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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Interlude] Last Will and Testament [FIN]

Sailor OOC

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June 27, 2027

Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Borders of Utah and Colorado

1145 Mountain Time

Sunny, 80 Degrees.

Note from Kamiko
Once I get this little prelude to the main story done (should take a couple of posts, and really should get cracking Tuesday) anyone who would have a reason to answer Kamiko's invite can come. That post will have the location where you will be meeting Kamiko and Dan.

For Krul
All I want for Christmas is for Ensign to be legit. Pwease?

Kamiko rides a dirt bike, her tires kicking up maroon and yellowish dust in it's wake as she speeds along at 90 miles an hour at times. She's on a mission. A destination that to her is a culmination of her efforts to come to grips with her past, and her future. She decided to take Dan along since he knew about the location of their gravestones... the gravestones of her birth parents, better known to the world as Origami and Cade.

As Dan and Kamiko reach the destination point, they see Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam to their side.

"Here we are." Dan says.

"The Lake?" Kamiko says as Dan nods.

They head to a approachible point where the bike can head to the shoreline. "Shouldn't be too far... there it is."

Kamiko stops the bike 40 meters from shore. There on the bank of the man-made lake were two obsidian obelisks pointing to the sky.

The two step off, as Kamiko grabs a bag off from the back of her bike's seat. They approach with reverence as Kamiko takes her helmet off. "I'm suprised that the National park service allowed those two stones to be placed there."

"It was a art thing, really... the trustees that watch this lake thought this would add to the scenery. There's no remains here, of course... I know where the two are but I don't feel like revealing that. Kyoko and Alistair had many enemies. They would love to desecrate their final resting place out of spite."

Kamiko silently nods as she kneels at the foot of the two 3 meter tall obelisks that seemed to twist towards heaven. After a prayer she looks up. "You know... at Noon here the sun should be right between those two stones.

She places her hand on the stones, feeling the contours and symbology of the stones, letting the experience absorb into her memory. Then some things start to click. "You know... these symbols... they have a inner meaning than just marking the two that these represent."

Dan opens his eyes wider observing closely.

"No... seriously... look at these symbols. It's not some abstract modern art! They match the gravitational wells of... Lagrange Points. There is a large point that represents L3 right here... this is... a roadmap, Dan!"

She looks up as Noon approaches closer. She smiles. "I think I can do it.. No... I KNOW I can do it."

Yeah she can!
[Kamiko] 4:32 am: Warp Roll, rolling Perception, Mega Perception, and Warp seperately.

Kamiko *rolls* 5d10: 10+10+5+2+7: 34

Kamiko *rolls* 2d10: 7+9: 16

Kamiko *rolls* 3d10: 3+6+8: 17

[Kamiko] 4:33 am: 8 Sux

8 rolled Sucesses plus 8 Auto (5 for being Q5, 3 for Stellar Traveler) equals 16 total Sucesses. The closest distance that matches Earth to L3 is Earth to Jupiter which requires 10 sucesses. She gets there. All that for 3 QP.

She pulls out some paper from a pocket of her motorcycle suit and begins the process of forming her famous Paper Tesseract gate. It seems her movements are more fluid now, as if she was dancing with her paper. "Want to come along, Dan?" She says as the ring of the gate is formed with interlocking folds, even replete with a ramp to walk up.

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"I would rather you came along... I think this then would be just as important to you as it is to me... besides an adventure is better had with companions."

She rubs her hands together and jumps through the portal after exhaling. She's learned that suddenly venting air from her lungs in hard vacuum hurt... a lot.

On the other side she drifted among sparse rock and other captured junk that had managed to drift into the L3 Lagrangian point. She smiled... knowing full well she made it. She pulls out some more paper and forms a paper airplane. In space... more like paper spacefighter... When she hops in she sees Dan hop through. She makes sure to pull up. It bothered her she couldn't say anything in space so she just gave a thumbs up as he nods. She closes her portal and retrieves her paper before flying off until they reached an unusual spot... When Kamiko noticed it, it instantly caught her attention. A large asteroid, some 5 km in size, but that isn't what caught her eye. It was a small box, about 1 and a half meters in size, glinting in the sunlight. Her mind made note and all of a sudden every object she could see was in her notice. She carefuly pulled along side the orbiting box and pulled it to her before smiling, pulling out more paper for a new gate.

