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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Kamiko "Heiwa" (Peace) Hideyoshi

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Kamiko Hideyoshi

AKA: Heiwa ("Peace" 平和)

History: Kamiko isn't a normal girl. Even for a second generation nova. Being of a mixed heritage in the first place, she was of Caucasian and Japanese decent. Being Second Generation, she had to be careful what she showed and why. Unfortunately in her early life even the care her family took to educate her on their own and to keep her under everyone's radar failed. Being Qi-Meng practitioners, the Teragen hunted down and killed her parents systematically in a violent, bloody act in the streets of Tokyo.

The Late Kyoko Aino, codenamed Origami, was a renowned teacher and was well respected by the intellectual community. The Nova known as Cade, a mega-social and a decent fighter when needed, was a solid member of the Nova community and was a active socialite.

The choice of death the Terats chose was brutal and twice as effective. They sent one of their best tech-minded Marvels to cause through a mechanical malfunction the aircraft Kamiko's Mother and Father were in to crash into a Kuro-Tek owned facility. No one survived. Kamiko was only 7, and under the care of the two best friends of the family, Sakuako and Ryusei Hideyoshi. Known to the world at large as Doryoku - Nippontai's up-and-coming technological and support logician, and Long - A elite about to break into the top-ten of the world, a combat monster.

Together they adopted Kamiko into their family. Even giving her an identity as a person (since Kyoko and Cade had kept the child's existence a total secret). With help from Sophia Russeau and The Traveller, Doryoku made it as if Kyoko was the first-generation child of another family Killed on the same aircraft. With the layers of identity chaff around her, it was easy to start helping her into society. Eventually Sakurako and Ryusei planned on letting her start associating with a group called "The Den of the Dragon", and get help from Shen to move her foreward as a True Clade.

Appearance and Disposition: Kamiko has the hallmarks of a "Halfie", Half American, Half Japanese. Somehow she got Blonde hair, and ended up with gold, shiny irises with cross-shaped pupils as part of her existence as a Second Generation. She needs corrective lenses to help with her sight since it is adversely effected by the unique way light enters her eyes. She tends to wear what fancies her, but usually to blend in with others her age she usually wears a generic school uniform that wouldn't engender much notice from the public. Being home-schooled though she has not set foot in one school in any public or private education system in Japan.

Her personality is reserved, and she carefully chooses what she wishes to portray to others. In times of trial, she seems to have a calm wisdom beyond her age and gives sage advice that usually puts her in a position of leadership. She is not without her quirks. She loves sailing and nautical subjects, loves flying and loves to no end to fly about in her paper airplane and flightsuit (which she had specially tailored). She is also a pacifist, although only towards not throwing the first punch. Her adoptive Father made damn sure she remembers to throw the last.

This facade though has been cracking. With the start of her interactions with the outside world, her ivory tower days have shown she has a slight paranoia. More of being careful and covering all her steps, a vestigial remnant of her days under the radar with her birth parents. And while calm generally, she has started to show she is quick to anger in regards to perceived insults to her closest family and friends.

She has also shown times of great emotional weakness when dealing with the loss of her parents, while this has been dealt with, the toll this issue took claimed her early captaincy of the Hikari Maru, and eventually caused her near-death experience at the hands of her own tutor and guardian to prevent her from following some suicidal scheme. Not all has been bad, She now is the proud owner of the Bibliotheca Sacra space station, drifting in the Kuiper Belt. Her success in the GNS and the start of a search and rescue team within it is her greatest coup so far.

While one not to brag about she has also started to come into alot of money, after all being the first teenager to a exoplanet tends to attract endorsement deals and other lucrative offers. But she is about to learn a secret that will change her life forever.

That secret, was Dan Hawkins, high ranking elite and mentor, was infact his daughter all along. This combined with several setbacks and near death finally cause enough emotional strain to send her into apotheosis.

Now just joining Nippontai, Kamiko is going to discover just how complicated things can be. Fortunately, for her service within the GNS, she has earned a space craft of her own, the NSS Hikari Maru A, the refit of the original that took her to New Hope, capable of using her warps. All the while she's had an odd urge. She's already gotten a diary and she has the need to start writing about other worlds within it's pages. Finally there is the new-found diplomatic swagger she now has. Taking on the name "Peace" is more than just some cute name. She intends to bring it.

Powers: Her powers center around the manipulation of paper, as her mother was capable of. She can mold it into familiars that can act in her defense, although it takes some work. She also can make a paper airplane she can fly like a fighter, and she has the ability to make a "paper tesseract gate" that can make a warp through space-time. She also can take paper and toss it at a target cleaving it clean if she so wished or form weapons she can use to combat any attacker if she needs to defend herself. After Apotheosis, she gained a special gift, the ability to jump to other universes, but only after writing of them in a journal. She called her journal "The Journal of Impossible things".

