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Aberrant: StarGate Atlantis - [SGA] Doctor Siva Moore

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Name: Siva Talia Ilia Moore aka Doctor Moore

Age: 32


Her parents were missionaries to Indonesia from the Presbyterian mission, her mother had a degree in medicine and her father had a psychiatric degree, as well as a degree in theology. When she was growing up it was to find her parents often involved in helping people, in trying to make life better for others, her father focuses on the spiritual and the mental, while her mother focused on healing the body. As the eldest of her three siblings, she was often the most responsible one, even taking care of both of her younger siblings (brother and sister) when her parents were both called away. For the first part of her life they would move back and forth between the US and Indonesia every couple of years, stay for 3 to 6 months then return to Indonesia and it greatly broadened her world view from that of many people who didn't

When she was about 15 her parents decided they needed to move back to the US permanently in order to let their children grow up in a more stable setting, and to get to known their home culture better. It was then that her mother began to work as a Doctor and her father eventually found a position running a shelter, and as a psychiatrist. In those years she finished high school, and went into collage, starting with studying medicine like her mother, and working part time as an EMT.. but in a year realized that wasn't what she wanted to do.

Instead she turned to study of biology and genetics, to understand the human genetic code and maybe even find ways to repair or deal with genetic problems in the gene code. She began to focus on her studies and by the time she was 27 she had a masters in biology and genetics and was working on her doctorate. During this period she also continued to work as an EMT and did volunteer work at her father's shelter, helping there quite often, this left her incredibly busy, with little time for a social life. Something her mother occasionally teased her about, but with her sisters married and having children in this period, it wasn't something she felt much pressure about.

It was her doctoral thesis that brought her to the interest of the SGA project, for she wrote about how life develops to meet certain criteria, and described several alternate ways in which life could develop to meet different conditions, which actually was dead on in terms of some of the worlds visited though the star gate. As a result, she was interviewed and invited to join the Atlantis project, after she promised to keep the matter a secret, all she could tell her family was that she was working for a top secret goverment sponsored project and she wouldn't be available for some time.

Excited by the prospect of learning of new worlds and biologies, she agreed and spent the next year or so preparing for the mission, going though the stargate with the rest. She likes to run and exercise to keep herself in shape as well, and is an extremely devoted to duty and honor, she values loyalty, valor and intelligence as import virtues as well. She wears glasses because she is nearsighted and is somewhat unaware of how attractive she is.

Character Sheet

Name: Siva

Theme: Vibrant Life (Associated: Epic Stamina, Epic Appearance, Animal, Blood (Itzuli), Fertility, Health, Scire)

Job: Biologist/Xenobiologist


Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Stamina 5

Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 2

Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 2

Abilities [* indicates favored]

Academics 3, Animal Ken 2, *Athletics 4, Brawl 1, *Empathy 2, Fortitude 3, *Integrity 2, *Medicine 4, Politics 1, Presence 1, *Science (Biology 5, Genetics 5, Chemistry 3), Survival 1


ATA Genome 3, Backing (SGA) 3, Contacts 1 (Atlantis Science Community), Influence 1 (Atlantis), Reputation (Biologist & Geneticist) 1, Resources 3

Virtues (3 freebies)

Duty 4, Intellect 4, Loyalty 1, Valor 1

Willpower 8

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