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Another Week-Long absence coming up

Sailor OOC

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From noonish central time today to next tuesday around noon I will be unable to post or answer IMs. I will catch up like I always have. I will note characters I have in each game.

Heritage and the Lake City game (Superball): I can't wait but if you start this week it's gonna suck I miss it.

CoQF (Kamiko): I will try to finish up my "warm-up" fiction if not this tuesday, definately next tuesday.

IE (The Professor and Sarah): I will try to get a poast in before I go.

NE (Osprey): I'm sure the train won't move fast again in posts... I hope.

200X (Sakurako, SuperCav, Ensign Minneapolis): I will try to rap "Fathoms Deep" soon.

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