Combat Tactics: She is a well-trained practitioner of Naginatajutsu, trained by her adoptive mother. She can toss paper blades or use them in melee combat.

Education: Kamiko's education is a hodge-podge of home-schooling, self teaching, and real-world experience. Her nova-grade intellect only helps in her keeping such information under her hat.

Private quirks: She has a compulsion to leave paper cranes about for her friends and those she helps, as well as leaving them behind next to a defeated attacker. She calls that her "Sincere wish of better times for the recipient."

Mature Content
Also she has an issue where she developed a sexual aberration she discovered on her coming into sexual maturity. She has a fetish for inflatable clothing and items. She keeps this under wraps and fights the impulse whenever she can, but as a young girl with her hormones starting to rage... there may be... issues as she doesn't realize she's not behaving in a social norm. Thus is the case with a mental aberration.
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Kamiko Hideyoshi

A.K.As: Kamiko Aino, Kamiko Hawkins

Nova Name/Codename: Nippontai: Heiwa (平和) "Peace", 4 (Team YJ), The Paper (In family coms)

Nicknames: Miss Shakespeare, Kami-chan, Yomiko

Concept: Papermaster/Information Adept

Species: 2nd Generation True Clade Nova

Status: Post-Apotheosis

Nature: Paragon

Allegiances: Japan/Nippontai/Bibliotheca Sacra

Associations: The Den of the Dragon/Team YJ/GNS

Held Ranks: Captain; N.S.S Hikari Maru A, Head Librarian; Bibliotheca Sacra, Auxiliary Team - Support Officer; Nippontai

HT: 170.6cm / 5'6"

WT: 52.2kg / 115pd

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Gold

Age: 15


STR: 3, DEX: 8 (Nimble), STA: 8 (Determined), PER: 8 (Detail-oriented), INT: 8 (Bookworm), WITS: 5 (Clever), APP: 5 (Cute), MAN: 8 (Inspiring), CHA: 5


Resistance: 5, Endurance: 5, Athletics: 3, Martial Arts: 5, Melee (Naginatajutsu 3): 5, Pilot (Fighter): 5, Awareness: 5, Investigation (Research, Deduction): 5, Navigation (Air): 5, Academics: 5, Computer: 5, Linguistics: 5, Medicine (Emergency Response, First Aid): 5, Science: 5, Survival (Foraging): 5, Art: 5, Weave: 4, Command: 1, Etiquette (Diplomacy): 5, Meditation: 2, Diplomacy (Foreign Relations, Mediation, Negotiation): 3


Mentor (Adoptive Parents) 5, Node 5, Eufiber 5, Resources 6, Cypher 5, Attunement 5, Backing 5 (Nippontai), Allies 5, Contacts 5, Sanctum 5 (The Bibliotheca Sacra)


Gadgetry: 5: Model DVNS-MK1 Prototype Invisibility Cloak

Gadgetry 5: Nippontai Mark IX Protective Bodysuit

Martial Arts Maneuvers and Techniques

Style: Naginatajutsu

Starting Style Maneuvers: Dodge, Sweep, Weapon Form(Naginata)

Bonus Style Maneuvers: Disarm, Feint

Mega Attributes and Enhancements

IT - Mega Perception 5

Holographic Awareness (Vision of Omoikane), Stellar Traveler (Omoikane's Path), Electromagnetic Vision (Omoikanes' Vision), High-End Electromagnetic Scan (Omoikane's Analysis), Quantum Attunement (Omoikane's Omniscience)

IT - Mega Stamina 5

Adaptability (Ideas take root anywhere), Health (Sound of Body), Regeneration (The Apprentice's Spark), Fertility (Controlling the Fruit)

IT - Mega Intelligence 8

Taint Resistant (Sound of Mind), Eidetic Memory (Walking Encyclopedia), Enhanced Memory (Able Scholar), Linguistic Genius (Walking Babelfish), Discerning Mind (Eye of Truth), Total Concentration (Omoikane's Focus), Fast Learner (Knowledge Sponge), Speed Reading (Way of the Paper)

IT - Mega Manipulation 5

Persuader (The Advisor's Wisdom), Mediator (The Diplomat's Tongue), The Voice (Voice of the Paper)

IT - Mega Wits 5

Artistic Genius (Eye for Detail), Redirection (The Fox's Cunning), Multitasking (Omoikane's Flexibility)

Mega Appearance 3

First Impressions (Careful Poise), Appearance Alteration (Kamiko's Blossoming)

Mega Charisma 5

Disconcerting (The Minotaur's Enigma), Politesse (Kamiko's Honor), Commanding Presence (Kamiko's Heart)

Mega Dexterity 1


Quantum: 8

Quantum Pool: 79

Willpower: 10/10

Initiative: 14


L2 IT - "Papermastery" - Elemental Anima (Paper) 8: Shaping, Imprision, Shield, Blast, Sphere, Storm - Weakness to Sonic Powers (Complete Shutdown), Half-Effectiveness against fire, No multiple actions allowed when using techniques associated with this power.