Gotta make that return home roll...
[Kamiko] 11:17 pm: one more warp roll for the return home. Will roll Perception, Mega PErception, and Warp seperately.

Kamiko *rolls* 5d10: 9+7+10+10+1: 37

Kamiko *rolls* 2d10: 3+2: 5

Kamiko *rolls* 3d10: 10+3+8: 21

[Kamiko] 11:17 pm: 14 successes... easily got back to earth!

Kamiko spits back out over where they were at the obelisks at Glen Canyon. She orbits around the statues once before making a soft landing next to them like a VTOL.

"Now that... that was fun..."

She hops out after Dan steps out and sets the box on the ground, still cold from the vacuum. "So... Think we should open her up?"

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"I don't know... who knows what is inside... Then again this area is pretty unpopulated..." She then sees some pleasure boaters go by, and she sees they noticed her suddenly pop out of a tesseract above the statues. "Hmm... Maybe somewhere not so watched."

She takes the drifting paper from her last tesseract and her collapsing paper airplane and forms a new tesseract opening to a secluded bit of water. She pulls a raft out of her bag and starts blowing it up with a small foot-pump. "There is enough to this for two... the little secluded turn-off is in a cave connected to the river system. I can make oars so no worries about rowing. And don't worry about the bike. We'll head back here rowing when we're done. There's no rapids that I know of and it's a 5 minute trip. I was wagering we'd have a talk today, about all that's happened, so a more secluded spot after paying our respects I thought would be a wise choice."

"Besides knowing you if I ever acted out like I did on Mars you'd cool me off quick where we're headed." She smiles, sliding the raft through first and making sure it doesn't drift until they're in it on the other side. She grabs the box. "I think I should stop popping these warps open like I am as well... every nova within node-shot's probably picking up on me."

She prepares to walk through. "After you..."

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Dan climbed in and took an oar once she'd made them. With little effort they made it to the locale she'd described and he took the box from her, carrying it carefully.

Once She'd come ashore he set it before her. "this container is very important, moreso than you can imagine kamiko. The combination to that box is a simple one, 010812. It was the most important number in all creation to the ones who made that case."

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She kneels down. "January 8th, 2012... the day I was born..."

She inputs the code, and it opens with a anti-climatic click. when she opens it she sees what could be the contents of a time capsule. But still not too sure. She could assess the size and dimension and shape easily enough but the fine detail of what the contents were eluded her.

She grabs a flashlight inside, designed to be shook up and lit, and starts charging it up. An agonizing minute later she turns it on. She sees an envelope marked "Paper", some clothes, a picture of Kamiko and family when she was 8, then a picture of Long and Sakurako at their wedding.

"I was their ring girl..."

She continues looking, first at the clothes. It was a school uniform from the last school her mother taught at. "Obviously... a gift from a teacher..." She pulls out a little note from the blouse pocket.

"Kamiko, you're always learning... never stop. Because then you'll be dead." She sees a pair of glasses in a case and chokes up for a moment.


"I'm... I'm alright."

"No you're not. Let it out."

"Never stop learning... because when you do... you're dead." She manages to say through the sobs. "And these... these glasses... the frames were my mother's, but they have no lens... why is that..."

She pulls out a black envelope and sees a pair of lenses. "These look exactly like my prescription... and they fit the glasses... Always looking out for me..."

She puts them on, after slipping her old glasses into her jacket pocket. "I do look like my mother with these on..."

Dan could see the tears but she is noticibly starting to find peace. "Now... for that envelope.."

She opens the paper envelope and sees a set of numbers. "Hmm... I've seen this sort of number set before." She pulls out a tablet computer from her jacket after taking it off to access the back pocket and starts tapping for a moment or two.

