

Addendum: That chart is for the XP costs. Here is what Krul wrote in regards to 1st Gens.

Chose: 2 mega-attributes and 3 powers (for this purpose all body modifications count as 1 power), you get to pay the in theme costs for those, as your focus, these are powers and megas you've had and specialized in since eruption (you might have others at equal level, but they were harder to develop.

And here is the info for In-Theme/Out of theme NP costs at creation.

Mega-Attributes and Enhancements – 2 NP per dot/enhancement


1st Level - Cost: 1 NP per 2 dots

2nd Level - Cost: 1 NP per dot

3rd Level - Cost: 2 NP per dot

In Theme Body Modifications – 1/3 normal cost.

Also, if I may make a suggestion, perhaps we should look into Adaptation instead being different immunities to certain environmental hazards instead of "I spend a quantum pool point and I can swim in the sun".

It would represent your are immune to certain hazards as your Nova body has adapted to those particular environments. (For Instance, Kei due to her flight training accident, her Adaptation molded so she is immune to adverse G conditions (prevents blackouts, injury during sudden g-force changes), low pressure environments with low or no oxygen, and the vacuum of space.

Since these are specific adaptations instead of a blanket immunity, I think that this remake of Adaptation would still cost the same to get (since it's an enhancement), still would cost only 1 quantum a scene, but you can recover quantum as it is functioning as per the normal Quantum recovery rules.

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I have been thinking on the backgrounds ... limiting a Nova to one 'personal' background over 5 makes sense. So things that are innate to the Nova. But backing, contacts, devices, resources ... I can't figure out a reason why IC these should be limited.

What, precisely, limits a character from owning two level 5 'rube goldbergs' or from having both contacts and resources at 6 ...

Maybe such a limit on character gen is reasonable, but as a fixed feature of the universe it doesn't make sense. At least not in the case of backgrounds that are not a part of the character.

The rest of the limitations make sense are rules of reality - they exist as 'physics' of this dimension or similar one. This one is the sore thumb that sticks out to me.

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I think what Fox meant to say is that backgrounds can't go over 5 at creation, also you can have a L6 Gadget after character creation, but they are so rare you only have 1 of them over the course of a lifetime. They become a signature of your character practically. I think this needs to be fixed, Fox. I think any background should be allowed to hit 6. I think this is my fault I may have used the wrong wording when I originally suggested it.

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Honestly I'd see the char ggen for 2nd gen PC's used, not the first gens the reason is that we've placed heavy limits on things. allowing a bit wider theme is fine with me

I;d say leave adaptibility alone, and just be mindful of quantum costs increasing depending on the level of hostility in the environment.

n Theme Costs, at least ½ (30) of your Nova Points must be spent in theme, though you may spend more or all of them that way.

The below costs for In theme.

Quantum Pool: 1 NP per 5 (Max 100 at start)

Mega-Attributes and Enhancements – 2 NP per dot/enhancement

(Note: I've adjusted the M.Attribute rule slightly.. you get a free enhancement at every odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) dot of Mega-Attribute)


1st Level - Cost: 1 NP per 2 dots

2nd Level - Cost: 1 NP per dot

3rd Level - Cost: 2 NP per dot

In Theme Body Modifications – 1/3 normal cost.

For Out of Theme Costs: Standard prices in the Core Book, if your unsure if something is in theme, ask me.

For a theme, I'd say we can make group based decisions if there's a question on whether something is in theme.

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Honestly I'd see the char ggen for 2nd gen PC's used, not the first gens the reason is that we've placed heavy limits on things. allowing a bit wider theme is fine with me

I;d say leave adaptibility alone, and just be mindful of quantum costs increasing depending on the level of hostility in the environment.

Common sense in play, such as if one sun-dives.... :P

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The PCs are the rare few who have reached the pinnacle that is 100NP. Also I think for now since soon we want to start playing we should shelve second gens for a bit to allow us to hammer out the details on second generation novas. So for now no A Breed Apart Second Gens.

