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Aberrant: StarGate Atlantis - [SGA] Doctor Jason Bannon


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Birth Name: Jason Whitley Bannon
Aliases: Dr Bannon, Jase, That asshole
Calling: Biologist
Known Relatives: None
Nature: Loner

Apparent Age: mid-to-late 30's
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White-blond
Handedness: Left
Distinguishing Marks:
Appearance: Previously tall, lean and handsome, since the strange events that transformed the team Bannon could be better described as tall, slender and pretty, as he has taken on a distinctly androgynous look that, at first glance, makes those who don't know him assume he is female. His attractiveness is somewhat marred by the fact he rarely smiles, and when he does it's never because he's happy. Amused, maybe, interested, possibly, but not happy. The bad-tempered biochemist is rarely without a lit cigarette in his mouth, save when he is working.

Personality: Morose, cynical, and world-weary: 35 going on 35,000. If he seems upbeat, it's usually ironic amusement because the world turns out to be exactly as he predicts. He seldom expects anything of anyone - that way, he claims, he's never disappointed. He knows he is brilliant, knows his own worth, and sees no reason whatsoever to tolerate other people's foolishness, therefore he doesn't.

Interests: Botany, particularly breeding and growing rare and beautiful plants; An interest in mysteries and secrets, though he'd rather die than admit it to anyone. Secretly, Bannon wants to believe the universe could be a better place than he usually assumes it to be.

Jason Whitley Bannon, or Doctor Bannon as he prefers to be called, was born in 1973 to a wealthy New England family who wanted their son and heir to enter politics via the usual path - Law School, DA's office, then running for governor like his father. Unfortunately for his family, Jason was never all that interested in politics. Or people, for that matter. During adolescence, he manifested his rebellious phase by concentrating on the sciences, particularly chemistry and biology. As his family adjusted, they mused that it perhaps wasn't so bad that he go on to be a doctor... But Jason disabused them of that, too. Though the workings of the body did indeed interest him, he wasn't going to be a 'golf-playing, fee-billing waste of education' any more than he was prepared to be a 'banal word-juggling plague on the public purse'. Jason Bannon's acerbic way with words and short tolerance for what he regarded as other people's idiocy was already starting to assert itself...

He sealed the unwillingness to have anything to do with the New England politico set by going to study Biochemistry at Stanford, rather than Harvard. There, on the West Coast and as free as he could be from his family's direct influence, the young man became more outgoing, enjoying dates that weren't arranged by family consensus and associating with whomever he chose. He passed his degree with flying colours and, backed by his aunt and grandmother, went on to study for his Masters, then his Doctorate whilst simultaneously expanding his studies to the fields of Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry and Neurochemistry . It was plain to those who taught and studied with Jason that he was brilliantly gifted in his chosen field, that being of the chemical interactions that take place within and around living organisms. And Jason was never happier. He had forged his own future, one where he would glide along the cutting edge of research, maybe even win a Nobel. He had a girlfriend, about whom he was even crazier than he was about biochemistry, and was going to propose to her as soon as they finished their respective educations.

And then he caught her cheating on him.

It was an accident, she told him. She got drunk and was feeling lonely because he was spending all hours in the lab... Jason felt something inside him turn withered. He had loved her, but he found himself looking at the girl anew and wondering why. For that matter, why was he even upset? She was a human being, and human beings inevitably let each other down, or forced expectations on one another, or hurt each other. To hell with it all. He should really only blame himself, for relying on another person in the first place.

Bannon forged his way through the annals of academia for the next ten years, coming to the notice of the Pentagon during the biological warfare scare of the post-9/11 world when he produced a number of incisive and somewhat scathing assessments of their current think tank's report. An invitation to head up the new brain trust was forthcoming, and Bannon accepted. His lack of personal attachments made him an ideal employee for the D.O.D special projects division, even though his acidic and to-the-point manner was hard to deal with in face-to-face matters. Or even through memos, for that matter. He was nearly fired several times, last time for calling the National Security Advisor 'a pompous, scare-mongering ass with a mind like a puckered anus' during a high level strategy meeting in the White House, which he was attending as an advisor to the Joint Chiefs. But it was recognised by the powers that be that Dr Bannon's dedication to his work and his brilliant insight was worth a few ruffled feathers, so perhaps they should transfer him to a department where he would be out of sight for a few years, until the furor died down...

Languages Spoken:

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