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For those of you who weren't in chat last night when I got the call, I've got a new job. This is a Good Thing ™. What impact will that have on me (and my time here, because I know that's what's important to you guys :D )? Read on.

The new job will start 12/5 with five weeks of training 8-5, M-F. I'll have little access to the site from work - basically lunches and breaks - if I have any at all. I'll know more after that Monday and will update then. After training, I'll start a 3:30 pm to midnight shift Tu-Sat.

Next, I imagine that my current job will be in crisis mode (me leaving being the crisis) for the next two weeks, so you probably will see even less of me than you have.

The good news is that I'll have a bit of time off between my last day here and my first day there. So you'll see me more then since I'll be decompressing and the site is my major source of that decompression.

Sorry if I seem dramatic about this; as many games as I run and play in here, is seemed easier to make on big post rather than a dozen smaller ones.

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