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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Carnal


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Birth Name: Typhon

Terat Name: Carnal

Age: 18

Complexion: Mixed/Olive (Russian and Persian)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 200 lbs.

Eye Color: Golden Amber

Hair Color: None (but may grow with shapeshift)

Build: Sleek and athletic

Residence: San Francisco

Please Note: The following deals with mature subject matter including dark themes and sex. Reader discretion advised.



Pleasure and Pain:

I am recording this memoir for my brothers and sisters, that in the eventuality of my demise they will know the truth. So that the legacy of my parents and all they fought for will live on, even if I do not. For we are all the legacy of our parents, a co-mingling of their essence, and we go through our lives either living out their dreams for us or in opposition to them. For us novas...even moreso.

Where to begin? I'll start with my mother. She was so beautiful. And tough...one of the toughest. She could have had the world for an oyster, lived life in decadence unprecedented in all of history, and she chose to become an Elite. That's how tough she was. I'm sure you've guessed by now who she was. Ishtar...goddess of beauty and war. An Amazonian Fury if the world had ever seen one, her thirst for blood on the battlefield was insatiable. Right now you're probably thinking, "Did not Ishtar refuse the bed of any man?" And it's true...she was untameable, until she met my father.

You've almost certainly never heard of him but my father called himself Ba'al. A mentalist and professional dom of the highest caliber, he met my mother at a fundraiser for the QNA, that's the Queer Nova Alliance for those unfamiliar. My father was one of their major financial contributors, and my mother had always been an outspoken feminist. He wasn't particularly tall, nor particularly blessed with good looks. But what he lacked in outward assets he more than made up for in the sharpness of his intellect, the acuteness of his perception and his insight into the inner workings of people. When he first approached her my mother laughed at his boldness, but he was a perfect gentleman, and his admonition that sexual contact was strictly unnecessary managed to pique her curiosity just enough to open a tiny crack in her armor. It was small, that kernel of curiosity, but it was enough to begin a year long courtship.

During this time my parents developed their close friendship over many conversations and my father, a consummate Terat, opened my mother's eyes to the vast horizon of Teras. He painted for her the picture of a world without mental limitations, where they were free to explore what was beyond the frail notions of the species they were born and reborn from. It was his mind she fell in love with, she always said...and from there he became the world for her. At their wedding ceremony she did the unfathomable...total power exchange, giving herself utterly to my father, Ba'al, Lord of Lords.

You may recall the media circus when she left DeVries. Publicly decrying her former profession and embracing Teras won her few friends and made her many enemies. Both her and my father eschewed the more radical factions, preferring to take the long view of our kind. To that end she became a spokeswoman while my father did what he was best at, pulling strings behind the scenes. Meanwhile, unknown to anyone...they'd had me.

With her complete control over her physical form and her capacity for regeneration my mother was able to overcome the sterility so many of our kind seemed plagued with and, shrewd as he was, my father understood the danger posed to us. Deciding it was too risky to send me to Bounty, they elected to tell no one and raise me in secret. It was hard growing up in seclusion. No one could know they were fertile, or that a nova child existed. While I understand now their love for me, at the time I didn't. On the rare occasion I rebelled, and ran way with some new friend, my father would inevitably find me, my friend's memories would be erased, and we would move on. I hated my father for that, and was too hard on him. He showed me what inner strength and will meant, how to wield the burden and responsibilities of power, and that an idea could be the most powerful weapon. From my mother I learned outward strength...prowess in battle, and how to use both my body and my charms to their highest advantage. I was fourteen when my parents were murdered.

As a child of Teras, my family mores were not that of most. I was quite aware of what my parents did, what sex was and the relationships of power and energy exchange were obvious and second nature. While my hormones did not kick in until the normal human age, I grew up skilled in all manner of sensual delight and flirtation. As part of my education, when I hit puberty I was sent away to the slave house of the Lady of Pain.

A good friend of my parents, a fellow Terat, and Professional Mistress, baselines and novas alike paid small fortunes to be her slave but I was her star pupil. My father had told me of his years in a slave house, how it had made him who he was...for in order to be a truly great Dom; to be in complete commitment and service to the submissive, one must first understand utterly what they feel. This is the secret of power exchange. The submissive gives over their will completely and totally into the care of the top, and the top in turn gives the submissive everything. My father used to say "For the Greatest of Lords is Servant to All."

My first two years in the Lady's service were spent performing all manner of menial labor, I was at her Mistresses disposal at any time night or day. During this time her rewards were meager and her punishments harsh. I learned obedience and discipline and when to keep my mouth shut. When I had proven my commitment and dedication, she took me on as her apprentice. Six months later, they died.

Perhaps you recall the death of Ishtar? The media pegged it as an extremist act, an illegal blacktech bomb planted by fringe elements of the Church of Michael Archangel. It's true that it was the work of an extremist, and that blacktech was used, but it wasn't the brainwashed members of the aptly named COMA. It was Pax.