L2 IT - "Paper Bubble" - Force Field 1 - Weakness to Sonic Powers (Complete Shutdown), Half-Effectiveness against fire + 5 ranks of area (5m Bubble)

L3 IT - "Paper Familiar" - Quantum Construct 3 - Weakness to Sonic Powers (Complete Shutdown), Half-Effectiveness against fire + Longevity

L2 IT - "Paper Airplane" - Flight 3 - 72m Combat Flight, 550 kph Non-Combat flight - Weakness to Sonic Powers (Complete Shutdown), Half-Effectiveness against fire + 5 ranks of Range increase

L2 IT - "Paper Dagger" - Claws 2 + Kinetic Discharge, Armor Piercing, Reduce Level by 1 (in terms of QP cost). - Can only use to charge single paper sheets, Useless against "Immolation: Fire"

L3 IT - "Omoikane's Wisdom" - Information Manipulation 8: Coherence, Translation, Steganography, Information Void, Disinformation, Transposition

L4 IT - "Paper Goddess" - Elemental Authority: Paper 1 Technique: Transmute: Paper/Wood

L1 IT - "Kamiko's Cunning" - Blank 8 (Mastery 1)

L1 IT - "Kamiko's Firewall" - Psychic Shield 8

L1 "Kamiko's Calm" - Empathic Shield 8

L4 “The Journal of Impossible Things” – Cross-Time Travel 1 + Exotic World - has to write out a page for each dimension she travels to - Requires Paper for CTT Gate to be made - Weakness to Sonic Powers (Complete Shutdown) +Affects Others

L2 Paper Tesseract - Warp 5 – 11 auto Sux - Requires Paper for Tesseract to be made - Weakness to Sonic Powers (Complete Shutdown)

L2 "Opening the World Book" - ESP 4 + Distant Scan

Merits & Flaws

Taint Resistant

Internal Compass

Natural Leader


Weak Sense - Sight

Pacifist (Non-Lethal Force, Won't start fights)

Trademark - Paper Cranes


Aberrant Eyes: 8-point star Shaped Pupils with Gold Irises

Anima Banner: Golden Sparks and Text

Mature content
Sexual Aberration: Inflatable Clothing and Item fetish

Known Languages

Native: Japanese

Others: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Thai, Swahili, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Norwegian,Gaelic, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic, American Sign Language, Klingon, Elvish


Walk: 7m, Run: 20m, Sprint: 44m, Combat Flight: 72m, Non-Combat Flight: 550kph


Base Soak: 13/7, Eufiber: +5/5, Force Field (Base): +8/8 (Plus an Additional +2 per Success of B/L), Shield Technique: (+6/6 Not useable with FF).

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Current Experience (Earned/Spent/Current)

Standard: 132/132/0

Baseline: 48/48/0

Nova: 53/53/0

Current Experience Penalties (Standard/Nova): 0/0

Earned Experience Tally
Banked Starting Experience Points - 10 Standard, 10 Baseline, 10 Nova

The Guardian of Jimbocho (5.12) - 2 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

In the Light of Day - 4 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

Interlude Arc (All interlude threads get +4 Standard XP)

New note: All players get an extra +4 Standard XP for every completed "Greek" Interlude.

Current Interlude Gifts: 12 Standard (Alpha, Gamma, Zeta)

A Jungle Den (Beta) - 12 Standard , 4 Baseline, 4 Nova

Quantum Rapids - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

There's no place I can be... - 6 Standard, 0 Baseline, 2 Nova

You can't take the sky from me ... - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

Young Justice: Martian Mixer - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

Yellow Mountains - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

GNS - Galactic Navigation Services - 8 Standard, 4 Baseline, 4 Nova

Padawan Kamiko - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

Young Justice 2: Forging Better Tomorrows - 8 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

Last Will and Testament - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

Trial By Fire - 6 Standard, 2 Baseline, 2 Nova

The Truth of the Matter is... - 7 Standard, 2 Baseline, 3 Nova

Young Justice 3 - 7 Standard, 3 Baseline, 3 Nova

Ghosts of the Past - 7 Standard, 3 Baseline, 4 Nova

NHC - New Hope City - 7 Standard, 2 Baseline, 3 Nova

Purchases and Improvements
(IT = In Theme, OOT = Out Of Theme) Valid as of Padawan Kamiko

(OOT) +2 Warp (7 + 14 Standard (21 Total))

+Deduction specialty of Investigation (1 Baseline)

