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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Interlude.Eta] Shadow Wars

Quantum Fire

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The gathering included nova's and non-novas, but they all had something in common, they worked for a certain agency to keep the issue of nova fertility under control, and some of them worked for more then one. Due to events in the last few years, and especially this year, the matter had become much more critical then it had been, every growing worse and worse. Luck seemed against them, again and again matters were spiraling further and further out of control.

At the top of the list were new nova's who had made recent appearances, such as these new folks who appeared on the scene in the last year, King Einherjar's heirs, the children of Teras, folks such as Shen's wards.. but also folks who had been around a while, such as Dan and his children, or Jason and her daughter.

"Something has to be done, and done fast.. what about moving on this Puck fellow?"

"Glory is paying that situation too much attention at the moment, with the recent kidnapping, but there may be potential to move there.. what are our precognatives saying?"

"The problem appears to be others with precognitive abilities interfering.."

"And our recent disappearances of agents completely?"

"Investigation continues."

"And what of our old problem children?"

"We are ready to begin attempts to remove them.. yet again."

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"It must be accepted, the project goals will fail as presently focused, Jason has consistently and completely managed to avoid more then a dozen attempts to deal with her, we don't know the numbers of the children of teras, and the appearance of nova's like this Blossom Princess and Bounty has changed the rules yet again. Additionally, we have reports that certain novas, mostly Dynamos, have developed control over their own fertility."

There was a momentary sigh in the room. "It would be the one group that contains the toughest nova's alive, What is to be done?"

"A shift of focus, K type breeders and the more prolific potentials must be the prime targets, and from the power of the second generation, we may need to shift from killing them to recruiting those with the proper traits.. for the good of humanity, from this point forward, capture and control must be considered as viable as elimination."

"And our other problems?"

"Measures are in place to deal with the Congo situation, we are still evaluating the Exalt! situation."

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"What measures?"

"Over the next few weeks, attacks along both side of the borders to raise tensions, both sides are likely to begin blaming the other, espeically with the evidence we are going to be leaving."

"What about interceptions?"

"Our precognitive will be directing matters, in case one of the rare nova's who are blind spot is encountered, action will be taken to withdraw immediately"

"And then?"

"Angola has already hired the Crimson Sword Guard at our encouragement, that mercenary company of Elites are powerful enough to give even Einherjar a challenge, one or two individually, a few others collectively, and even if a battle with them is won, it should be devastating enough for our purposes."

"But how do you plan to get things to the next step?"

"Once our storm bomb destroys Luanda, the blame will be easy to lay at Einherjar's feet, especially as retaliation for the attacks on the Congo Border.. war will be inevitable at that point, and the chaos of war will allow us to act in the shadows better."

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