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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Rules and Setting - Society in the Nova Age

Quantum Fire

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This thread, which will be pined, is going to contain the various changes to society brought on by nova's and their activities, if you have an idea or thought that you want to suggest or a write up you have for some of them, feel free.. here's a few examples.

Barsoom Rules: The extreme popularity of the Princess of Mars series, really due to the exceptionally beauty and charisma of Bombshell has actually cause communities to come into existence that follow the Barsoom rules of dress, though only in areas that the weather permits, this means jewelry and loincloths only, or nothing, optionally. (this is really a cult of personality revolving around Bombshell's most famous acting career, and mostly are sort of exotic nudist colonies).

Living Treasure: Any nova with Mega-Appearance 7 or higher is considered a living treasure in most nations, their state of dress (or lack there of - At this level of beauty, whatever they want to wear is considered appropriate) is never considered indecent, and they are often considered 'citizens' while in whatever nation they are in, they are usually asked to stay.

Kill on Site: By contrast, most nova's with Mega-Ugly 4 or more, have a kill on sight order, and are officially considered assaults on moral and mental stability simply by their presence, most places consider their public appearance unlawful (their existence isn't, just appearing in public). Two-Faced Nova's sort of deal with both of these society shifts.

Living God: Any nova with Mega-Charisma 6 or more has worshipers, if they desire them or not, many folks actually believe their are living gods or avatars, or saints/devils, depending on their background, this various depending on the amount of time and presence they have had in the world. Their words are often considered as those from the mouth of a god, and they often have to be careful of they can find themselves causing a lot of trouble with a single misstated or inappropriate public word. This has caused all sorts of cults to spring up around the world and are something of a concern by governments and groups like the Directive (it's not uncommon for the Directive to send out kill teams for the more troublesome of these novas)

Privacy Laws: Nova's with extremely high levels of mega-perception can perceive things that others can't even dream of, but the laws still require proof of crimes, and a nova discovered using their powers to observe certain events can be charged with invasion of privacy in some parts of the world. This extends to such powers as telepathy and hypnosis, if one can prove they were used, laws are more extensive and limiting in some parts of the world then others.

More to Come

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