"It's a string that represents the orbital data for a object. Particularly in how it's used in a certain program to simulate said objects. So what does this plot out..."

She starts locating the new object she labeled "Unknown Object - K01082012" as listed in the coordinates.

"Kuiper Belt... pretty large object too, over 20 kilometers..."

She puts her jacket back on and puts everything in the box and closes it. But not before reading the note with the envelope.


I've always known you would be more like your Mother than Me. I can accept that. But something I have always seen is that you could be a leader. Someone who could inspire others to greatness. Kyoko only taught others, and they found their greatness within... you... you were my greatness. Please pass that on in your future. Long and Sakurako will look after you and make sure you learn of the world we kept you from. And Trust Dan and..." A smudge goes through the note.

"...and please... don't let yourself linger on our passing. it's all I ask."

Kamiko nods as she closes the note. She wipes a tear away. "Any clue as to who's name was redacted by fate there on that note?" She says as she hands it to Dan.

She makes sure everything was secure before starting to walk back to the raft. "I think it is time to contact Star and anyone else I trust... whatever is there on that planetoid... I want friends there."

She sits in the raft, waiting for Dan's response.

Dan, you can respond, after this I'm going to start setting the table for everyone else to join.
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"Someone who went to great lengths to erase her presence from the world."

he shook his head. "Now that you've found this, I expect you'll meet her soon enough."

He looked at her. Obviously, this was a touchy subject, and Dan seemed to close up greatly afterwards as he took the oar up and got them out. "What awaits us Kamiko, you are totally unprepared for." He smiled slightly. "But uniquely suited for it."

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"Great! Another adventure!"

She starts rowing. "You know... much easier doing this not all geared up." She says rowing. Dan nods in agreement.

"So... I wager you're not going to tell me until I get there, right?"

Dan silently smiles.

"Right... in any case, let's get back to the obelisks and head back to our hotel room for the tesseract jump home. Lucky I've been getting my practice in with Starseed? You can never find a better spotter."

She smiles as she rows along. "I'm going to invite Star and a select few from Coraline's crew... in fact, Coraline could come along as well. We'll need a far station for a escape or simply to plan. Even if it means I have to put up shelters and stuff to camouflage the area."

Dan smirks. "Always with the base camps?"

Kamiko smiles as they row along back to the main beach where they started.

Now, I'm going to set this up as a double post... I need to plan this out a little... 10 minutes.
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writer's note
Now, I will set up how each participant gets their invitation. Well... within what I know.

0500 JST, June 29th, 2027
Cloudy, 60 Degrees

Kamiko looked down on the confluence of the Yasukuni Dori and Hakusan Dori avenues that converged in the senter of the Jinbocho neighborhood. The office building was tall. She knows it for a fact when she trained with Nippontai in a rescue scenario. Ended up parachuting in on the very roof she now stood. She was wearing her space suit she wore on the GNS trip, partially hidden under her uniform jacket. The sunglasses seemed out of character for her, but with the sun coming up she felt she needed to avoid glare. But she was trying to play incognito. She knew she would have to be on point to get the warps in as needed, so she focussed her inner calm, something she found helped her channel her quantum into her Warps.

She knew Dan would be here with Sonja.

She knew Star would find her Origami crane with the lat/lon coordinates written within the folds.

She knew she would have to open a paper tesseract for Shaman. He knew the time he would have to report, and had 5 minutes to be ready and get to the tesseract's opening. His message was delivered in a similar paper crane.

She stood at the center of the roof, her hands behind her back in calm introspection.

The familiar footsteps arriving only meant one thing...

"Dan... ready to go?" She says, almost like a guardian at the gates of heaven itself.
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Kamiko adjusts her sunglasses. "I doubt we will be able. we'll be arriving on it's surface... in vacuum. You will have to brief the others before we leave. You know more about the potential threats of whatever it is we're going to."

She sits in a lotus position... as best she could. "It was like this, right? Might as well practice my posture if I'm going to take up meditation."

