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World of Darkness: Attrition - Letters From Home[FIN]

Adrian Moss

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FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Hey, I'm looking for someone.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Good for you. I'm not.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I'm looking for someone who was in the service.

GREdi@UCLA.net - There's a bit of that going around. Try a bar.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Haha. He's an ex-marine.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Two things. It is Marine with a capital M. Second, there is no such thing as an ex-Marine. Semper-Fi. Now get lost. I've got work to do.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - You a marine?

GREdi@UCLA.net - :mean:

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Sorry, Marine.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Yes. I was in the Corp. So are a lot of guys. Whatever you are selling, I'm not interested.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - My brother was in the Corp. He served for a long time. His name was Garfield.

GREdi@UCLA.net - WTF?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Scratch that. Go away.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Did you serve with him? I want to know if he's okay.

GREdi@UCLA.net - What makes you think he's here?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - on campus? I hacked my Father's computer.

GREdi@UCLA.net - OFM! Autumn?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Gar? It is you, isn't it? What happened? I mean, when you left service and all, I sorta kinda thought you would ... show up.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I never forgot about you kiddo. It's complicated. I'm working myself into a position that I can get you. I haven't forgotten my promise. Never will.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I believe you.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Thanks. That means a lot. So, how have you been? I guess you are in Harvard now. The Old Man must be proud.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net- beyond me having the whole boob thing and nothing dangling between my legs -yes, he's happy.

GREdi@UCLA.net - How bad has it been?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Mostly he ignores me. He's kept up with you though. He's had people spying on you. He's keeping track of 'His Boy'.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - you still there?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Angry at the Bastard is all. I don't want anything from him.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - He's dying. I'm pretty sure of it.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Not soon enough by ten years, Sis.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I won't defend him, but he is our Father. Don't you feel anything?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Not really. He damn near broke me. He was half responsible for April's death. I hate the SOB.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Half?

GREdi@UCLA.net - It should have been me in that car. If I had been, April would still be alive.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Bro, let it go. Please.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Listen, I have to go. I'll drop you a line later.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Okay. Contact me later? Remember the time differential.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'll contact you. It's a promise.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Night Gar.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Night Sis. No one calls me Gar. I'm Randy.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I know Gar. Night.

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GREdi@UCLA.net - FA, you on yet?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Just got back from dinner. Got a few friends over.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Say hi. Talk later then?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Nah, they're cool. Glad to see it didn't take ten years this time. :D

GREdi@UCLA.net - Funny. Wow. Where do I begin?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Seeing anybody?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Me? It's complicated.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Hah! Guy or Girl?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Don't ask, don't tell. ;)

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - lol

GREdi@UCLA.net - There's this girl. I don't want the relationship, but it happened anyway. She's a Goth kid, if you can believe it.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Kid? Tell!

GREdi@UCLA.net - Tell me about it. She's a freshman, like me.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Is she twenty-eight too?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Ha. No, she's eighteen. HUIS

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - HUIS?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Hands Up, I Surrender

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Must be some of military jargon.

GREdi@UCLA.net - So, what about you? Anybody special?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Well ... not yet. Not that there haven't been some guys, but I'm not looking for a relationship right now.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Damn, I don't even know what you look like?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I'm a hag!

GREdi@UCLA.net - lol. You look like your Mom. She's a model.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Guilty. My BFF says I'm a real Hottie.

GREdi@UCLA.net - sigh

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - What?

GREdi@UCLA.net - I missed you growing up. I'm a total bastard.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Selfish Bastard really.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Guilty.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Hah!

GREdi@UCLA.net - So, were do we go from here? I would like to stay in touch.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - What's your major?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Religious studies; Easter European traditions.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - blink

GREdi@UCLA.net - No lol?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Stunned beyond the capacity of rational thought.

GREdi@UCLA.net - What?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Dude, you were a total moron when I knew you last. Now you're some mystic? What, too many blows to the head?


FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - :D

GREdi@UCLA.net - It's called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to you, you long-haired punk.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Serious?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Nah. I'm fine. I did okay over there. Kept my buddies alive. It made me think is all. Figure I would try to make something of my life.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Whatchya going to do with that degree?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Masters in Anthropology, most likely. Maybe a Doctorate in the same. That's a long way down the road.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - no kidding. I'm still up in the air.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I thought you would be going for Harvard Law, like all good Edisons.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Any number of degrees can lead to law school. I'm not sure how to get there. Besides, aren't there enough lawyers in the world?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Preaching to the Choir, Sis.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - dorm gang is going out for a food run. Talk at you tomorrow?

