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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Ling Yao


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Ling Yao

Alias: Wong

Residence: Somewhere in North China, Vagabond mostly

Marital Status: Single and Running

DOB: June 7, 2010

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 430lbs (including ego)

Physical Appearance: While he's not some god like visage of beauty he does manage to pull of being at the top of the baseline scale. He's tall and wiry, moving with grace and purpose, a defining strength behind each step.

Personality: Fun loving and easy going, Ling is very adventurous and enjoys good conversation. He enjoys humor greatly and lacks any desire for responsibility. Fiercely loyal to those significant in his life, it can border on possessive, which he often hides behind to prevent him from seeming too sensitive. He hates vulnerability in a situation and desires to even if not control the playing field in all situations. Very greedy, Ling desires it all, and does not hide his ambition or desire to have it all. He has an affinity for shiny items and trinkets, especially gemstones which he collects. He enjoys trying new things and will try almost anything twice, after all, the first time could have been a fluke. Ling's easy going nature is as strong as his vengeful nature, while it's hard to cross him, he will not forgive easily, and finds mercy to be an alien concept.

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Strength 00000 (Wiry)


Might 0

Dexterity 00000 (Coordinated)

Athletics 00000



Legerdemain 0

Martial Arts 00000 (Northern Kung Fu, Internal Style x3)

Melee 0



Stamina 00000 (Tenacious)

Endurance 000

Resistance 000

Perception 0000 (Observant)

Awareness 0000


Intelligence 000

Academics 0





Linguistics 0

Medicine 0


Survival 000

Wits 00000 (Creative)




Appearance 00000 (Exotic)

Intimidation 0

Style 00

Manipulation 0000 (Cunning)


Streetwise 0

Subterfuge 00000

Charisma 000


Etiquette 0

Perform 000


Strength 000


Dexterity 0

Artful Dodger

Stamina 000

Regeneration, Unaging, Adaptability, Resilliency

Perception 0

Blind Fighting

Manipulation 0


Intelligence 0

Taint Resistance, Eidetic Memory

Charisma 0


Fighting Style

Northern Kung Fu, Internal Style: +2 accuracy +1 damage

Maneuvers: Strike, Kick, Block, Dodge, Pressure Secret


Eufiber 00000

Resources 000

Node 000

Cipher 000

Attunement 000

Suitor 00000 (Heavyweight)

Quantum Powers

Scales of the Dragon (Impervious armor 3) Figurative scales. Provides Aggrivated conversion to Lethal, immune to armor piercing. 9B/9L

Dragon Claws (Body modification, retractable) Allows for a StrL attack.

Wings of the Dragon (Hypermovement(Flight)1 + Flight2 + Body Modification: Wings) 500kph out of combat, 60meters per movement.

Heart of the Void (Gravity Control 5):

Gravitic Blast: 100m 11dice 25B, 20L

Gravitational Field: R: 50m A: 30m 11dice, .5g change/success

Gravitational Chaos:

Gravitic Shield: -5 successes on physical projectiles, -3 from melee attacks.

Gravitokinesis: 100m 11dice, 2 successes = 1 on the telekinesis chart.

Aura of the Void (Invulnerability Energy 2) 12 soak vs energy.

Draconic Resillience (Invulnerability Physical 2) 12 soak vs physical.

Void Mind (Psychic Shield 2) 4 dice to resist mental powers.

Dragon's Will (Empathic Shield 2) 4 dice to resist social attacks.

Wyrmhole (Warp 1) 10m 6dice

Quantum 00000

Quantum Pool 50


Aberrations: Greedy, Silver Tongue(Literally), Heavyweight(Super Dense)

Willpower 00000000

Initiative 13

Total Soak: Converts Aggrivated to Lethal, 11B/6L, 16B/11L with Eufiber, 20B/15L Armor, 32B/27L Energy or Physical w/Armor, 37B/32L Energy/Physical w/Armor and Eufiber.

Merits: High Pain Tolerance, Taint Resistance

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