"Star will be due in 15 minutes. Made sure she knew at which moment to arrive."

"I will be opening Shaman's portal in 20 minutes from now with a 5 minute window and we'll leave for the object 30 minutes from now."

She nods to Sonja. "Ready?"

"And Dan, everyone in this party can adapt to vacuum and low oxygen environments, correct? The white bag over there has a couple spare space suits from the Hikari Maru that were in reserve in case a crew member or passenger damaged theirs. Heh... maybe I might keep them there in case I have any human friends over.

That is assuming there is anything there that has atmosphere."

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'Paper Crane?'

'Kamiko seems okay. No hint she's in distress.'

'Let's go.'

'Let's make a call to Esperance first.'

'Good idea.'

One quick call and a less than convincing explanation later, Shaman stood ready.

"See you Horizon," he called to his bodyguard. Shaman figured that Kamiko would feel more secure talking only around people she felt were in the know, so his bodyguard was told to stay behind.

"Stay in touch - don't leave the planet," Horizon chided. He figured his orders wouldn't be followed to the letter, but he felt obliged to council the Kid to stay safe anyway. Shaman nodded in reponse.

The portal opened on scheduled and the young nova stepped through. This was something mysterious, and probably dangerous, so he was terribly intrigued.

"Kamiko," he grinned. He nodded to Sonja and Dan. "Pleasure to meet the two of you again. So, does anyone besides Kamiko know what's going on," he said half-jokingly. Yes, the young were immortal.

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Kamiko smiles. "Hello... Star is a bit delayed, but she has her own ride so I am not as worried." She says standing up and brushing her clothes off.

"We are going to the Kuiper Belt to investigate something my birth parents left behind for me. In a way I'm... collecting a inheritance. Whatever it is, it's located on a asteroid some twenty kilometers in diameter or so."

She adjusts her glasses. "My mother was quite clever with the bread crumbs but some of the hints I believe were Doryoku's doing as well... I wonder how much she knows now that I think of it."

Information was power and it must be guarded carefully... She's just as curious as to who else knows of the location they're headed.

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Seconds late, Star gates in - smiling but in a bit of a post-rush fluster.

"Hello! Late, I know. Experimental harness fused in place, and this me had to help another me that was temporarily trapped in it. Ionizing radiation was involved, so had to avoid secondary contamination from isotope generation. High levels of particle flux, you know."

As she gated in, in time to catch about half of what Kami was saying...

"So, nice to see you all. This is a fresh me, minus about twenty minutes - bread crumbs?"

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"Oh, just playing follow the breadcrumb trail... seems whatever my birthmother and father had to hand down to me they wanted to keep it safe. So I and Dan have been tracing the path and finding where the path leads. Unfortunately Dan here knows about it and has a few warnings before we set off on our trip."

She adjusts her outfit a bit as she rises from her lotus position as she prepares her paper. "Now before we go, and I'm sure the precaution is not necessary, but does anyone have any special needs while in vacuum? Just something I ask out of reflex before preparing us for the trip. A habit I want to get into if I want to start helping people get places."

"Oh, and Star, we will be heading to the Kuiper Belt. My treat. Can't be the taxi all the time, right?" Kamiko says with a smile.

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"Sweet! Free ticket and a mystery too!" exclaims Star. "You have been working on your tesseracts hard core then. Good stuff."

Star, who has been re-watching all her favorite shows in fast time of late, makes a rare joke ... mostly for fellow geeks like Kami-chan ...

"Let's go gang! ... no, wait ... I don't have an ascot, not allowed to say it like that."

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Kamiko smirks. "You're more my Dr. Watson, Star."

"And I have been working on them. Managed to get to L3 with no issue yesterday from the American southwest." She says, tossing a rock wrapped in a hermetically sealed, high-durability bag. "And that is from Mars. Collected a decent lava sample from Olympus Mons. One that could be used to analyse what happened with Mars' core before it went dormant."

"You were looking for such a sample I assume?"

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"Its great Kami-chan! You always know what to get me. Science is a girl's best friend after all."