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'm buried in work. How about the 7th?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Friday night? What? I don't have a party life?

GREdi@UCLA.net - anyone I need to kill?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - funny like a heart attack. Cool that you care.

GREdi@UCLA.net - later FA.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - study hard, bro.

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FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - you been on long

GREdi@UCLA.net - about an hour.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - that's sad. Its Saturday night!

GREdi@UCLA.net - Saturday day, Sis. 3 hours behind.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Doh. Soooo ... come here often?

GREdi@UCLA.net - how was the dorm run?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - one wild party. I was up all night. I'm on the run from the law.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Pull the other one. Must have been boring.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - hit on three times, but I've got a wicked backhand.

GREdi@UCLA.net - glad to see those tennis lessons paying off.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - wanna hear something funny?

GREdi@UCLA.net - sure.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I kind of feel I know you, you know.

GREdi@UCLA.net - not really. I'm not easy to get to know.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - we share something.

GREdi@UCLA.net - two things.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - like what?

GREdi@UCLA.net - We despise our Father.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - got me there. I missed that one.

GREdi@UCLA.net - We want to see each other.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - blink. That's psychic!

GREdi@UCLA.net - Glad to be right.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - there is a first time for everything.

GREdi@UCLA.net - ouch

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - if law school doesn't pan out, I'm going stand-up.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'll send care packages.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - nuts.

GREdi@UCLA.net - huh?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - math problems not working. Calc.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I can help.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - seriously? thanks.

GREdi@UCLA.net - first, find a MS building.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Math and Sciences?

GREdi@UCLA.net - yep. Now find the geekest guy/girl around.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Okay?

GREdi@UCLA.net - pay them to get you a passing grade.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - that pain you are feeling is me kicking your ass all over the www.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'll get an icepack.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - next time is the nuts. I'll learn to live without any little Angry Edisons running around.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Bro?

GREdi@UCLA.net - That was her pet name for me.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I know. Sorry I crossed the line.

GREdi@UCLA.net - no. not you. you are the only family i have left.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - thanks

GREdi@UCLA.net - np. we all have had to grow up fast in this family.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I have to see you.

GREdi@UCLA.net - not possible. not ready.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Not giving you a choice. :D

GREdi@UCLA.net - I would like to see you too.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Fall break?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Christmas maybe?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Dad expects Xmas. Can I come down for Nyears?

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'll reserve a room.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - how about I send you the funds and you buy it. I've seen your financials.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Dad. :evil:

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - He's how I knew you were alive.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'm not going down that road.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - changing directions.

GREdi@UCLA.net - ty

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what do you do when a girl hits on you?

GREdi@UCLA.net - say no. shut door. they go away.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - tough. She's my roomie.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I could kill her. I do things like that, or did.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I like her. She's cute, but squirrely. I've been polite, but she keeps peeking. I don't know what to do. I keep saying no. If I go upstairs, I'm a homophobe. I'm stuck.

GREdi@UCLA.net - give me your number.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what? what good would that do?

GREdi@UCLA.net - let me talk to her.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - please don't. She's nice.

GREdi@UCLA.net - nice people need to be kicked too.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - NO!

GREdi@UCLA.net - call me when you change your mind :evil:

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - time to go. 'we' are going out - with friends.

GREdi@UCLA.net - keep it above the waistline

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - hehe. Jawohl.

GREdi@UCLA.net - monday?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - done.

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GREdi@UCLA.net - knock knock

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - hugs

GREdi@UCLA.net - okay ...

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - hehe, make the big bad warrior scared

GREdi@UCLA.net - yes. indeed

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - good or bad thing?

GREdi@UCLA.net - thinking

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - :D

GREdi@UCLA.net - good thing

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - does the happy dance

GREdi@UCLA.net - good mood?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - bummed actually. Roomie and I had a fight.

GREdi@UCLA.net - no fun. my roomie moved out start of semester

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - u don't know how lucky you are.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I've got an idea.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - sigh

GREdi@UCLA.net - tell me about it.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - she's either getting me things, or moping about staring at me.

GREdi@UCLA.net - bipolar?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - and not on meds

GREdi@UCLA.net - that's not something I can help with. Stalker I can scare. There is no scaring crazy.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - feeling trapped. Should I give in?

GREdi@UCLA.net - NO. get a new room.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - tried. Too late. Psycho lesbian gf isn't a good enough excuse

GREdi@UCLA.net - call Dad about an apartment?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - all freshmen must stay on campus

GREdi@UCLA.net - old man could bend some ears. He did it for me.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - not for me. wrong equipment.

