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Mutants & Masterminds: The Magisterium - [Magisterium] Slang

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Accelerated Mutant Performance (AMP) Collar – metal and polymer collar that increases a mutant’s performance. It releases an energy field that enhances the mutant, but the collar also contains explosives that guarantee that a mutant only gets one rebellious act accomplished. The collar has a limited battery life and can be drained if the mutant relies on it too much. The explosives are on their own battery and will last for several days. They detonate when the collar is removed or when the batteries reach a certain power level. They cannot be recharged by normal wireless batteries, and attempts to do so can cause detonation. The collar can also be tracked. See Amped; Frying a Mutant.

Amped – a mutant wearing the AMP Collar. “I love to watch that mutie work when he’s amped.” See Accelerated Mutant Performance Collar.

Born Free – a mutant born outside of the program. It is a usually only used when the mutant in question has also never been held by DEHA, in which case, it's usually a source of pride. See Program Baby, Program Born.

Bug Hunt – military slang for a search/destroy mission finding an inhuman mutant. “Man, I can’t believe I have to go on another damned bug hunt.”

Code Omega – a must-kill mutant; either a Titan Class or a mutant that has proven to be uncontrollable, or one that is too dangerous to keep, even caged.

Coded – short for barcoded; a mutant who has a barcode tattoo. This is required for dangerous mutants by the DEHA. See Slicing a Code.

Conjugal – the use of a mutant for casual sex, whether rape or trading favors. Differs from schmitting in that no emotional ties are formed. “I’m having a conjugal with that mutie in 12C. She needs some smokes; I need to get laid.” See schmitting; Tiffany.

DeDe – derogatory slang for a DEHA agent. “That DeDe loves to tell me how to do my job.”

Faux-Human – a mutant who can pass for human during a cursory examination.

Feral – a free-range mutant that needs to be put down rather than captured or tagged. Doesn’t mean they are animalistic. “They’re saying Leroy’s feral now, and we have to go fry him.”

Free-range – a mutant on the loose, untracked and location unknown. “Leroy’s free-range – we gotta recapture him before the DeDes find out.”

Frying a Mutant – detonating the explosives in an AMP Collar. Also known as “Cooking a Mutant”. A mutant who survives this is “flame retardant”; if badly hurt, he’s “burned”. If he’s killed by it, he’s “deep fried” or more disturbingly “finger-licking good.” “The mutie’s gone off mission; fry her. Ten bucks says it deep fries her.”

Furry – A non-mutant intrigued or attracted to a mutant with animal-like attributes, though not necessarily having any sexual interest in such. Many participate in the Furry fandom community on the internet as a surrogate for their interest. Derogatory. See Manimal.

Government-certified – the mutant in question is owned completely by their respective government. Usually used for mutants that are not registered but are contained and controlled in a zoo. “This gal is French Government-Certified.”

HOM – Human over Mutant – a common military default where a human operative is valued more than a mutant one, regardless of what the mutant can accomplish. Sometimes stated as “Humans First”. “The mission is FUBAR. Start the evac, HOM is in place.”

K-mine – a mine that releases a gas-form of Kytone attempting to render a mutant defenseless before the bomb explodes. See Kytone.

K-treat – military slang for kytone. The practice of lacing drugs with Kytone to increase their effectiveness. “Give the subject a K-treat with that Codiene.” Also the practice of administering kytone as a punishment. “She’s been loud tonight. Better give her a K-treat if you want to get a nap.” See Kytone.

KD – short for Kytone Dart. The darts are usually loaded with Kytone and other drugs as needed. See Kytone.

Kytone – a sedative that works on mutants. Created by Dr. Kevin Young for the Canadian government in 1901 and rapidly leaked to all other countries afterwards. It is often used to control hostile mutants, particularly when loaded into a dart. Knocks humans out instantly. See K-treat, K-mine.

Lapdogs – mutant terms for willingly compliant mutants. This can be a gray area; some compliant mutants are only that way because they're being extorted somehow. It's also an insult among many non-compliant mutants. "Get out my face, lapdog."

