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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Mary "Ensign Minneapolis" Masters

The Mariner

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Character Illustrations

Ensign Minneapolis (c. 2027 - Temporary until I sketch her out)

Epsilon - Naval Ops (Sans rebreather helmet)

Nova history

Mary Masters erupted early in the Nova era, around 2001. It was during the stresses of a abandon-ship situation when the diesel generator of her ship she was serving on exploded from a maintenance error. The explosion was almost next to her but her electromagnetic aura she formed during her eruption was enough to shield herself and her crewmates. It was this that bought everyone time to get off the beleagured ship.

She had a knack for controlling electromagnetism, perhaps too good. Combined with what she knew from basic training and as a navy seaman only added to her repotoire of military knowledge. Among her shipmates, they called her "The Railgun". So called because one of her hobbies when she was transferred to the USS George Washington aircraft carrier was flicking magnetically accellerated bottlecaps into the water at hyper-velocity speed. This caught the eye of one Anna Devries.

After Mary put her 4 years in, she immediately signed up with DeVries, taking on the name DigiGeist, since by the time 2005 rolled around, she was a natural cyberkineticist, and was discovering how damn stealthy she was. She was practically a ghost. She cleared DeVries' basic training courses in record time. Some even believed she was the potential successor to Totentanz if something ever happened to him.

But she was special in her own way. She was godlike with a pistol, and learned how to channel her electromagnetism through the pistol to turn a simple .22 or M1911 into a anti-tank weapon. This aptitude for gunplay earned her special training with a master of a school of Golden Gunplay, favoring positioning, superiority in firing angle, and reduction of the body's profile in a gunfight. By the time her training was done, some believed she was indeed a unique persona within the DeVries corporation.

Then the first mission came down. She was to hit a radar installation in the Congo. This was during the conflict Einherjar was in that led him to the throne. And se did just what DeVries expected... except when the firefight really began she was forced to eliminate every last soldier at the base. 200 in total. This massacre was her last mission. Seeing the destruction she could unleash, she decided it was for the best to part ways. Since her contract was on a case by case basis DeVries didn't mind her leaving for "personal reasons".

Looking for direction she came home to her family and found comfort in old stomping grounds in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was when she saw something... Minneapolis was looking for a Municipal Defender to represent it. She had heard of such people and was completely enamored with the idea. She confidently strode to City Hall, resume (sans massacre) in hand. DeVries would seal the deal... a completely independent, DeVries trained and Navy Vetran nova?

The sailor outfit was... tolerable. The photo ops... fun... the occasional fight with a criminal? Priceless.

From 2008 to 2015, Minneapolis' crime rate went crashing down, over 5000 lives were saved when she prevented a skyscraper from collapsing, and she made a little money on the side. Not to mention the Detective's licence was a cheeky bonus. But something felt missing... She felt she was redeeming herself, but still didn't feel right in her own skin. Then in 2015 she met Dan Hawkins. A former colleague in DeVries. He saw she was softening up, avoiding some parts of herself and some with good reason. So he gave her a option.

Come with him and learn a better way. Come to terms with your inner demons and find new stregnth. Just one thing... he needed a support specialist. Someone who could be not only a field medic, but an eye in the sky and if needed one hell of a fire support. He'd talk to Anna first, and get things smoothed out in regards to Mary leaving after her first mission, and assure her this time it was to help him. Anna was glad a important resource came back on a better footing.

When the time came, she tossed the sailor outfit away and traded it for a variable camoflauge pattern jumpsuit and all the gear she could carry. Of course wearing a respirator helmet as extra protection for her identity was just a cost for being there for Dan. Under the codename Epsilon she ran covert missions alongside various members of a elite strikeforce made up of high-powered novas such as Dan Hawkins, Long, and a multitude of others. They were troubleshooters. Epsilon's unique intelligence gathering techniques honed through her on-the-job detectivework only added to her repotoire. Many noted she wasn't growing upward, but laterally, making her weaknesses her strengths. She didn't want more power, she refined what she had and learned new ways to do old tricks.

Between missions, Dan taught her the diciplines of Qi Meng. As a member of the Sifu's first diciples, Dan was one of the more combat-oriented stylists, but the calm dicipline he had was welcoming to Mary, like a warm blanket. It was just what the doctor ordered. By the time she was done, she was brilliant. When the time came for Mary once again to leave, all Anna could say was "Thanks... And good luck in your future endeavors."

In 2026, a woman called. Needing a detective. She set up a meeting place with Mary in secret. This woman was Sophia Rousseau. The words that came out of her mouth were expected. It took no effort for Mary to join the Aberrants. This started a whirlwind year, she learned to travel light, keep watching her back, and always rely on those you trust. It was a call from her old mentor Dan that changes everything...