GREdi@UCLA.net - sometimes he just adds to my mad for him

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - i never got the membership card on father's day

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'll put you on the list

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - naughty or nice?

GREdi@UCLA.net - mouthy list

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - old timer

GREdi@UCLA.net - lol

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - huh?

GREdi@UCLA.net - that's what they call me down here. Damn, I'm twenty freaking eight.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - doesn't senility creep in around that age?

GREdi@UCLA.net - yes. It comes with the board of discipline

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - ros

GREdi@UCLA.net - ros?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - so, working on that trip?

GREdi@UCLA.net - definitely. Residence Inn Beverly Hills

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - looking it up

GREdi@UCLA.net - hehe

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - sweet! nice digs. better than my dorm room

GREdi@UCLA.net - better than mine too

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I thought you Sunshine boys lived in luxury

GREdi@UCLA.net - we do, but lie about it to NE girls

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - does it ever work?

GREdi@UCLA.net - i'm running away from women. Wouldn't know.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - we need to talk about that :)

GREdi@UCLA.net - no. no we dont'.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - is it wrong to want little edison nieces and nephew?

GREdi@UCLA.net - let me think about that.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what about your 'complicated'?

GREdi@UCLA.net - no to the n&n. What about complicated don't you get, sis?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I want the details, bro. who's the stalker?

GREdi@UCLA.net - not me.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - ros means roommate over shoulder. she seems satisfied you are who you say you are.

GREdi@UCLA.net - don't like that. Creepy.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I can live with it.

GREdi@UCLA.net - name?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Adele Zanger

GREdi@UCLA.net - good

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - don't do anything stupid

GREdi@UCLA.net - not happening. If I do something it will be smart.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - first time for everything, jarhead.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I take pride in that.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - you would

GREdi@UCLA.net - whatchya doing?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - working on term paper, due wednesday.

GREdi@UCLA.net - mines next monday. they like giving us an extra weekend.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - lucky. signing out.

GREdi@UCLA.net - take care.

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FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Hey.

GREdi@UCLA.net - ? you are up late

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - out with classmates. roomie gone for weekend

GREdi@UCLA.net - good news. Saturday your time already, baby sis.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - ha. I'm my own woman

GREdi@UCLA.net - I think you are a drunk woman too.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what? Is my type slurring?

GREdi@UCLA.net - that's not a denial.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - crap.

GREdi@UCLA.net - ha.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - happy now?

GREdi@UCLA.net - feeling smug and superior

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - :P

GREdi@UCLA.net - back at you

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - working on your paper

GREdi@UCLA.net - something like that. It's a side project.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - aghast. You have a hobby? that doesn't involve killing people?

GREdi@UCLA.net - never said that, but yes it is kind of a hobby.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what is it?

GREdi@UCLA.net - nothing you need to know about. just something i discovered overseas.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - mysterious. I like. tell me more.

GREdi@UCLA.net - it isn't something I can talk about. Secret handshake, pink-promise kind of stuff.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - will pouting help?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Not this side of the Abyss.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - okay, now I'm curious.

GREdi@UCLA.net - don't be. it is mostly boring stuff - like what I'm reading right now.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - now I know you are hiding something.

GREdi@UCLA.net - drop it sis. Let me have this little something.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - damn, now the sympathy card. I must be drunk, cause it's working.

GREdi@UCLA.net - for the best, sis.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - well, i'm going to crash and let you get to your boring studying.

GREdi@UCLA.net - sleep tight.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Monday night?

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'll be here/there.

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FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Paper in?

GREdi@UCLA.net - pretty sure I aced it

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - who did you pay off?

GREdi@UCLA.net - lol

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - isn't my confidence in you refreshing?

GREdi@UCLA.net - too much

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I aim to please.

GREdi@UCLA.net - question for you.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - answer for you :)

GREdi@UCLA.net - Autumn, what are we doing here?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - damn.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I know.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - can't we have some fun?

GREdi@UCLA.net - not my style.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Gar, I hate my life. I hate Dad. I want out.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - angry with me?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - say something.

GREdi@UCLA.net - when can you come out to stay.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - are you serious?

GREdi@UCLA.net - totally. I'll find a way to make it work.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what about Dad?

GREdi@UCLA.net - he stopped being our family long ago. His choice. He has to live with that.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - wow

GREdi@UCLA.net - I keep my promises, Autumn.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I can start the ball rolling tomorrow. I can transfer to UCLA.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I have zip influence personally, but I know someone who might be able to help if needed.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - are we really going to do this?

