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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - What's been lost...

Justin OOC

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For Kazuo, Six months had passed. Six months of wandering the world of Ikaris, looking for a way to get back home, all to find there wasn’t one. There were no keys here, and every dimensional gateway he’d come across had been destroyed or sealed. The Western half of the Supercontinent that made up 95% of the dry landmass of the world, the Nation of Azar was gearing for war. The last seventy years in fact, had been spent uniting it under a single ruler, and proliferating Technology from the Artifact.

The tech while nothing he’d not seen before, was easily discernable as not of this world. To his practiced eyes, it belonged on Cathedral if nowhere else. Satoshi had similar designs, and they were far more militant, but the amount of tech he’d become aware of in the Army of Azar showed other tendencies. They had found the means somehow to reproduce these works of technical innovation. It was akin to a chimpanzee writing Mozart’s Symphonies.

His travels had brought him into conflict with more than one patrol, which he handed in his characteristic fashion, leading to a large bounty being placed upon his head. Two dragons had already attempted to take his head, and failed. From their scales he’d fashioned a thin light-weight armor, to help him blend in better.

His fights were quick and dirty mostly, no one on this world stood against him long in single combat, but at the same time, large groups were more than he alone could handle. The technomagi that appeared at times were close to his level and a handful of them were enough to threaten him severely.

It was this that had led him back across the mountains, towards the land of the seven stars, towards the Hanfubuki Inn. The Azar forces steered well clear of the Inn, its legendary defenses having a centuries long reputation for being among the most powerful in all of ikaris. They were remnants of a lost age. Here at least so long as he followed the legendary rules of this place he would find solace until he could plan his next move.

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"This place is not for you." He heard the words, and didn't recognize the voice.


Then there was a sharp blow to the back of his head, and darkness.

In his mind's eye, He saw brilliant white feathered wings, and then that vision too, went dark.

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