As for In-theme stuff it would make sense then to use second generation rules in regards to in-theme and out-of-theme powers/megas, since this universe is a different world compared to other IE universes.

I think at least we should give the benefit of the doubt on which powers are in-theme for a character and which are not, but a potential player in this universe should at least run their character by Justin, Myself, or Fox. As our troupe expands we should have more that could look and approve.

Seesh, this almost feels like we're building our own game.

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Also - I personally like the idea of not having a difference between any generation of native erupted or born Novas. There is a key reason why too ... we are exploring the whole reproductive issue in CoQF really really well.

We should focus this particular setting on other things. The sterility plot is all well and good in canon, but Fox's suggestion focuses on other things. Lets not do the cannon metaplot here. Not having the whole generational thing is play is a desirable feature.

- and yes, there are body mods like space worthy.

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That is actually a oversight on my opinion, I think I can agree to having no differences between the generations (Except what is expected). We should use the same generation rules across-the-board.

And we should focus on this particular setting. Avoid canon and make our own as we go. That's the fun of things.

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My thoughts on the setting:

It's been about a year to a year and a half since the Refugees arrived.

PCs can be of any NP starting from 0 to 100 depending on what you want to do. There is a reason that Novas are erupting at ranges up to 100 NPs which will be explored in the game, if you guys are willing to trust me on that.

NPC novas... very few natives have erupted because there is no Divis Mal spiking the quantum to increase the odds. This also means that a number of Psions have also awakened.

Most of the novas in the world at this point are the Refugees and they outnumber the natives probably 5 to 1. That gives us a few others to interact with and lots of potential bad guys, although the Refugees aren't bad guys by default, some are even working for the governments of the world.

As far as you know all native novas are working for some government or other at least to some degree, although they aren't all special agents like the PCs.

The Refugees on the other hand are mostly independent and they could be nice people or teragen terrorists, or anywhere in between.

At least that's how I'm viewing it. If you guys are ok with that then we'll work from this premise.

No canon metaplots apply, although there are Teragen members among the refugees. All the canon meta plot happened but it was on their world and they have left it behind.

I too would like to leave adaptability alone, but we can be conscious of it as we go through the game. One thing that people often over look is that the character has to be introduced to the environment slowly in order to adapt. If someone opened a warp directly to the surface of the sun and pushed an adaptive nova through, they'd burn to a crisp same as if a nova with flaming quantum bolts opened fire on them. You have to have the chance to adjust and instant damage does not allow for that. The vacuum of space might be different since a person can survive there for 30 seconds or so before dying, but the surface of the sun you'd burn up instantly.

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So technically an adaptive nova if they ever want to spacewalk would still need a few moments in the airlock to depressurize and acclimate to the new environment.

Then again, Kei is getting some bodymods that will pretty much allow her to go into Vacuum with no issues, and have no problem at high-altitudes either.

I'll probably build at 100np since that is the default for IE.

Besides... Kei might wanna see other worlds too, at some point.

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Kei Nakano
Codename: Umiwashi (海ワシ) - "Sea Eagle"

Early History

Kei always dreamed of flight. At an early age she gave no end to stress by jumping from her bed or hopping from trees (and promptly breaking an arm) or other dangerous and costly behavior. As she got older she stopped the craziness, and started learning how to fly... as in airplanes. By the time she was 18, she decided to go for the aviation department of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force.

It was here she had her first real taste of flying something fast. The Harriers they used were great. VTOL designs, only needed short runways... they were perfect. It was also great that she had a good trainer sitting behind her.

On one training run they were flying the waters east of Hokkaido on a routine training exercise to learn ground/sea surface flying to get under radars. As they were flying by a destroyer serving as an observer, the engines flamed out. It seemed someone in the mechanical department messed up during some maintenance, and the fuel lines that fed the hungry engines weren't connected properly and the high-g maneuvers were finally all the poor connections could take. The aircraft lost it's fuel fast and all Kei and her Instructor could do was get high enough and Eject.

