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Ryusei Hideyoshi

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Ryusei had been so busy as of late, he'd had to force himself to slow down. Katya as well was occupied. Still a day was set aside for the two of them to spend together, free of business, or anyone else.

He smiled waiting for her to arrive at his home. They'd planned to start early, about ten am local time for him, and he was anxious. His watch chirped. She'd bought it for him, even though he always knew the time.

"Alright, where are you now I wonder..." A day in tokyo, a picnic, then a show, maybe the bars, finally home for a nightcap. That was the basic plan...

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"Honey! I'm hooooome!"

Ryusei's heightened perceptions caught Katya's husky contralto - though she had exchanged her Russian accent for a softer brogue - and the click-clack of her heels on the floor. Striding through his home, following the sound of Katya's teasing laughter, Ryusei found his girlfriend standing in the doorway to his - their - bedroom, her back braced against the frame in a seductive pose, the wicked grin he loved on her lips, graceful, intoxicating fingers beckoning.

It was his Katya, but one native to Ireland than Russia. About the same height, her milky pale skin was dusted with freckles and her midnight tresses were now a fiery auburn, complimenting the same intensely green eyes. She was dressed in an astonishingly short skirt-suit of emerald green straining against a bustline that would give Bombshell's a run for its money and spike-heeled thigh-highs of shiny, black leather. It was one of her latest games, altering her appearance to spice things up... and she was getting more adept at those alterations.

She had been working hard for the last few weeks, especially for one client that wanted their working relationship to remain quiet. Now, it was time to play hard. Ryusei came up to her and she pressed herself against him, murmuring as she felt her heavy breasts flatten against his firm chest. With her towering heels, she barely had to tilt her head up to give him a fierce kiss.

"I've missed you, Ryu." Mischievous eyes cut to the bedroom as a hand reached down between his legs, with just a hint of delicious power her fingers could induce. "I'd show you how, but then I don't think we'd get out of the house." Katya took a step back, gesturing at herself, hair flowing back to black, her clothing shifting into stunning little black dress with twining, sapphire dragon pattern, then arched a brow at Ryusei. "But first, what kind of woman do you want to be seen with tonight." Her voice dropped to a smokey whisper. "And it doesn't have to be just one."

With smooth fluidity, Katya began shifting her features and figure subtly, along with her clothing, and then not so subtly, taking on forms nearly indistinguishable from other nova celebrities and friends they new. Only her wickedly teasing smile and vivid emerald eyes remained the same, her arousal rising.

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He smiled. "You do love to tease me so."

His hands wrapped around her waist and he uttered words that were liable to make the evening interesting. "Surprise me."

As he pulled her to him and kissed her again with almost ferocious abandon. "I've missed you to Katya."

It took a great deal of will to disentangle himself from her, but he did, and smiled. "I thought we could go play Tourist, a little this morning, and Maybe the park for Lunch."

"After that We can do whatever you like until dinner."

He smiled. "Or as so often happens, we can simply play things by ear, and enjoy each other's company through it all."

It had been two years since they'd met, and Through it all, he could only smile, thinking about how happy she'd made him. There were things it'd taken him time to get used to, but he accepted it, and for her part, she asked so little of him.

"We have the house to ourselves today, and ALL Japan is our playground."

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