The Gauntlet of Peace indeed. Even Utopian spin doctors are having a hard time keeping a lid on his god complex. In an interview with the press my mother was being questioned about Teras and Mal and the infamous incident of Bahrain was brought up. My mother, always outspoken and fearless suggested to the interviewer that perhaps Pax's vendetta against Mal was motivated by the jealousy of rejection. She also implied that he secretly needed a good top and that she could oblige him. Apparently, she struck a nerve.

Pax had done his homework. When he surprised my parents at their island villa he was wearing a helmet...my father was certain it was confiscated tech...that kept him out of Pax's mind. When my mother came at him, Pax gassed her with Eclipsodol, and was apparently himself wearing a special suit that protected him from it's effects. Once she was disabled he broke my father's back below the cervical vertebrae, leaving him conscious but paralyzed while he then proceeded to brutally rape my mother. Exhausted of Quantum, she could not alter her body to compensate for the assault nor could she heal herself as Pax tore her violently open. The ordeal went on for twelve hours before his sadistic lust had slaked it's thirst. When he was done and she was a gasping tattered rag doll, Pax left a quantum explosive device and flew away. I know all of this because I watched it all. Unable to move, unable to defeat Pax, my father reached out his mind to me. I could do nothing while he held my attention, could not close my eyes, could not escape his senses. I have never known such an exquisite agony, such a penetrating pain as I experienced that day. The rage, horror and hopelessness all blended together into a symphony of suffering like I had never known was possible. He wanted me to know what happened to them, and to avenge them when the moment was right. Later that night, as I sat catatonic with grief, Pax held a media press conference on Utopian efforts to stop human and nova trafficking by the Heaven's Thunder Triads. He looked so smug on the vidcast. Later N! Prime paparazzi caught him dining with the Princess of Monaco, celebrating...as if nothing had happened. That was the day I saw the true face of evil.

The Lady of Pain helped me to understand and embrace my suffering, to harness my anger as fuel and to yoke my pain into purpose. I redoubled my training, throwing myself into my apprenticeship. Under her masterful tutelage I learned in excruciating detail the talents of torment and ecstasy. At first I would merely watch. As my training progressed, I was allowed to participate. Sometimes I would bind her slaves, other times I would be allowed to practice what I had learned. This is when I developed the full range of my inheritance, for like all children I was a hybrid of my parents...gifted with both physical malleability and synaptic mastery...a physical psychic if you will. When I turned 16, I gave my virginity to the Lady and for the last year of my training she instructed me in all manner of carnal pleasures to match my aptitude for agony. On my 17th birthday, five years to the day since I had started, I earned my freedom and stepped into the world a young adult. Today is my 18th birthday, and it's been a busy year.

Just before he passed, my father left me the keys to his vast wealth and the names of a small handful of people that could be trusted. I set up shop in San Francisco, reaching out to my father's connections in the QNA. They helped spread the word through clandestine channels to promote my new dungeon. Word spread like wildfire and my reputation has been growing ever since. You would not believe which novas come to me...oh yes, some of them are quite well known and influential. I'm not at liberty to say who of course as my work is one of total discretion. What is important however is that in addition to payment and the finest of perks my clients also provide me with information. That was how word came to me of Tarik and Marcel's little power play for the Nursery. A Casablanca like my parents before me, it was I who got word to Count Ozaiz and who, along with his son Norman managed to stop the raid and kill Tarik. The children of novakind are far too important to be used as poker chips and still rare enough to face extinction. Perhaps one day we will achieve the grand diaspora I and my fellow Portents realize is necessary for our survival, but we are not there yet. Until a Nova homeworld can be found, we are forced to contend with the powers that be on Earth, and the creeping shadow of war draws ever closer...

Pax will pay, as will those who threaten us and our children. Those who would extinguish our quantum fire will face the burning heat of our wrath. This I swear.

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Name: Typhon

Terat Alias: Carnal

Clade: Terat

Archetype: Portent

Nature: Hedonist/Thrillseeker

Theme: The Way of All Flesh (Body-Mind)


Physical (Primary)

Strength: ●●●●● (Athletic)

Dexterity:●●●●● (Coordinated)

Stamina: ●●●●● (Resilient)

Mental (Tertiary)

Perception: ●●●●● (Observant)

Intelligence: ●●●●● (Pragmatic)

Wits: ●●●●● (Level-headed)

Social (Secondary)

Appearance: ●●●●● (Sensual)

Manipulation: ●●●●● (Suggestive)

Charisma: ●●●●● (Gracious)

-(7 NP)



Athletics: ●●●●●

Awareness: ●●●●●

Endurance: ●●●●●

Hypnosis: ●●●●●

Interrogation: ●●●●●

Intimidation: ●

Investigation: ●

Martial Arts: ●●●●

Medicine: ●●●

Resistance: ●●●●●

Style: ●●●●●

Subterfuge: ●●●●●


-(3 NP, 3 XP)


Cipher: ●●●●● ● (Enigma) (Parents made sure that all knowledge was wiped clean from the minds of anyone who knew)

Contacts: ●●●

Mentor: ● (Sin Eater)

Node: ●●●●●

Resources ●●●●● ● (Wealth Beyond Avarice) (Vast inheritance spread throughout several Swiss and Cayman Islands accounts)

- (11 BP, 1 NP)


