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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Combat] Monster Mash

Dawn OOC

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Inits are due by November 3rd. Those who don't reply are sleeping through the fight, with all the ridicule inherent to the situation. ;)

Renata - 17

Yithaja - 16

Swan - 16

Sylvia - 14

Ahvia - 12

Sean - 10

Lucia/Ryan - 9

Ray - 8

Monster - 8

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Okay, not sure if we're supposed to post RP style here or just say what we're doing so we can dress it up nice for the main thread. Here's the skinny version:

Renata shouts for everyone to wake up, and throws her Frizbee of Doom at the monster, hoping to at least distract it!

Throwing, according to the WoD core book is Dex+Athletics+equipment. As I recall, the Frizbee gives +2 equipment/damage bonus. So total pool is 4+3+2=9.

Given the circumstances, she'll be spending a willpower point too, cuz this thing looks big and mean and tuff.

I still don't know how to use the dice roller on this board, so I'll use Invisible Castle.



Rerolling 10


So! 12 dice. 2 successes. (sigh) Suck on that, beast.

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...I...wait, what? Okay, so we post rolls and actions here. At what point do we post? Do we wait for the results? Or do you post those?

I haven't used one of these "combat threads" before. Usually I just post my rolls along with my actions in the IC thread.

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