"So what kind of warnings? What clues do we have so far?"

... Star also gets ready to summon "Oh, and before anyone says much more ... do we want to cover our tracks? I can weave some of the serpents - block out meta-sensory surveillance."

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"That actually would be smart if you got the energy to spare on this."

She smiles. She really enjoyed having that gadget of her's around. "Can you make it with some sort of means of communication this time as well? Not sure if you can have it mind-to-mind. That would be ideal for vacuum use... Some sort of visual com-system is acceptable."

She smiles, wondering just what sort of other tricks the snakes could do... Maybe she's just not asked not wanting to sound needy.

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"DO not speak, do not move once we emerge. I won't describe the security systems here, there perhaps though. I will disarm them, and open the doorway." He smiled. This actually excited them. Knowing the message that was awaiting them, he hoped Kamiko would see this for what it was, and more than that, it would help her make peace with her past.

Under his breath, he whispered, "I wish she was here, she'd love this."

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"Ready and able, I can include a hologrpahic option. Its what I've been using lately for short range space comms. Not as detectable as radio by a long shot. The serpent will give you the ability to project your thoughts in a hologram ... the trick is to turn on a holo and keep it on."

Star summons and distributes the serpents.

"If you keep turning the holo field on and off, the serpent will eventually run out of juice. So keep the same holo field 'up' then just alter it. You use juice once. Also, don't be afraid to make the display space big. In the void, things are hard to see because distances get long, very quickly. Don't worry about being seen by enemies - anything you make with these holo fields is so dim in terms of relative luminosity ... well, next to the star field it becomes practically undetectable after about 10,000 klicks or so - and thats with a decent telescope. That sounds like a long range, but it really isn't - its tiny in space. With the naked eye, we will be able to manage about 10 klicks or so."

"Everyone clear, use big billboard style stuff if you can't see your neighbor. Make it three dimensional if you don't know what direction to send in. Keep one field up, and shift it to suit what you need. Use English, because we all know it. Use clear font, and contrasting colors please."

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"I call orange. Seems to be my oprating color."

She puts on her serpent and adjusts the collar of her suit, adjusting the temperature control elements. "Alright... just call out when ready. This jump will take a few minutes of prior thought. I got calculations to make."

She kneels before her tablet, weighing down papers ready for the gate. She pulls up the orbital coordinates on her tablet then begins to be locked in thought, simulating in her mind the location of the asteroid.

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"Shaman... once you are ready I will be opening the tesseract."

"Sonja, once we arrive, stay near me and give your Father room. He's going to be working with sensitive, highly dangerous material and I doubt you will want to be near him if something goes wrong."

"Star, once we arrive, be prepared to create an emergency exit if anyone of us suffers an injury requiring a novaphysician. Particularly if I go down since I'm the only person in the group that has first response training. Standard evac protocol like we discussed before the trip."

She claps her hands clean and smiles. "And come on guys... smile a little... we'll be fine."

The mentioning of traps snaps a realization in her head... "One moment... Sonja, hold on to the papers for me while I change clothes... Play Angry Birds Classic on the tablet while you wait if you want."

She rummages through her bag and quickly runs inside. "Just realized something... remember those clothes back in the box? I brought them with me... something was telling me I should take them but I couldn't place my finger on it. Now I just did! I'll explain when I step back out!"

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"Hmm. Danger eh? One sec."

Star opens a warp and tosses her own serpent through after feeding it something from a pocket. Shorly thereafter another of her selves comes through and returns the serpent.

The other version of Star is pretty easy to tell apart this time...she is wearing a sort of organic looking power armor instead of a serpent.

New Star just says "Hi. Don't mind me. Was testing a prototype and got the call."

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Kamiko stepped out from the entrance to the roof, wearing what she grabbed from the box. The glasses, brown vest, red tie and white blouse and black skirt. It has protective arm sleeves to keep the shirt clean from ink or smudging pages. She slips on some brown penny-loafers over some stockings she had taken along extra."

