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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Donald "Evo" Wallace, Justicar of the Congo


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Real Name: Donald Wallace

Nicknames: None

Nova Name: Evo

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: June 23rd, 1990

Date of Eruption: August 13th, 2010

Current Residence: Kinshasa, Kingdom of the Congo

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: Justicar of the Congo

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Nationality: American, Congolese

Age: 37

Height: 5’7''

Weight: 178 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Handedness: Left


The son of single mom Delores Wallace and... whoever his father was-wasn't like they were married- Donald was able to do a little bit of everything, and was interested in the same. He managed to juggle sports, drama and reasonable grades with some difficulty, and when he graduated high school, decided to travel to Victoria, British Colombia for college and mixed studies, extracurricular activities and a part-time job from his hometown of Boston. Until June 2010.

He was driving home from a party, the designated driver for a party of four, when he felt a headache and a boom in the distance. Then a shockwave shattered the car and brought him into darkness. The Victoria Crush changed his world. Donald survived by erupting in shock, moments before the blast and though his frame was buried in rubble, he had gained low-end mega-physical levels and perception. In addition, his body was later found at a Rashoud facility to be developing in lesser but powerful ways, changing to adapt and modify itself.

The fact that the internals were becoming more and more unlike a baseline internal system was one thing, but Donald reeled from the loss of his friends, and spent some time having to break out of the psychological grip of pain created by the trauma. Eventually, he recovered enough to consider a new career with his nova powers, and though Utopia would have taken him, something just did not sit right, and he chose the Argus Agency instead.

More rescuing and charity work went through, but Donald, using the nova name, Evo, remained disatisfied, as if he wasn't really getting anything out of life. Then he was ordered to escort a businessman out of Kinshasa when trouble began. With civil rioting developing, he went back and helped out Amnesty International, making smaller but his own headlines along with Ein in the Congo by crossing the Congolese government.

Eventually, an unknown Elite ambushed him at the border, and nearly killed him, bringing home to Evo his lack of training compared to the forces held by the government's strings. He chose to vanish into the jungles, honing his skill in the northwest, and becoming the Jungle Demon, an object of fear and mysterious notoriety, cleaning out the interhamwe and army soldiers when he made the regime look bad. All despite the exposure to the misery there, the fact that he had to kill child soldiers, what needs for help there were in this sinkhole.

By then, he was perfect material for Ein's coup. Visited and recruited by the would-be Storm King, Evo served largely as a side show, helping a little against the army, but remaining the man who cleaned up the bandits and brought supplies safely to the villages. It ensured support in the Kingdom's Senate when the reformed government was asked by Ein to place Evo in a proper position in the police and internal security of the nation.

(It also led to him ending up making friends with Athena Boyd of all things, but both have been opposed to motherhunters and Proteus. This made professional meetings into an interesting friendship.)

Decades later, the Justicar of the Congo remains a roving investigator and a link to law enforcement around the world. However, he has since been much confined to a desk, and getting bored as much as his king is. In truth, as much as he hated admitting it, the thrill of the fight was as much interesting as the help for others.

Also, his body has become more and more inhuman internally if not outwardly, and his power with mutable forms so expansive, that he has found himself less and less interested at times in his own identity, thus he has sojurned into the wild as beasts, taken on multiple cover identities in various areas, all to keep himself challenged. He fears losing who he is, but still is bored with his own self.

It doesn't help that his adrenaline addiction has become taint-related, and hence his cover identities have been used for many a questionable thing. And his mother, in her fifties and still active, has become increasingly worried about her son, when he visits once a year to Boston. His natural form is worn there out of respect to her, but Delores thus sees in her son what he almost refuses to admit to himself, a junkie.

Character Notes
[Jeremy] 1:03 pm: So... I wish to

clarify what roles Evo has as Justicar

besides law enforcement

[Ravi] 1:05 pm: It's mainly law enforcem

ent. He also functions as a ranger-type,

keeping an eye on the wildlife situation,

keeping his ear to the ground in the rural

areas and on the borders.

[Jeremy] 1:06 pm: right...

[Ravi] 1:07 pm: In addition, the various

constables all send their reports to the

Justicar's offices.

[Ravi] 1:07 pm: So there's some reading


[Ravi] 1:08 pm: Plus travel, as he goes to

attend various high level law enforcement

seminars around the world.

[Ravi] 1:09 pm: In wartime his job mainly

stays the same. Keep the peace, protect

the land.

[Ravi] 1:10 pm: Make sure that the African

habit of rape and pillage doesn't touch the

innocent of the Congo

[Ravi] 1:11 pm: He'll be in charge of a

militia of novas and baselines to assist

him in that

[Jeremy] 1:11 pm: and since he IS

keeping an eye on the borders, regional


[Ravi] 1:12 pm: Yup. If he spots somethin

g in reports or personally, he shoots it

over to his counterpart in the military.

Character Sheet

Birth Name: Donald Wallace

Nova Name: Evo

Concept: Master of the Mutable Form

Nature: Bravo

Allegiance: Ein and the Congo

Character Sheet


Strength (Wiry) 9

Dexterity (Nimble) 10

Stamina (Enduring) 10

Intelligence (Clever) 8

Wits (Level-headed) 10

Perception (Alert) 10

Charisma (Polite) 5

Manipulation (Cunning) 5

Appearance (Imposing) 5


Mega-Strength 3 (Precision, Quantum Leap)

Mega-Dexterity 7 (Rapid Strike, Catfooted, Perfect Balance, Enhanced Movement, River Fighting)

Mega-Stamina 7 (Adaptability, Regeneration, Resilency x2, Durability, Convalescense, Health x2, True Omnivore x1, Hardy)

Mega-Intelligence 3 (Taint Resistance, Investigative Prodigy, Intuitive Deduction)