Mary Masters is a average looking first generation Nova. Her elven looks though add to a air of mistique that has made her famous as Ensign Minneapolis. As Epsilon or DigiGeist she kept those ears hidden. Her piercing blue eyes are another notable feature. She's also known not to settle on any one hair color, dying it on a whim. One time she had it pink for 3 days, then blue the next... She doesn't care.

She dresses for the part. Whatever she wears it's utilitarian and without any extra "gubbins" as she calls them to snag on anything, wether it's three-piece business suits, surplus flight suits, or simply her eufiber, it's plain, non-descript, and loaded with pockets.

One thing that stands out though is when she's Ensign Minneapolis. She's changed her "uniform" costume greatly from the old one-piece sailor collared Jumpsuit she used to wear when she started out. She now wears a rather business-like ensemble of a navy blue sailor collared blazer with a similarly colored skirt with a single white stripe, white shirt with red tie and navy blue vest, with thigh-high stockings and black dress-shoes.

She switches to and from this outfit by shouting "En Avant!" Her rallying cry and motto for the city of Minneapolis.


Mary is, for all noticable purpose, changeable. She has emotions she wears on her sleeve, but that is well tempered from the diciplines she learned as a Qi Meng Stylist. She's not a pacifist, but she will reserve all action unless it is necessary. As she is apt to say... she didn't start the fight but she will sure as hell finish it. She also is prepared for what she expects at all times. And when she's caught unawares she's adaptible.

Not to say she doesn't have her bad traits. She has a habit of analysing every person she meets like Sherlock Holmes. Not that she can help it she sort of sees every possible detail. She also can come across as sometimes manic to those that don't know her. She's also what some would call "Socially missing a step". Due to her constant immersion in data, she seems almost like a case of mild, high-functioning Autism. This comes from her wading through the information swirling about her. From what her senses pull in, what she sees in "The Silver Web" - the wireless transmissions that float all about, and from just general observation. This can cause her to miss empathic cues in regards to social interaction. She's tried to keep it under control lately, "but it's hard to breathe underwater" as she'd say.

Current Identities

Mary Masters - Resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota - 45 y.o.

Seaman Mary Masters, USN - USS Rochester LCS-10 (Scrapped), USS George Washington CVN - 73 - Honoribly Discharged in 2005

DigiGeist - Inactive since 2007 - DeVries Freelancer - Classified: Level - Red (Need to know basis)

Ensign Minneapolis - Public Defender - Now World-Trotting Humanitarian - Active Persona

Epsilon - DeVries Operative - Classified: Level - Black (Only DeVries personnel within the cell Epsilon works with allowed to know)

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Mary Masters – Ensign Minneapolis

Allegiance(s): Minneapolis, MN/QNA/Aberrants/

Concept: World trotting public defender, detective, and secret agent

Nature: Paragon

Height: 5'9, Weight: 140 pds, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue

STR: 3

DEX (Flexible): 5

Athletics: 5, Firearms: 5 (Golden Gunplay III), Pilot: 5 (Frigate), Stealth: 5, Martial Arts: 5 (Tai Chi III), Melee: 5

STA (Enduring): 5

Endurance: 5, Resistance: 5

PER (Observant): 5

Awareness: 5, Investigation: 5 (Deduction), Navigation: 5

INT (Discerning): 5

Academics (Philosophy): 5, Computer: 5 (Hacking, Data Retrieval), Engineering: 5, Medicine: 5 (First Aid, Emergency), Survival: 5 (Sea), Linguistics 5

Native Language: English

Other Languages: Japanese, Russian, German, Dutch, French

WIT (Ingenious): 5

Meditation (Qi Meng III): 5, Modulate: 5, Rapport 5 (Discern Truth)

APP (Cute): 5

Intimidation: 5

MAN (Cunning): 4

Subterfuge: 5, Streetwise 5

CHA (Quiet Confidence): 5

Instruction (One on One): 5, Etiquette: 5

(STA/PER) Channeling: 5


Contacts 5, Resources 5, Eufiber 5, Backing 5, Cypher 5, Dormancy 5, Attunement 5, Node 2


10 - Martial Prodigy (5), Taint Resistant (5)


10 - Phobia: Drowning (2), Costume Fetish: Skintight Latex (1), Weak Sense: Hearing (1), Low Pain Threshold (3), Intolerance: Hates Marines (1), Minority: Openly Bisexual (1)

