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World of Darkness: Attrition - [Mage] Aradia McConnell

Aradia McConnell

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Personal Information:

Public Identity: Aradia McConnell

Shadow Name: Calypso

Nicknames: Ari, 'Radi

Real Name: Same as public identity.

Occupation: UCLA Student (Working on a Sports and Health Science Degree), circus acrobat (on temporary hiatus for school).

Legal Status: American citizen living in Los Angeles.

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Vikki (Victoria) McConnell (Mom), Donald Williams (Dad), Tricia Bahaar (Aunt), Rahim Bajaar (Uncle), Oneca Bajaar (Cousin), Saja Bajaar (Cousin)

Deceased Relatives: No immediate deceased relatives.

Physical Traits:

Weight: 109 lbs.

Height: 5’ 1"

Apparent age: Late teens

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown (often with colored streaks)

Handedness: Right

Age: 19


Aradia was born the daughter of a selfish circus performer and a naive young military man. By the time she was born, her mother was bored of her "real life" stint, and was ready leave Aradia's father to go back to the circus. She wanted to leave the baby with her (now) ex-husband too, but constant deployments and the lack of anyone else in his life who could watch her while he was away made it an impossibility. In fact, he demanded a paternity test to make sure the baby was even his. But it was, and though he couldn't be there for her, he still loved her dearly. So he made no argument against the child-support that Aradia's mother demanded of him (after all, if she had to raise the little brat, she wasn't going to be the one to pay for it!) Not that Aradia saw much of it growing up.. her mother spent too much of it on drugs and booze to have much left over. She was raised mostly by the carnies (who felt for the unwanted little girl), home-schooled by them, and as a result is much more down-to-earth than her mother. They have a.. complicated relationship. But only if the word complicated is code for "I hate your guts and think you're a selfish, stuck-up bitch. Why don't you think of someone other than yourself for once in your miserable life?".

Growing up around the carnies, Aradia had every opportunity to learn their trades, and learn them she did. She showed an early affinity for gymnastics, but she loved the circus animals as well. So she started training to be an acrobat, and she learned how to ride. At about the age of nine, she began to combine the two in her training. By the time she was fourteen, she was performing as both an acrobat and a bareback rider in the circus, and helping with the animal acts behind the scenes. Her mother was furious, of course. She was a huge hit, and her mother the "fortune teller" was quickly becoming yesterday's news in regards to being one of the most beautiful women at the circus.

When Aradia was fairly young, she was noticed by a Thyrsus visiting the circus, who immediately took note of the girl's potential. She signed up as an animal trainer, and spent several years developing a friendship with the girl, who was enraptured by the animals and sought escape from her mother's various abuses by spending all her time with them, or on the trapeze. When her father eventually found out about her mother's treatment he offered her a place to stay with him, told her he'd figure something else, transfer to a different position if he needed to.. but by that point Aradia was too involved in the life of a performer to want to leave it, despite having to deal with her mother in order to stay. So stay she did, and eventually the potential the Thyrsus had seen in her Awakened, and she began to train her in the ways of magic and the watchtowers.

Eventually, the circus began to fall apart.. traveling circuses are only as good as their talent, after all, and a lot of that talent was getting OLD. And despite Aradia's protests, her mentor informed her that it was time for her to move on.. she needed other experiences, she needed to be somewhere else, and meet others. She had a destiny - all mages did. So she called her father, who was able to arrange a meeting with his sister and brother-in-law, who have two daughters attending UCLA. He volunteered to pay the tuition, and Aradia was sent west to meet them. She moved in with her cousins, Oneca (whom she gets along swimmingly with) and Saja (whom she took an immediate dislike to, the goody-two-shoes little brat), and their roommate August. Oneca and Saja's parents were hoping that she'd be a good friend for their youngest daughter, and a positive role-model for their older, troubled daughter.. though now that they've met the girl (and on her best behavior too!), they have their doubts.

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Name: Aradia McConnell

Concept: Circus Performer/Student Mage

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Wrath

Path: Thyrsus

Order: Unaligned

INT: 2

WIT: 3

RES: 3

STR: 3

DEX: 4

STA: 3

PRE: 4

MAN: 2

COM: 2


Academics: 1




Medicine: 2

Occult: 1



Athletics: 3



Firearms: 2

Larceny: 1

Stealth: 2

Survival: 2

Weaponry: 1

Animal Ken: 3

Empathy: 1

Expression: 1



Socialize: 1


Subterfuge: 1


Familiar: 4

Familiar Info/Details:

Appearance: Small Ocelot

(To be updated shortly)


Life: 3

Analyze Life (1) p. 180

Healer's Touch (1) p. 182

Transform Self (3) p. 187

Two Faces (3) p. 188

Prime: 1

Supernatural Vision (1) p. 221

Spirit: 2

Lesser Spirit Summons (2) p. 247

Size: 5

Defense: 3

Initiative Mod: 6

Speed: 12

Health: 8

Willpower: 5

Mana: 7/7

Gnosis: 2

Wisdom: 7

XP Spent:

Transform Self: - 6XP (Character Creation)

Analyze Life: - 2XP (Character Creation)

Healer's Trance: -2XP (Character Creation)

INT 2: - 10XP (Character Creation)

STR 3: - 15XP (Character Creation)

STA 3: - 15XP (Character Creation)

9/1/11: + 8XP

10/1/11: +3XP

Total XP Remaining: 11XP

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