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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - Artifacts

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First up Shinji's "Sign of the Contract"

This artifact is a pair small intricately carved sword necklaces SOmething Shinji had only just finished whenhe was accosted. He wears one and his Guardian Spirit Tezara wears the other. When she is summoned the both glow blue. When she is using the power of the contract, hers grows blue, and Shinji's Red. when he is invoking the contract privelages, his glows Blue, and hers Red.


This artifact is poweful as it is the reperesentation of the bond between Master and Guardian. Such a relationship has benefits and drawbacks, and with Tezara, these are magnified.

Simply put, With permission of her Master, She can utilize his life force and Will to greatly strengthen herself temporarily. However this makes Shinji even weaker in the process so is best done to finish a battle quickly and decisively.

On the other side, Tezara has agreed to lend her own powers to Shinji at will. This a complete transfer for the duration, she no longer has access to them, which can cause her great problems in battle.

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Wonder Tool Forge

This device is somewhat unpredictable and while always of some use, it does not always help immediately. With practice, the user may learn to one day control this Technological marvel.

The tool begins with six forms, it has more and is one of the artifacts with potential to become more through gameplay. once activated it remains in form for a full minute or scene out of combat.

Form 1 Utility tool

GPS, Radio, Commlink, secure internet connection, Scouter (Combat tech, Judge oponent)

Form 2 : Battle Shield

Shield +5 durable 10

Form 3: plasma lance

weapon 5 range 2 penetrating 3 multidimensional accurate 3

Form 4: Tesla Cracker

weapon 2 Incapacitating 5

Form 5: Boost

+2 ranks of Chaos Control

Form 6: Gravity hammer

Weapon 10 reach 1 multidimensional, area 3 selective Tangle 4 (Gravity field)

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:Luna's coils

These twin arm bands are forged of so called Celestial moonsilver, all around Strands of Luna's actual hair. These artifacts are an heirloom of shapeshifters, a rare breed to begin with, and they themselves choose their bearer. They enhance the user's ability shift form and and strengthen the soul of bearer in all things. It is a mark of pride for the entire family of the bearer, and a mark of true favor of the Goddess.

Alternate form +2

Enhanced Soul stat +2

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Raiden's Guantlets

These short fingerless gloves are dark black normally with nothing particularly special about them, until their power is called forth. When activated they glow with crackling lines of lightning, adding +4 to the weapon rank of the bearer's unarmed strikes

for 5 ep/scene this bonus extends to any melee weapon used by the wielder.

For 10 ep/use The user can fire a blast of lightning from his fingers into a target (weapon 10 range 2 incapacitating 3

This item also has unlockable levels, achieved through In game RP.

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Twilight Edge

This ceturies old bokken is made from the branch of a Sacred Celestial tree, containing the power of the heavens within. It will not harm a foe who isn't a demon or undead, and only one with a righteous heart can truly make use of it's power to the full extent. When activated the blade disappears from sight.

Weapon rank 12 Accurate 3 penetrating 4, piercing 4, multidimensional, undetectable

This weapon has future power unlockables through RP

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Celestial bands. These bands were forged seven hundred years ago from starmetal. They've in her family since that time, said to bring good fortune to the bearer, and more. They will only work for a female bearer

+3 Divine Relationship

Starbolt- Weapon 7 range 2 penetrating 3 5 ep per shot

Starlight shield Forcefield 4

This artifact has further unlockable powers.

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Mirror of Souls- This tiny mirror looks innocent and inconspicuous, but is said to have once belonged to Amaterasu herself. It reveals a person's true self, and in push comes to shove, It is a powerful tool to strike down enemies of the Light.

Mirror mode (10 ep) may grow to 1mx1m size. Anyone looking into the mirror MUST make a Soul Check (straight, no power enhances this) against a DC of 16 or revert to their true form and act true to their most base drives and motivations

The bearer may view the reflection of someone in the mirror and it will ALWAYS show their true form. If they do not look into it, they will maintain any seeming they wear.

Sword mode- for 15 ep the mirror elongates and becomes a razor sharp blade, which will only harm objects, or those it judges as evil

Weapon 7 penetrating 3 piercing 3 (Ban- will not affect non-evil beings

This item is part of a set, additional pieces (with more powers) will be available through game play, A completed set will add even more powers.

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