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Aberrant: StarGate Atlantis - [SGA] Sergeant Yseult Moreau

Sgt. Yseult Moreau

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Birth Name: Yseult Moreau

Nick Names: Yse, Ice


Calling: Hard Fightin', Hard Playin' Special Forces Soldier

Known Relatives: Dylan Harvey (unwanted Husband)

Nature: Somewhere between Bravo and Survivor

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Nordic/Gaulish)

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 210 lbs

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Hair Color: Black, shoulder length, usually tied back in a pony-tail

Handedness: Left, but ambidextrous

Distinguishing Marks: Several tribal tattoos.

Appearance: A gorgeous woman, tall, nicely curved and athletically powerfully with sleek, dense muscle, Yseult moves with a dangerous, pantherish grace. Her icy blue eyes are penetrating and constantly scan her surroundings with deceptively languid arcs. Her husky alto carries traces of her native Quebec, which deepen with rising emotions.


Personality: Hard and determined, self-reliant almost to a fault, Yseult tends to be blunt and foul-mouthed, with little tact. When on duty, she's professional and coldly fierce, but off-duty, she expects to have a good time, and on or off duty, is always looking for a thrill. She doesn't make friends easily, but those she does gain a loyal companion who will stand by them through anything or give them a beating when needed.

Interests: Extreme Sports, MMA, Anything outdoors, Video Games (FPS mostly), Comedy Movies, Trashy Romance novels (vehemently denied)

History: Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Yseult proved to be a gynmastic prodigy. Her father, Jean-Marc, was a severe man who pushed her hard, and was abusive towards her mother, who retaliated in kind.

When Yseult was fourteen, her father went to far and nearly killed her mother as well as tried to touch her inappropriately. In the process of defending her mother and herself, Yseult grabbed a carving knife off the kitchen counter and stabbed her father in the guts.

Police found Yseult and her mother, Louise, pummeling each other in the kitchen next to the dying figure of Jean-Marc. Though Louise accused Yseult of maliciously killing her own father, the incident was ruled self-defense and Yseult was not convicted.

Considering the animosity between Yseult and her mother, the government was inclined to place Yseult in foster care. But she was having none of that. Having earned some modest endorsements and grants due to her Olympic caliber gymnastic, Yseult applied for, and was granted, emancipation.

Her gymnastics coach, giddy with the thought of getting his hands on his star athlete without the interference of parents soon began to regret it. Yseult may have had the skills and then some to be a champion, but her personality left much to be desired. She pushed herself hard, attempting tricks that were deemed dangerous, and wanting to use music that her coach and the judges deemed 'inappropriate'. When her coach tried the get the stunning and precocious teen to try some modeling, to help raise awareness for gymnastics (supposedly), Yseult found the other girls involved contemptuous and left two of them in tears before walking out.

Her gymnastic career ended at the World Championships when she lost to a Russian who did everything by the book. She knew the judges didn't like her, she didn't disguise her own loathing of their completely arbitrary judgments and she blew up. She tore into them right there, describing in vivid detail what she thought about them, their mothers, and their pet dogs.

Security escorted her out and Yseult never competed in professional gymnastics ever again.

Now needing another goal, Yseult took odd jobs to help pay the bills while training, competing in various extreme sports, and generally have a good time. She wanted to try Mixed Martial Arts, but had to wait until she was eighteen to officially compete.

Turning eighteen found Yseult completely broke and evicted from her tiny apartment. With few other prospects, at least ones she was willing to consider, Yseult signed up with the military. It was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Yseult took to military life remarkably well, despite a dislike for authority. Sure, most of the officers were complete dicks, but combat was a visceral thrill, a rush like no other. Her drive and skill earned her a position with Joint Task Force-2, a counter-terrorism and black ops unit, and she cross-trained with the U.S. Rangers, as well. That the missions with JTF-2 tended to be solo or in small units was even better, as far as Yseult was concerned. She served with distinction in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other places, which are classified.

A year ago, while on leave in Las Vegas, Yseult was having a great, time, wild and free. Then one day, she woke up, hungover... and married... to a teenager, no less. Sure, he was cute, and a fine ride, but come on! And she had had no desire to marry. Even more annoying, her husband was being a complete pain in the ass, fighting her completely reasonable request for a divorce and/or annulment. Changing her number to unlisted didn't seem to make him stop calling either. She was seriously (half seriously) contemplating beating the annulment out of him, or perhaps ending the marriage with a bullet from a thousand meters - she was sure she could get away with it.

When the IOA began sending out covert feelers, looking to recruit for the Atlantis mission, Yseult's file got flagged. She was an elite soldier, who had shown the capability to survive in varied environments, with little support. Her commanding officer, after having a brief affair with her, was all too willing to see her go, and Yseult had no family to speak of. Even better, a surreptitious examination had shown that Yseult possessed the ATA genome sequence.

The best part, as far as Yseult was concerned, was that she'd be a galaxy away from Dylan Harvey and she wouldn't have to ever think of him again. Her only regret was that she hadn't heard of the StarGate program years ago. Explore alien planets and fight alien lifeforms? She felt like Lara Croft and Master Chief, all rolled into one.

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