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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Interlude - Darrik #2] The Bulls [FIN]

Toby Lupin

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Date: April 2nd

Making money on the stock market wasn't hard. As Darrik ran the portfolios over some of his old hidden accounts set up when younger with his mother's aid, he reflected on how easy it was. No matter how intelligent the investors, as a mass, the herd reacted emotionally and with clear instincts that were well known.

Buy low, sell high. Knowing these patterns made it relatively easy to make preset instructions that only required a certain amount of time each day to focus. Adjust to the herd's daily mindset and the rest took care of itself, reaping massive benefits.

"Darrik? Come here love." Gwen's voice came from behind him. He didn't have to look to be sure she was naked. The pregnancy hormones were getting her more lustful daily. But he had to finish this first. "In a minute." He replied.

Given the warnings by Shen and Alex, he had increased investments into weapons manufacturers and DeVries. They would be booming with the slow buildup to war. A loud moan caught his attention- he shortly regretted looking.

Thanks to her clones, Gwen was taking pleasuring herself to a new level, and all seven spared coquettish glances for him. He was getting far too aroused now. With a frustrated growl, he quickly wrapped up- and profits would fall slightly for the day, he acknowledged- and practically dove into the morass of bodies.

"You'll regret not waiting." He warned them as he began to kiss and stroke various bodies.

"We won't!" They replied in an amused and desirous chorus.

Making Money
[Jeremy] 3:30 pm: Financial Prodigy

[Jeremy] 3:30 pm: megas first 4

Jeremy *rolls* 9d10: 2+7+6+4+5+10+10+7+9: 6 sux

[Jeremy] 3:41 pm: Actual Biz roll.

[Jeremy] 3:42 pm: megas first 3

Jeremy *rolls* 20d10: 7+6+7+8+4+10+10+4+4+8+4+2+6+9+6+4+10+5+4+5: 10 sux

Clever pops 10s

Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 7+3+6: 1 sux

Permanent Resource Dots +1, Temporary Resource dots for the next few months are at 5.

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Date: May 3rd

Darrik wondered whether he should have waited until later to do his financial checkups. Apparently, when Puck, Infinity, he, and his girlfriends all had sex together in the same room for most of the night, it went on and on, and Infinity had more stamina than usual for once. Apparently, their appetite was not gone when he thought it had been.

Puck's presence at his back, and quantum-infused fingers and kisses to a Darrik trying to finish off a review of the latest portfolios was proof, annoyingly so. "Puck..." Darrik tried to warn, but his body betrayed his wish to continue the lovemaking. Then as he tried to check over the last page, something warm and wet covered the male parts of his body.

"Oh, fine, Infi! You win!"

As they pulled him back to bed to join the ready and waiting Gwen and Agatha, Darrik wondered why the hell he didn't have the control in place precisely at these times.

Making Money- May
Financial Prodigy roll

[Jeremy] 7:31 pm: first 4 megas...

Jeremy *rolls* 9d10: 3+9+9+5+5+8+3+7+1

Biz roll

[Jeremy] 7:32 pm: first 3 megas

Jeremy *rolls* 20d10: 3+1+1+6+3+1+5+8+4+10+3+6+1+8+8+4+5+7+5+7

Darrik is at Resources 4... and temp dots 5.

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May 10th

The numbers seemed staggering, but Darrik knew they weren't fabrications. His investment portfolios were staggering, and his combined accounts definitely outranked many billionaires now. A tapping of keys ensured that his next plans for maintaining a steady flow of the money that made the world go round were executed. The world would be going around more to the family's tune once Darrik worked out exactly what to fund and acquire.

In the meantime, as he finished studying the reports being made by companies like DeBeers, with major interests in the Congo and the neighboring nations, there was only one thing he had in mind. Celebrate his accomplishment.

Darrik left his room, and timed his arrival in Ibiza to come down to the Rainbow Room side entrance without notice. Floating through the walls, he phased into solidity in the main room and began to mingle with the crowds. It didn't take long to attract a coterie of admirers, and Darrik soon began considering which of the men and women looked particular interesting for some private fun.

Celebrate indeed.

Basically, spent XP to get Resources 5 and Wealth Beyond Avarice, so I'm wrapping up The Bulls for now.
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