"I thought this was a school uniform... feel like a librarian wearing this..."

She re-coils the serpent and sets it's holocom to international orange as always. Her other outfit she dutifully stows in her bag.

"Okay... What I remembered was that I felt a little something to the clothing... the threading felt slightly heavier in spots... then I remembered an article, once from the early 2000s in regards to something called RFID. Now, I know those chips now are so small it's unnoticable but what if these clothes have some sort of interface key?"

She adjusts her new, black-rimmed glasses. "Everything in that box was important in some form or fashion, I think. I have it in the bag so if we need anything more from it it's there."

She walks over to Sonja, politely taking the papers she guarded. "Okay... last call for preparations!"

Warp Rollan ahead of time.
Note: Here's the chart... https://docs.google....ZEUWl2OVE#gid=0

[Kamiko] 9:58 pm: Perception:

Kamiko *rolls* 5d10: 4+3+2+5+9: 23

[Kamiko] 9:58 pm: Mega Perception:

Kamiko *rolls* 2d10: 2+2: 4

[Kamiko] 9:59 pm: Warp:

Kamiko *rolls* 3d10: 1+9+7: 17

[Kamiko] 9:59 pm: PHEW!

[Kamiko] 9:59 pm: My target is roughly 40 AU.... With the 8 autos and 3 more successes, I have a total of 11 and in the chart... I nail it.

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"Ahh ... Kamiko, I heal people. If you go down and aren't dead, I can bring you back. It only works about once an hour per person though. The body can't take the strain of multiple attempts."

'Whoa ... what a rush. This thing is running at it full tilt.'

'What are we running at?'

'Not completely sure. There seems to be something out there that Kamiko had/lost/is looking for.'

'Okay. Pick a Warper. Stick close to them. Real close.'

'Warping back home alone wouldn't be fun.'

'Let me see. I can't Warp and I don't think were I'm going is in my Roaming plan.'

'Funny. Real funny.'

'Kamiko is lead. I'll stick close to Starseed.'

Shaman moves closer to Starseed and smiles down at her.

"If its okay with you, you're my ride home if things go South."

'Man, I'm still growing. Maybe I will be as tall as Dad.'

'Maybe I'll be taller.'

He makes sure his 'snake' is securely bound around his arms one more time.

"Ready to roll. BTW, is there going to be an atmosphere were we are going? Just want to be sure what I can and can't do?'

'At least Dan is with us. He'll make sure Kamiko gets out no matter what. Star and I can fend for ourselves a bit better since she seems so gung-ho about this ... whatever it is.'

'Man, I hope she finds what she's looking for.'

'Man, I wish I know what it was she was looking for.'

'All in due time.'

'We had better get going soon. She's about to bust a gut.'

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"We'll be reaching the surface first. If you can't adapt I got a spare space suit in my bag. They are one-size fits most for adults and kids my age. It works with less bulk since it uses the tension the suit provides for pressure. It also is a memory polymer design, so it is pretty close to form fitting. The helmet is in a pouch on the right leg... yeah it's pretty much a bubble. Wanted it simple."

She scratches her head. "Outside of talking to animals, Shaman, I really don't know what you're capable of... thanks for the info though. Could always use a second medic."

She smiles prepping herself. "Last call before we jump to vacuum... any concerns state them now."

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Kamiko nods. And smiles a little. Shaman could even see a little blush.

She coughs as she straightens out her vest. "I... I really should focus now. It's time."

cold shower time
Yeah... gotta spend a willpower to keep from indulging her aberration first chance she gets. Can't afford distractions.

She holds out her hand, calling her paper to her bidding, then when she opens her eyes her anima flares, surrounding the sheets with a gentle glow as they form the Paper Tesseract gate.

"This will take a few moments as I reach out mentally to the spot we're heading... Quantum entanglement with the subject takes some focus."

She closes her eyes, and for that moment in time she seems the calmest she has been in weeks. One could almost her her humming.