GREdi@UCLA.net - any reason not to?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - no

GREdi@UCLA.net - any reason to?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - how about my life is a total wreck.

GREdi@UCLA.net - don't do this to run away, sis. Do it because you want it.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - there's a difference?

GREdi@UCLA.net - don't do this to hurt Dad.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - like he cares. No. I'm doing this for me. I have to get out from under his shadow. I need to know what I want to do.

GREdi@UCLA.net - then I got your back.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - wow, this conversation turned in a totally different direction.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I've learned not to fuck around. Every second is precious. Spend it wisely.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - got that from a fortune cookie?

GREdi@UCLA.net - got that by learning death sucks.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I will take your word for that.

GREdi@UCLA.net - you better ;)

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I can't believe I'm going to do this.

GREdi@UCLA.net - believe it. I'll do what can be done to help.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I won't let you down.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'm good. Don't let yourself down.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - why does this seem so scary?

GREdi@UCLA.net - because it is. drowning is easy, because you don't need to do anything. Swimming is hard, because you don't know what you will get into.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - why try?

GREdi@UCLA.net - cause it's better to die tired, having tried. Dying standing still is stupid and you are just as dead.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Marine saying?

GREdi@UCLA.net - Semper Fi.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - still scared.

GREdi@UCLA.net - when have you ever been able to do something for yourself? Not for Dad.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - point.

GREdi@UCLA.net - okay. get on this.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - okay.

GREdi@UCLA.net - night

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - thanks bro. I mean it.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I promised.

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FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I did it.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I knew you would. You are April's sister.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - :red: thanks. You've never said that before. No one has.

GREdi@UCLA.net - they should have. It's the truth.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - well, the ball is rolling. Admin has sent my records and I'm talking with their department of admissions.

GREdi@UCLA.net - what's your major.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - majorhistory:undesignated.

GREdi@UCLA.net - okay

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - for one semester anyway. They say by my first sophomore semester I have to chose something.

GREdi@UCLA.net - Is there going to be room?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - there better be :D really admin says it shouldn't be a problem, with my credentials - as long as my grades hold up.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I have faith.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - ros

GREdi@UCLA.net - what are you doing for break?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - staying on campus for some extra credit for Anthro-/ Archeology

GREdi@UCLA.net - we can compare notes.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - you like old stuff?

GREdi@UCLA.net - I like you don't I?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - funny like a heart attack.

GREdi@UCLA.net - no, I think history and it's artifacts are important. They talk to me.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - you should have been a poet.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I'm not going to make a dime with my major as it is. Why should I add suffering to the list?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - good point.

GREdi@UCLA.net - worried about dad?

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - very.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I have your back, broke or not, you earned your grades and you are free to come here. I will cover tuition if I have to.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - how's that? You can't afford air-fare.

GREdi@UCLA.net - I know some people who know some people. Something will come up.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I believe you. You got out and did what you wanted despite him. I can do better. I'm smarter!

GREdi@UCLA.net - I won't argue.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - smart boy. sometime you need to let a lady have her way.

GREdi@UCLA.net - never been a lady, so I'll take your word for it.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - roflmao

GREdi@UCLA.net - it wasn't that funny.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - imagining you (as I remember you) dressed in my clothes is hilarious. You actually make a nice looking girl.

GREdi@UCLA.net - ha.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - okay, you make a skinny, gangly girl.

GREdi@UCLA.net - that doesn't help much.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I'm really going to do this.

GREdi@UCLA.net - here for you all the way.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - I'll hold you to that.

GREdi@UCLA.net - you'd better.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - what's next?

GREdi@UCLA.net - we wait.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - that sucks.

GREdi@UCLA.net - don't stop doing things, do things that help you get here. Keep money set aside. Pester admin. Keep talking to our History department. Plan.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - Roger that.

GREdi@UCLA.net - ha. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - check

GREdi@UCLA.net - got to run.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - okay. Time to eat here.

GREdi@UCLA.net - contact me when something breaks - or sooner.

FellAutumn @HvrdU.net - :D

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Randy sat back and considered what had happened over the past two weeks. Life was both running away from him and catching up. His sister was coming here. His Dad knew all the mundane details about him as well. This was something that went way beyond his plans. A promise was a promise, and he had one big one to keep to her. If needed, he would contact Morrison for aid getting Autumn into UCLA.

This was still in the future. Right now the Mysterium demanded some of his time. The degree demanded even more. Free time was at a premium.

He looked down at the book on his desk. It was work for the Magic side of his life. Right now, it demanded his attention, but his sister kept intruding on his thoughts.

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