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Mutants & Masterminds: The Magisterium - [Magisterium] Operational Policies of the DEHA

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Operational Policies of the DEHA [excepted from the DEHA Operations Manual]


All mutants are to be assigned code names. These codenames will be used in place of their names given when assumed to be human. This way, mutants can be directly referred in official documents without raising civil rights concerns. Failure to adhere to this policy is considered to be a major breach of protocol. Names are chosen by the first facility to detain the mutant and submitted for approval through ARU using Form 988-A, Initial Intake, Biography, and Assessment Form.

All codenames should provide insight into the abilities of the mutants. This way, precautions can be taken based solely on the name should there be no time for a safe transfer of their file to new handlers. Of course, transfer of any operations equipment, mutant or otherwise, should be handled according to procedures.

Facilities may also have codenames, though DEHA has attempted to name them innocuously so that they can pass for human detainment facilities or research centers, as appropriate. A facility is given a codename according to the procedures laid out in Appendix B-12.


coded.jpgAll mutants detained at a facility instead of an internment camp are barcoded on the back of their left arm since 1974, when DEHA implemented the police. The code is placed on the flattest part of the wrist and slight up onto the hand, where it cannot be easily covered by a sleeve. This code is personalized to a mutant’s designation number; scanning it into an approved DEHA-encrypted computer draws up the unrestricted portions of a mutant’s file.

Some mutants that have escaped and been recaptured have cut off their barcodes. Cutting off even just one of the vertical lines makes them unreadable. DEHA agents are to look for scars on these locations for that reason.

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