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Her movements seem like a dance as she forms the gate to the vacuum. The paper surrounded by her glow and words, seemed to have their own life to them as they locked together in formation like a army. Then suddenly the tesseract cracked open. Before them laid a ice and rock covered planetoid. It was indeed a sight to behold, even while it's appearance looked pixelated from the quantum tesseract.

"Alright everyone... Your ride is here!"

She smiles, reading herself for the cold and vacuum. "Shoulda brought a coat along... I can adapt against the extremes but still... it is fricking cold out there."

It's odd, something about being in space seemed to get to her... underwater or in the arctic or in high elevations she never felt the cold. But in the vacuum it was different.

"Anyways... wow... even I am impressed."

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Dan led Sonja through, their bodies adapting simply, and Dan smiled and reached out, the coding guarding this place's defenses recognizing the Creator, and allowing access after the proper codes were exchanged. It took an eyeblink, and still holding Sonja's hand, he smiled, walking to a sheer cliff face, and placing his hand upon what seemed like a great slab of what pinged as a metal.

Sonja held onto his leg as he placed one hand to his throat, the other upon the plate. Though no one could hear him, he thought to speak through the current. "To learn is to explore New Horizions, to Teach is to pass on an eternal legacy."

He stepped back as the great seam opened in the plate, the ten foot by eight food door readily apparent now, The entrance into a large airlock, made possible by the most cutting edge tech available at the time. He led Sonja in, and nodded to the others. The External defenses were disarmed, within he waited for the others to enter, before the Airlock closed and repressurized. He nodded and pointed to the engraved plaque aside the interior door.

"Knowledge is the greatest treasure, its destruction the greatest tragedy." He nodded. "Kyoko's favorite quote."

With little more preamble he opened the Airlock, immediately reaching out to disarm the internal security, and bid the AI left to watch over things well. "Your Creator and New mistress have come at last, Present yourself and make ready, She is here to take possession of her inheritance." His tone was formal, and recognized by the computer, it softened moments later. "I've missed you Omoikane."

A mote of light appeared before them, then in a flash took the form of a young Japanese woman, no more than thirty, wearing a formal summer yukata. "Welcome to you all, to the Bibliotheca Sacra."

italics and bold represent Dan communicating directly with the systems via cyberkinesis. The AI's is represented the same way.

She smiled knowingly and bowed. "Welcome Creator."

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"Wait... New....Mistress?"

Omoikane sees her, seemingly walking down to the floor as everyone else needed footholds, or something to hold on to. Something planned for this section of the room. "I see you wear the uniform of the custos bibliothecarius, Aino Kamiko. Youngest daughter of the Dominus Bibliothecarius, Aino Kyoko. Where is she? I have longed to see her. Has she grown weary of me so soon?"

Kamiko looks down. Then speaks in Japanese since she was greeted by name in the proper Japanese way.

"She Fell... alongside her husband."

The hologram looked away. "I see... You are her heir then, Aino Kamiko. But you are as of yet... not ready to be my Dominus... You come alone. The others in your stead are trespassers."

"No. They are my friends. I brought them here personally, Omoikane. You will show them respect!" Kamiko shouts in a commanding, firm, and confident tone.

The AI turns her head sideways, curious. "You have confidence... excellent... And you bringing them here on your own proves you have passed the first true tests of coming here." She speaks in English to Dan. "Creator, Can you vouch for her companions?"

Dan nods, firmly.

"Very well. Kamiko... They are allowed." It says in English. "The main archives and the preservation archive are now online. You will have limited mobility since the gravity plating is yet to come online. So be prepared for lower than normal gravity."

She closes her eyes for a second. "Guardian Kamiko, there is 1 message from your Mother in the archive. You may play it upon your convenience. It has no confidentiality tag. You may also access my user interface skin to one more suitable to your tastes at your earliest conveniences."

"Thank you, Omoikane." The AI nods as Kamiko reaches the threshold of the first doors. She feels herself sink to the floor. "Artificial gravity. Who put this in?"

"A associate of Doryoku. Well, more like someone Doryoku worked for in her youth. That's all I can say for the moment, Kamiko." Dan says.