(IT) Mega Perception 2 (3 + 3 Nova (6 Total))

Free Enhancement: Holographic Awareness

(OOT) Stellar Traveller (5 Nova)

Valid as of Last Will and Testament

Sanctum 5 (2 + 2 + 4 + 6 Baseline (14 Total) + 8 Standard (8 Total)) - The Bibliotheca Sacra

Valid as of Trial By Fire

(IT) +1 Mega Perception (6 Nova XP)

+ Electromagnetic Vision (Level 3 Mega Per free Enhancement)

+ (OOT) High End Electromagnetic Scan (5 Nova XP (Calling this one out of theme))

(IT) Mega Manipulation 1 + 2 Levels (3+3 Nova, 6 Standard)

+ Persuader (Level 1 Free Enhancement)

+ Mediator (Level 3 Free Enhancement)

+ 4 Quantum Pool (2 Nova, 6 Standard)

(IT) Information Manipulation 1 + 2 Levels (5+5+10 Standard XP)

* Coherance

* Translation

* Steganography

(IT) + Mega Intelligence Enhancement: Total Concentration (3 Standard XP)

+1 Appearance (8 Baseline)

Meditation 1 + 1 (3 + 2 Baseline)

(Post Apotheosis)

Valid after Truth of the Matter is...

Diplomacy (Foreign Relations, Mediation, Negotiation): 3 (8 Standard, 4 Baseline)

(IT) Mastery 1: Blank (10 Standard)

Valid Before Chapter 6

+1 Survival (8 BXP)

+1 Backing (6BXP, 2STD) (Switch to Nipontai)

+2 Warp (15SXP, 20NXP)

Gadget 5 - Nippontai Mark IX Protective Bodysuit (26 SXP) - Q3, QP 30

Innovations: Armor 3 (+9B/+9L), Bodymod: Spaceworthy

Options: Nippontai Comlink (1OP), Arm-Mounted collapsable computer (3OP), OLED HUD (3OP), Parachute (2OP), Life Preserver (3OP), 24 hour battery for options: (1OP), Variable Floodlight (2OP)

Correction: Spent 12 XP to own cloak

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Paper Familiar (Quantum Construct) Examples (Pool Man 5, QC 3)

1 Success: Paper Lynx - Str/Sta 1, Dex 3, 4 HL

2 Successes: Paper Puppet (Humanoid) - Normal Human Statistics, 2 human health levels

3 Successes: Paper Golem (Humanoid) - 3m Tall, Str/Sta 4, Dex 2, 8 Health Levels

4 Successes: Paper Guardian (Humanoid) - 4m Tall, MStr 1, Str 4, Sta 4, Dex 2, +1 Soak, +10 Hurt Levels

5 Successes: Paper Juggernaut (Humanoid) - 8m Tall, MStr 2, Str 4, Sta 4, Dex 2, +2 Soak, +12 Hurt Levels

Common additions

For 1 Success


* Kinetic Discharge

* Can only use to charge single paper sheets

* Useless against "Immolation: Fire"


Winged Flight 1

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Owned Gadgets

Model DVNS-MK1 Prototype Invisibility Cloak - ••••• - Quantum 3, QP 30

This impermeable cloak was designed for the more elite members of the DeVries cadres that were covert operators. Designed to make it difficult to see the wearer when active, the cloak can be set up when inactive to take on any pattern from desert camoflauge or flat colors to look like an ordinary rain cloak.

The device when active isn't completely foolproof. The wearer can still be heard and if someone looked close enough they could still see a distortion of the wearer (Invisibility •••). It also has a limited time in invisible mode with which it can be active before it had to recharge off of the wearer's own quantum.

The cloak's other drawback is that the hood completely covers the head except for a eyeslit that is kept transparent. The "bubble" hood is well ventilated though, and gasmask canisters or a air line can be attached to it for an added level of bioazard/chemical protection. The facial area is transparent when the invisibility is offline.

Kamiko's cloak Kyoko got for her daughter when she knew Kamiko would reach the point of apotheosis. She figured it may come in handy and left it for her on the Bibliotheca Sacra.

Nippontai Mark IX Protective Bodysuit - ••••• - Quantum 3, QP 30

This bodysuit is the classic uniform associated with Nippontai, upgraded for use in the late 20's. The suit has the typical armor protection expected for the suits, and the suits themselves have environmental protection provided by an optional helmet. The latest model has concepts developed by Denshi and Doryoku.

Innovations: Armor 3 (+9B/+9L), Bodymod: Spaceworthy

Options: Nippontai Comlink (1OP), Arm-Mounted collapsable computer (3OP), OLED HUD (3OP), Parachute (2OP), Life Preserver (3OP), 24 hour battery for options: (1OP), Variable Floodlight (2OP)

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