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Farce & Violence

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Doyle and Lewis - Farce and Violence

Undead at the Forum

Brian Lewis and Christian Doyle

Vocals: Kyle Robinson

Guitar: Max Monterrubio Gutierrez

Written and Directed by Andy Dopieralski

Sound of Silence written by Paul Simon

Hello Dorkness, my old friend.

We've come to roll with you again.

Because a bard who's softly weeping

Left himself ripe for the reaping.

And the vision that was planted on my screen,

Every scene.

Filled with your farce, and violence.

On countless quests I walked alone

Together now, we seek his throne

'Neath an evil wizard's ancient keep

I turned rampaging ghouls chained at his feet

When his eyes erupted with a flash of evil light

We'd lost the fight

Struck down by farce, and violence.

And in the hellish light I saw

A score of undead, maybe more

Creatures walking without breathing

Creatures lifeless yet seething

Ghastly writhing throngs with voices ever shrill

Yet we lay still

Dispatched by farce, and violence.

"Fools!" he said, "Unwelcomed guests."

"I will send you to your rest."

Hear my words don't let them flank you

I have no spells to heal you.

But my words, like the blood of the party fell

And stained

The dungeon floor with violence.

And the ghouls all shrieked and cheered

To the death god whom they feared

And the unholy necromancer

roared out with vile laughter

And the DM said, "The campaign has ended and your party into

darkness falls"

And in his pad he scrawls

The record of our farce and violence.

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