One thing about being left in the cold waters off Hokkaido is the fact that in October the water is already cold enough to wear a drysuit. Luckily Kei and her Instructor wore such anti-exposure suits under their flight suits for this run. But the best only really protected for a few hours before Hypothermia would begin to set in.

And Rescue would get to them too late since a Squall had moved in. Making their situation worse. Only one of the rafts deployed, and Kei let her trainer use it since she broke her leg during the ejection. It was all they could do. Kei could feel the fatigue of Hypothermia setting in as night fell. That was when the headache began.

She had experienced them before today but this one was the worst. She held her head but some how couldn't scream. Then in a flash... she saw the whole situation. 7 miles away there was a Japan Coast Guard cutter searching for them but their beacon got lost after ejection. They were checking the wrong area! How could she know this... why...

She rose her hand up and a blaze of blue energy fired up into the night sky and dispersed over their heads.

The ship's crew thinking it was a signal flare immediately changed heading to the site.

Kei had other plans. She made a splint with what she could for the Trainer's leg, grabbed her and flew under her own power to the cutter.

She collapsed on the deck after gently setting her Trainer down.

The next day when she awoke, a older woman, appearing in her 50's with pink hair stood over her, wearing a white business suit and glasses.

"So... another Native like me... You've been transferred, Lieutenant Nakano. Welcome to Department 0."

Personality and Power Portfolio

Kei Nakano is in her late 20s, with dark brown to near black hair, with brown eyes. She tends to wear her usual flight gear when doing her usual flight work. When not doing so she generally is wearing nothing more than Jeans and a T-Shirt of some meme that is popular at the time. She tends to give the impression that she doesn't care about what goes on around her, but the opposite is true. She is just used to keeping her emotions in check.

She can fly, project a force field for herself that makes it look like she's wearing parts of a F-22, fire quantum bolts of kinetic force at threatening targets, and is tough as nails. She also is fully spaceworthy, and can exist in low-pressure or low-oxygen environments. She also has incredible G-Tolerances. Pretty much any hazard she experiences with flight at any altitude or environment she can handle.

Department 0

Department 0 is the Japanese agency that handles Nova relations, regulation, and security matters for the country. They also regulate all technology developed by Japanese Novas. They do not hire or take on any refugees, because of their immigration status, instead recruiting from the scarce pool of Japanese Nova natives. Department 0 is also part of the Japanese Intelligence Agency, and they are regularly briefed on Nova Refugee and Native activities. Their greatest interest is the Stonehenge gate. It's use in the arrival of the refugees and the method of which to jump between universes has been of great interest to Japan. Their goal is to build a gate of their own and start missions to other universes, and start trans-universal trade if possible. Lock-downs be damned!

Department 0 isn't just a bunch of curious nerds and brave secret agents. Department 0 has a branch with it's agency dedicated to Homeland safety. Dubbed "Nippontai", their job is to react on call to various disasters and emergencies on behalf of the people of Japan. Nippontai operatives wear distinctive white with red detail suits that double as biohazard gear and rescue gear. They've even developed a space worthy "tension suit" to use on space-based missions.

Finally, Department 0 has a cell within each branch of the JSDF. Each one with it's specialists in the field serving alongside the branches.

Department 0 is headed by a 50 year-old Nova named Aiko Nishimura, she erupted late in her life, but developed strong inter-personal skills and managing prowess. She is known for her faded pink hair, love of white suits, and a taste for Sake. She's a reasonible person, and generally trustworthy, but she's known for being very clever and wily if need-be.

Name: Kei Nakano
Concept/Theme: Aviatrix (Female Pilot)
Nature: Thrillseeker
Allegiance(s): Department 0/Japan

Attributes & Abilities

Athletics: 5
Firearms: 3
Martial Arts: 5
Pilot: 5 (Fighters)
Stealth: 5 (Camouflauge)
Awareness: 5
Academics: 3
Computer: 3
Engineering: 5
Linguistics: 1 (Native: Japanese, English)
Medicine: 3
Survival: 5 (Ocean)
Command: 5
Endurance: 5
Resistance: 5
* Mega Stamina 5 raises Endurance and Resistance to 5.

