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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Visiting Gods Part 2


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(This takes place the day after: Visiting Gods and Demons (Mature)

It was right after/during breakfast, James had arranged for the family to eat in their room, including Ayanna. This wasn’t exactly a family meeting, or maybe he was avoiding making it a family meeting. A small part inside him wondered if he was easing her into a new role.

James cleared his voice and said, “Yesterday I had a dust up with V. I wanted her help dealing with Vulcan …and… I didn’t get it. I was being too clever; my life would be simpler if those two hit it off. And all that is a distraction from the real topic which is I’m hoping Vulcan can help me kill someone.”

The room looked surprised and a little alarmed at that and James sighed and said, “Open mouth, insert foot. Let’s start over.”

James nodded at Pat and said, “Pat, I wanted to investigate more before telling you, to be sure, but it’s unfair to wait any longer. I'm convinced the destruction of Norman wasn’t your fault. I don’t mean it was an accident or you couldn’t have known. I mean it wasn’t an accident. Someone deliberately killed the city, but they sadistically let you take credit.”

James held up a hand to forestall questions and said, “Norman has a death field, zombies run away from it, the field slowly inflicts injuries only Myf can see. The field is unstable and the zombies act odd in other ways. That's what we know.”

James continued, “A few days ago I realized ‘unstable’ is another word for ‘moves around’. Then I wondered what could be in the middle of the field and I finally connected the dots. Norman was the first time we'd seen anything like this, but since then we've seen similar things.”

James gestured at the world and said, “The super zombie in Vegas was smart. It could talk, plan, and was a smart sadistic monster instead of a dumb one. It herded lesser zombies around and used them like pawns. Zombies ran from the zombie blob. At the time I thought they were scared, but zombies don't get scared. Weeks later Myf told me it left injuries only she could see. Any of that sound familiar? Norman’s death field is bigger and weaker than the blob’s but that’s what is going on. There’s a super zombie. It’s making the field, the other zombies aren't acting odd, they're being guided.”

James paused to see how Pat was taking this.

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