Manimal – a mutant with physical, animalistic characteristics, resulting in them resembling an anthropomorphic beast to one degree or another. Less rarely, used to describe a mutant with mental, emotional, and/or social attributes of animals.

MOG – military slang for “Mutant on Ground”. It indicates an unexpected mutant presence in a fight or area of operation. “Command, we have a MOG. Repeat, we have a MOG. Do we have new orders?”

Mut-suit – short-hand for Mutant Suit.

Mutant Accords, The – treaty signed by all major world powers agreeing to not openly operate with their mutants. Designed to hide the existence of mutants from their general populace to stop a mass panic.

Mutant Suit – any exo suit that allows a human to have or emulate having mutant powers. See Mut-suit.

Papered – a mutant with all his papers. See Registered.

Parks – code for reservations or military bases where well-behaved mutants are housed. “We need to patrol the park tonight. Hope you brought your hiking boots.”

Pet – a safe mutant. Usually means an Icarus or a controlled mutant. “Don’t worry about her, she’s a pet.”

Pet Palace – A portion of a zoo or a separate domicile entirely designed and developed to a house a preferred pet or useful, compliant mutant where it is believed comfort and positive reinforcement will achieve greater results than force. Also used to isolate favoured mutants and Program Babies and Program Born from the retaliation and/or negative influences of other mutants. Sometimes referred to as a Birdcage or Gilded Cage. See Pet, Program Baby, Program Born, Zoo.

Program Baby – a mutant born because of a DEHA breeding program. Implies that the mutant is compliant because they haven't been taught anything else. "That program baby shot at me but I'm not mad at him."

Program Born – a mutant born because of a DEHA breeding program; unlike a program baby, the program born generally isn't compliant. Rarely used as a noun; usually its an adjective. "They're going to put that program born girl down; we need to get her out of there."

Registered – a mutant who is given authorization to live hidden among the populace. They are heavily monitored and watched for signs of untrustworthiness. They have papers which they must keep in order. Generally only granted to Icarus or Orpheus Class Mutants.

Schmitting – the act of a human fraternizing with a mutant. “That Tiffany was caught schmitting him in the laundry room again.” Also an insult that is used in place of fucking sometimes. “The mother-schmitting asshole stole my beer again.” See Conjugal, Tiffany.

Slicing a Code – the practice of free-range mutants, particularly regenerators, who cut off all or part of a barcode (rather than having it removed in a less visceral manner). A mutant who has done so to himself has “sliced his code” while other mutants will offer to slice codes for other newly freed mutants. The scar from this practice is a mark of honor. See Coded.

Sniffers – mutants that can sense other mutants.

Sweet Tea – military slang for Tethorzine that has been doctored specifically to a mutant. "Give him his sweet tea already, will ya?" See Tethorzine.

Tagged – a mutant that is loose, but is being tracked by some means.

Tea – military slang for Tethorzine. Also a verb, ie, "giving a mutant his tea." Sometimes called Sweet Tea. See Tethorzine.

Tethorzine – a gasous chemical that can nullify a mutant's power. It is still experimental and must be tailored to the mutant it is intended to subdue to be effective. See Tea, Sweet Tea.

Tiffany, A – any human soldier who fraternizes with a mutant; implies consensual relations and romantic leanings. Usually only used when the mutant is a male, regardless of the human’s gender. Named after Pvt. Tiffany Schmitt, who was reportedly court-martialed for emotional ties to a mutant that led to her freeing him. Schmitt is sometimes used when the mutant is female and human male. “This base is full of fuckin’ Tiffanies and Schmitts. Disgusting.” Sometimes used as an insult. “You going all Tiffany on us?” See Schmitting.

Yowling – Engaging in sexual intercourse with a mutant with animalistic characteristics, regardless if the other person is a mutant or not. Term first coined when Liliana 'Tiger-Lily' Grigenko went into heat, her pheromones causing another mutant with animal characteristics in the same zoo to react instinctively. See Manimal, Furry.

Zoo – mutant prison or the mutant section of a prison. Also the term for a place where a country keeps their dangerous but controlled mutants.

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