Backing: 5
Mentor: 4
Equipment: 5
Attunement: 5
Resources: 5
Node: 2
Allies: 1
Contacts: 5
Dormancy: 5

Quantum: 5
Quantum Pool: 50
Willpower: 10
Initiative: 13
Walk: 7
Run: 22
Sprint: 50

Merits (* Purchased with Freebie Points)
Iron Will: 6*


In Theme Powers
L2 "Flight Mode" Flight 5 (60 km/h Combat, 200 km/h HM Combat, 500 Non-Combat)
L2 "Afterburners" HyperFlight (Hypermovement) 5 (2500 km/h Non-Combat)
L2 "Composite Alloy Armor" Armor 5 (+15 B/L Soak)
L2 "Flares" Disorient 5 (100m, Man+Disorient)
L2 "Air to Air Missile" Q-Bolt 5 + Homing - Only works against flying Targets, - -3 Dice pool using this power (10+18d L)
L2 "Vulcan Cannon" Q-Bolt 5 (15+20d B)

Out of Theme Powers

In Theme Mega Attributes
Mega Dexterity 5 - Ace Pilot, Velocity, Fast Tasks (2)Enhanced Movement
Mega Stamina 5 - Regeneration, Convalescence, Resiliency, (2)Adaptability

* Note on Adaptibility: The Adaptibility only works in environments a Aerospace Aircraft would encounter,
such as low pressure, high-speed air, low oxygen, and so forth. She is also space worthy. Her adaptability
works in alien atmospheres, but does not work at all in water.

Mega Perception 5 - Ultraperipheral Perception, Holographic Awareness, High-End EM Scan

Out of theme Mega Attributes
Mega Manipulation 1 - Deceptive Defense
Mega Intelligence 5 - Discerning Mind, Tactical Prodigy, Analyse Weakness[/code]
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Connor Fontenot was an American Voice Actor of some acclaim before becoming a nova. Gifted with a voice that people loved to hear, and an innate talent for oration and acting, He was on his way to becoming a media Icon before, already branching out into true acting as well.

Then The refugees came, and this Triggered his own powerful erruption. In an instant he was transformed, going from simple actor, to THE Actor upon the stage of the world. Handsome beyond all reason, his potential as an actor was like that of a nuclear bomb. His first role made the movie World War III into one that reiceved acclaim beyond its merit, and one of the highest grossing films ever.

Even greater than that though, Bandai entertainment saw immediately that his gifts of shapeshifting could prove useful. They approached him with an idea for a live action gundam series, set against CGI. He went one better, and showed them the truth as he transformed into a 50 foot high completely accurate rendition of the Strike Freedom Gundam. Starstruck, a deal was made, and Gundam Superior was born.

With two seasons of the show under his belt, in addition to 4 other movies, Connor, dubbed "Mech" by his fans, was still a generally humble man. He made appearances at conventions, even ate in smaller restaraunts. The US government had given him a long enough leash, and now, they came knocking.

Lucrative contracts were arranged, and provisos built into it, allowing for him to continue the work he loved. Still, now the Government had special access to him, and any new project of his would be subject to a special clause in the contract stating that his removal for government purposes was allowed and legal.

Now, Connor is a full member of the Department of Superhuman Affairs, lending his talents to generate goodwill. Twice he's been decorated for service to the country, and he continues with many humanitarian projects, in addition his government work and acting career.

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Yep me too. No one person is burdened with coming up with all the ideas. I've got a few I've thrown out there and a couple story hooks that seem interesting that I'm keeping to myself for the moment so that the PCs can have things to discover in game.

I'm redoing my character stat wise, but I've been working on his background and will share it when I've finished.

I edited the opening post of this thread regarding backgrounds and gadgets. Hopefully, it's clearer now.

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