Mega-Wits 5 (Quickness x1, Multitasking, Natural Empath)

Mega-Perception 5 (Bloodhound, Analytic Taste/Touch, That Creepy Feeling, Estimation, Quantum Attunement)


Academics 2

Legerdemain 5

Intrusion 3

Streetwise 4

Style 2

Melee 5

Rapport 4

Navigation 3

Awareness 5

Drive 3

Stealth 5

Martial Arts 5 (Jeet Kun Do derivative x3)

Firearms 5

Might 3

Survival 3

Athletics 5

Endurance 5 (*free from M-Sta)

Resistance 5 (*free from M-Sta)

Investigation 5

Perform 3

Bureaucracy 3

Linguistics 4 (Native: English, Spanish, French, Central African, Chinese)

Command 4

Intimidation 3

Shadowing 5

Subterfuge 3

Tactics 3


Backing 5 (Justicar of Congo)

Eufiber 5

Attunement 2

Resources 5

Reputation 3 (Hero of the Congo)

Influence 3 (Justicar of the Congo)

Contacts 5 (John Argyle of the Argus Agency, Law Enforcement across the world, Samantha Vreeland of NovaCom, The Directive, generally a great deal of people wheel and deal with the head of the Congo's internal security and police)

Node 5

Allies 4 (Evie "Evac" Piedmont, Athena Boyd)

Merits and Flaws

Merit: Quantum Recovery 2 -2 BP

Flaw: Addiction (Adrenaline) +2 BP

Other Quantum Stats

Quantum 7

Quantum Pool 80

Taint: 3 (3 from Q7, 3 from Node but reduced by Taint Resistance)

WP: 10

Initiative: +35


Bashing: 20 Resiliency Natural + 15 Armor + 14 Resiliency M-Sta + 5 Eufiber = 54B

Lethal: 10 Resiliency Natural + 15 Armor + 10 Resiliency M-Sta + 5 Eufiber = 40L

Aggravated: 15 Armor = 15A

Health Levels

Bruised ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

Hurt ¤

Injured ¤

Wounded ¤

Maimed ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

Crippled ¤

Incapacitated ¤

HEALING RATE: 18x Normal Human


Altered Biochemistry, Inhuman Grace, Uncomfortable in His Skin (Evo will regularly change form.)


Hardened Dermal Layers: Armor 5 (Impervious)

WTF! Innards: Body Modification: Extra Health Levels 6

Mutable Genetics: Body Shift 7 (Mastery One)

The Shifter Primeval: Shapeshift 7 (Mastery One) [Weakness: Organic Forms Only -3, Strength: +3 to Duration]

Just Mind: Psychic Shield and Empathic Shield 5

Combat Style Bonuses & Maneuvers:

Jeet Kun Do derivative: Evo originally studied Jeet Kun Do prior to his visit to the Congo in May 2011, but did not sufficiently take the use of the martial art to heart until after the debacle with the unknown Elite sent to kill him at the border. Slowly, over the course of months, in between near constant battling with interhamwe and army soldiers, he practiced intensively though hampered by incomplete memories. The result is a modified derivative that emphasizes the use of his natural body weapons, primarily shapeshifted claws and spines.

Style Bonuses: +2 bonus dice with Style Maneuvers, +1 Damage with Strikes, +3 bonus dice with Dodge (Footwork), can use Brawl-based maneuvers (Mixed Martial Arts), May attempt to Block at +2 diff and inflict a damage (Stop Hit), May use Dexterity as base damage with Style Maneuvers (Finesse)

Style Maneuvers: Strike, Kick, Block, Dodge, Sweep, Clinch, Feint

Advanced Techniques: Footwork, Mixed Martial Arts, Stop Hit, Finesse, Expanded Technique (Sweep), World Warrior (Clinch)

BP Log
+3 Initiative -3
+3 Combat Specialties -6
+3 WP -6

NP Log
48 Attribute dots - 16 NP
6 Ability dots - 1 NP
4 WP dots - 4 NP
Quantum +6 - 35 NP
Mega-Perception 5 dots - 15 NP
Mega-Strength 3 dots - 9 NP
Mega-Wits 5 dots - 15 NP
6 Enhancements - 18 NP
Psychic Shield 5 dots - 5 NP
Empathetic Shield 5 dots - 5 NP
Body Modification 6 dots - 6 NP
Shapeshift 7 dots (Favored) - 14 NP
Mastery One on Shapeshift - 3 NP
Bodyshift 7 dots (Favored) - 7 NP
Mastery One on Bodyshift - 3 NP
Armor (Impervious) 5 dots (Favored) - 10 NP
10 Quantum Points - 5 NP
Mega Intelligence 3 dots - 9 NP
XP Log
(Starting XP 10/10/10)


Combat Techniques: World Warrior -0/-3/-0
Combat Techniques: Footwork -1/-0/-0
Combat Techniques: Expanded Technique -0/-3/-0
Combat Technique: Finesse -0/-3/-0
Combat Technique: Mixed Martial Arts -0/-1/-0
Combat Technique: Stop Hit -3/-0/-0
Enhancement: Intuitive Deduction -0/-0/-5
Enhancement: True Omnivore -3/-0/-0
Enhancement: Hardy -1/-0/-2
Place of Sin Special Bonus +4/+0/+0
Jungle Den Special Bonus +4/+0/+0
Initial Participation Bonus: Investments +4/+0/+0
Quantum Attunement Enhancement -2/-0/-3
Initial Participation Bonus: Forbidden Fruits +4/+0/+0
Initial Participation Bonus: Rising Storm +4/+0/+0
Special Bonus: Interlude Delta +4/+0/+0
Special Bonus: Interlude Epsilon +4/+0/+0
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