Kamiko walks into the central archive and is amazed... it was a library, as big as she's ever seen.

​"Well everyone... This... this is quite the inheritance." Kamiko says.

"It's the Bibliotheca Sacra. Kamiko." Dan says. "Everything your Mother collected, saved, or researched is stored here. This is what you could call her hoard."

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"I can do something about the temperature, if that's okay."

Barring word otherwise, Shaman takes a light, cloudy breath and the temperature rises to a reasonable 22C.

"That should make things more comfortable without damaging anything."

He concentrates for an moment, then adds,

"There is not a lot of moisture in the air - probably a good thing - but it will play havoc with unprotected sinuses ... or so I've been told."

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"The humidity levels are practically zero I sense... Probably for all the books here. I felt the temperatures improving, but thanks for the space heater, Shaman. Hopefully things should reach nominal levels shortly."

She adjusts her clothes slightly... they were made for someone slightly more grown as she. Maybe it was her Mom's? She wasn't that much bigger than her, only by an inch or two and the bagginess would reflect that.

She folds her arms looking about, finding the central console in the center of the room, where a librarian would be stationed... The hologram moves over to that position and await's Kamiko's orders.

"So... everyone... this was unexpected... What does everyone think?"

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One Star said "Wow. Just wow. This is exceptional. Remarkable. I want to look at everything if possible, I should have brought more of me - had I known."

Star was impressed, almost beyond words. This was a noble and monumental place. Plus she enjoyed libraries very much.

Another said to another of her selves "I really have to practice speed reading. Have to re-prioritize my developmental schema."


Asking Dan and Kami "Is it safe to explore? Do you need assistance bringing systems back online, doing psychical diagnostics?"


Star also says to the computer projection, in absolutely flawless Japanese with a subtle but noticeably refined old-Sumida-ku intonation "Computer, are you sentient? I do not wish to offend by addressing you as an object if you qualify as an individual. Our society still does not publicly have sentient artificial intelligence, thus social modes have not adjusted."

Note for Listeners
Kami, this one is aimed mostly at you - but anyone who knows Star isn't Japanese can't tell it from manerisms or her use of Japanese. She is speaking perfectly, better than even well educated native speakers ... and for those from Tokyo, sounds like a native of Sumdia ward.
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Kamiko nods, walking to the central console. She speaks in Japanese to Starseed. "I would believe everything here is safe. It is a library after all... a Bibliotheca Sacra. Almost feels like a ark. A... lifeboat for books. Also... your practice has been serving you well, Star-san."

She pulls up a schematic. Speaking once again in English. "And this station was built for expansion... there are... good lord at least 1km3emptywarehouses connected to the archive, as well as a couple living quarters, a hydroponics lab, fusion generator, water recycling... wow..."

"And a specially designed archive for older books... I'm going to head in there first. Seems the message is waiting for me there. It was probably Mother's central meeting hall."

She considers going it alone, walking to the aperture, but remembering what the hologram told her, she speaks again. "If anyone comes along... don't touch the books. They're very old and have already been digitally archived. Only a papermaster now can delicately open the pages and keep them from shattering like glass."

She walks into the central room, designed almost like a room from the Library of Alexandria. Several separate rooms connected to it, archiving various ancient treatises.

Info on the room
The reconstructed interior of what is seen in this video is pretty much what you are seeing now.

Standing the full height of the room are two statues, a man and a woman. The woman dressed in full shinto priestess garb, the other a man in full spartan armor, holding a globe, hovering just above their hands (the globe supported and anchored through a magnetic field). When Kamiko takes a closer look she sees they are Kyoko "Origami" Aino and Michael "Cade" Allistair... her biological mother and father.

She smiles. "Mum... Dad... I'm home."

A small hologram appears in front of her. Obviously a recording as it was two dimensional and seemed to be shot in the Hideyoshi residence before one of it's reconstructions. It awaited her command to play.

Kamiko steps back as if she was looking at a moment from the past through a looking-glass.

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