Quantum: 6

Taint: 2

Quantum Pool: 60

Initiative: 21

Willpower: 10

Speeds: Walk: 7, Run: 22m, Sprint: 50m

Soaks: Base: 8/4, w/ Eufiber: 13/9, Forcefield 6/6+(2/success of a STA+FF check)

Mega Attributes (Power Focus in BOLD F = Free Enhancement)

Mega Dexterity: 5

F Accuracy (Legolas' Legacy)

F Flexibility (Bend as the reed)

F Ace Pilot (Earhart's Legacy)

Mega Perception: 5

F Holographic Awareness (No Dangerous Ground)

F Electromagnetic Vision (Assense the silver web)

F Ultraperipheral Perception (The Sentinel's Eye)

High End Electromagnetic Scan (Speak with the Silver Spider)

Estimation (Read The Tell)

Mega Appearance 3

F Miss Nobody

F+1 Appearance Alteration 2 (Changeability of the Eldar)

Costume (Between street clothes and Ensign Minneapolis costume, activated by shouting "En Avant!")

Mega Intelligence: 3

F Taint Resistance (Of sound mind)

F MP: Investigative (Sherlock's Legacy)

MP: Tactical (Nelson's Legacy)

Mega Stamina: 3

F Adaptibility (Gift of the Starchild)

F Hardbody (Of Sound Body)

Regeneration (Unwavering Resolution)

Unaging (Gift of the Eldar)

Resiliency (Mithril Heart)

Mega Wits: 3

F Quickness (The White Glint)

F Multitasking (Taskmaster)

Quantum Powers (Power Focus in BOLD)

Cyberkinesis: 5

Control (command.com)

Fool (spoof.exe)

Alter Data (edit.exe)

Overload (kill.com)

Reprogram (regedit.exe)

Magnetic Mastery: 5

EMP (Buzz off!)

Lethal Magnetic Blast (The Railgun)



Magnetic Storm (Reap the Whirlwind)

Elemental Mastery: Electricity: 5

Blast (Airstrike)

Lethal Blast (L.O.I.C)

Sphere (MOAB)

Storm (Tomahawk)

Shield (Bunker down!)

Blank (Veil of the Eldar): 6

Force Field (Truth's Light): 1

Warp (Polaris Gate): 2

Claws (Render upon the tyrant what is his!): 1

+Kinetic Discharge

-Can only be used to charge Bullets


+QP cost same as a level 1 power

Martial Arts (BXP = Baseline XP, SXP = Standard XP, NXP = Nova XP)

Tai-Chi-Chuan - III - (Teacher: Dan Hawkins)

Starting Style Maneuvers: Block, Shove, Strike, Throw, Weapon Strike, Weapon Forms: sword.

Bonus Style Maneuvers: Pressure Strike, Dodge.

Advanced Style Maneuvers: (3 BXP)Pressure Secret: Healing, (3 BXP)Meditative Form.

Golden Gunplay - III (DeVries Method)

Starting Style Maneuvers: Aiming, Dodge, Parry, Strafing, Two Weapons, Weapon Forms: pistol/revolver

Bonus Style Maneuvers: Weapon Strike, Sidelong Shot.

Advanced Style Maneuvers: (5 SXP) Whirlwind Barrage.

Qi Meng – III - (Teacher: Dan Hawkins)

Starting Style Maneuvers: Block, Kick, Riposte, Shove, Strike.

Bonus Style Maneuvers: Catch Limb, Sweep.

Advanced Techniques: Dao Qi Meng, (5 NXP) Climbing the Mountain of Heaven, (1 NXP) Purge Temproary Taint, (3 NXP) Node Reconfiguration.

NP Expenditures

7 NP Abilities (42 Dots)

6 NP Attributes (18 Dots)

7 NP +7 Willpower

72 NP Mega Attributes & Enhancements

25 NP Quantum 6

61 NP Nova Powers

1 NP 6 Ability dots sacrificed into 6 MA specialties (Tai Chi 3, Golden Gunplay 3)

1 NP 6 Ability dots sacrificed into 6 specialties and 3 MA Specialties (Qi Meng 3)

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Current Experience (Earned/Spent/Current)

Standard: 58/0/58

Baseline: 17/0/17

Nova: 18/0/18

Current Experience Penalties (Standard/Nova): 0/0

Experience Tally
Item - Std/Base/Nova

Banked Starting Experience - 2/3/1

4 Greek Interludes: +16 Standard

[interlude] Last Will and Testament - 6/2/2

[interlude] Trial by Fire - 6/2/2

[interlude] The Truth of the Matter is... - 7/2/3

[interlude] Young Justice 3 - 7/3/3

[interlude] Ghosts of the Past - 7/3/4

[interlude] NHC - New Hope City - 7/2/3

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