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World of Darkness: Attrition - [Sin-Eater] Gary Norton


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  • 11 months later...

Name: Gary Norton
Concept: Obsessed occultist Sin-Eater, new to the Chantry
Threshold: Stricken
Archetype: Necromancer

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Short black hair.
Eyes: Light green.
Age: 20



Mental (Primary): Intelligence •••, Wits ••, Resolve •••
Physical (Tertiary): Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••
Social (Secondary): Presence ••, Manipulation ••, Composure ••••


Mental Skills (Primary) (-3): Academics •• (Research), Computer •, Crafts •, Investigation •••, Occult •••• (Magic)
Physical (Tertiary) (-1): Athletics •, Brawl •, Drive •, Firearms •, Stealth •
Social (Secondary) (-1): , Empathy ••, Persuasion •• (Cutting a Deal), Socialize •, Subterfuge ••


Other Traits

Merits: Contacts •• (Occultists, Book Dealers), Eidetic Memory ••, Allies (Chantry) ••, Trained Observer •

Psyche: •• (Max Plasm 18 / Plasm Per Turn 2)
Willpower: ••••• ••
Synergy: 7

Health: 7
Initiative: +6
Defense: 2
Speed: 9
Size: 5




Keys & Manifestations & Ceremonies:
Keys: Phantasmal, Passion, Cold Wind

Manifestations: Oracle ••, Caul ••, Rage •, Shroud ••


Ceremonies: None


Starting XP: +50 = 50
Manipulation 2 -10 = 40
Key: Cold Wind -10 = 30
Caul 2 -12 = 18
Shroud 1 & 2 -18 = 0

Bringing Back WoDA Big Bonus +26 = 26

Psyche 2 -16 = 10

Rage 1 -6 = 4

Brawl 1 -3 = 1



It was pretty clear from the moment thirteen year-old Gary Norton stumbled into Old Man Sanelli's bookstore in Nashville that he knew what he would spend his life doing. A genuine occultist, the elderly Sanelli was more successful in selling New Age books than any of his ultimate beliefs in magic and the like, and disdained by the neighborhood. But Gary had had nothing better to do after acing his test that day and getting out early.

Sanelli showed him the books (hermetic, thelmic, etc.) and actual magic... minor tricks, yes... but he could believe his eyes, and Gary was enthralled. Thus began a deep interest and obsession with the occult, and rumors of magic and the like. His parents, thorough tiger parents and much more biased in favor of mere money, got more and more disgruntled with their son's distraction...and eventually, rather than go to Harvard, Gary said to hell with them, and purposefully forgot to bother with college applications.

This rebellion got him kicked out of the house, but he simply moved in with the overjoyed mentor Sanelli, and earned his room and board working at the bookstore. The older man had no family, and Gary became a surrogate son as well as student. Eventually, Sanelli's age caught up with him, and the man succumbed to a heart attack. After he recovered from grieving sufficiently, Gary sold everything, store, house, unnecessary books off and used the proceeds to prepare to travel and support his dream of drifting in search of the lore and secrets of the hidden world.

Except, he made the mistake of ordering from a too greasy burger joint for fast food, and realized it when the food poisoning set in terribly strong that night. Gary to his disbelief, was sinking down into overwhelming slumber-- when the Rotting Scholar came to him, a geist communicated through stenches and the sounds of pages shuffling. They both agreed Gary shouldn't have been stopped from the labors he had been about to embark on. They agreed on a deal.

Gary rose, good as new, and through the night he communed with the Scholar. He had been vindicated, as never before, and the secrets of the Underworld would be his. After long searching, and more than a few dangerous scrapes with other beings walking yet dead, and a proclaimed mage among them, Gary realized he needed allies, if not friends.

When he stopped in Los Angeles, word reached him of the Dark Flame Chantry, and those among the group. Convinced he could settle down there, Gary inveigled himself into the Chantry as a newcomer, and welcomed for his powers with the dead.

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