Animal Magnetism- 1 (+2 Dice on attempts to seduce or influence with sexuality)

Devotion- 2:

Code of Honor:

-No Sexual intercourse with paying clients

-Sexual play only with consenting adults

-Sexual partners must be left in good health

-Oppose any and all forms of slavery and sex trafficking by any means necessary

-Children are our future and must be protected at all costs


Sadistic- 3

Vengeful (Specific: Pax)- 2

QUANTUM: ●●●●●

Quantum Pool: 50

WILLPOWER: ●●●●● ●●●●● (Unshakeable) (10 BP, 17 XP)


Temporary Chrysalis: 0

Permanent Taint: 0

Temporary Taint: 0



Hairless (Sealed epidermis, no pores or sweat glands)

Unearthly Beauty (Symmetrical, Flawless)

Twisted Perspective (Biochemically unable to be attracted to baselines)

Eufiber Rejection (+2 BP)


Masochistic (Requires extreme stimulus for arousal)

Sinister (Doubly disturbing to baselines)


-Stamina: ●●●●● (Bioenergy Buffer x2, Regeneration, Cellular Persistence, Resiliency x2, Hardbody)

-Perception: ● (Body Awareness, Psychic Awareness)

-Appearance: ●● (Seductive Looks)

-Manipulation: ●●●●● (Confessor, Clarity, Symphony of Touch)

- (36 NP)


-Mind over Flesh ●(Shapeshift)

Horrid Form:

With an Average of 7 successes:


Enhanced Movement

Face of Terror

Growth 1

Density Increase 1 (Fixed: provides 2 levels)

Armor 1

Claws 1 (Armor Piercing)


-Mind over Flesh ● (Body Shift)

Hentai Happy:

IC this is the same power as shapeshift but OOC is used differently. Shapeshift is used for gross alterations such as growth, density increase, and flight, as well as enhancements to form, movement, and senses. The primary purpose of Body Shift is for body modifications and more subtle shifting of structures and organs. His horrid form is often supplemented by extra health levels and tendrils formed from strands of muscle. With 7 average successes, a typical spread would be 30 extra maimed health levels (6 per success for being in theme) and 6 tendrils (3 per success for being in theme)

-Caress ●●●●● (Disorient)

Neural Whips:

Extrudes thin hairlike filaments of nerve fibers that can lash out and burrow into a target's nervous system, wracking their body with extreme sensation that blurs the line between agony and ecstacy. These monowire-like filaments are charged with quantum and can bypass most external defenses, including the epidermis of armored novas and even impervious Force Fields! However, sensory shielding (as the power) of the targets nervous system will effectively hinder the use of this ability. Psychic Defenses have no effect.

-Motor Control ● (Domination)

Neural Whips:

An extension of the Caress, although currently not as refined. Rather than simply stimulate a target's pleasure and pain sites, he instead subsumes control over the targets motor functions, rendering them a living marionette on the end of his neural whips.

-Limbic Control ● (Empathic Manipulation, Weakness: Reduced Range (x10 meters), Strength: Duration always Maintenance)

Passion Play:

A further extension of the caress, the targets emotional state is laid bare, and may even be altered to taste through the neural manipulation of the limbic centers of the nervous system.

-Mind Mapping ● (Telepathy, Weakness: Reduced Range (Quantum+Power Rating)x10 meters, requires Line of Effect (rather than LOS) and may not use the 'Scan' aspect of the power, Strengths: Duration always Maintenance, Reduced by Sensory Shield rather than than psychic shield or mental invulnerability)


In baseline kink relationships, the submissive usually has a safe word negotiated before hand to ensure the sub's safety. With the more complete forms of domination available to a nova however, the potential for abuse becomes great. Using Mind Mapping to monitor the subject's inner thoughts while being dominated ensures that it remains an enjoyable experience for all. Unlike most nova telepaths however, this ability requires contact from the neural whips and so must occur within close proximity. On the advantageous side, this greatly reduced range and direct physical contact means that normal mental defenses will not protect against it.

-Exsanguination ● (Quantum Vampire: Health Levels)

Blood Play:

One of the more extreme forms of kink, blood letting or blood play has been taken a step further by giving the nova a rush of vitality as he drinks the targets blood, in effect gaining their life force. The method of extraction varies, from creating hollow bone claws that absorb plasma directly into his marrow, extruding blood veins directly into the target's own, or the creation of lamprey-like sucking mouths on the ends of tendrils. Of course, turnabout is fair-play... see Augmented Blood below.

-Quantum Flesh ●● (Invulnerability, Broad Category: Physical)


A side effect of Cellular Persistence, wounds heal as quickly as they are inflicted, requiring massive amounts of force to overload. Fire and other forms of high energy tissue destruction however are unaffected by this power (and indeed highly sought after by this masochistic nova).

-Quantum Plasma (Body Modification: Augmented Blood)

Sacramental Communion:

Yet another side effect of his incredible cellular persistence, those receiving his blood, either via oral ingestion or via injection (which may be accomplished using body modifications) also receive the blessing of a small portion of his quantum vitality

-(13 NP, 10 Nova xp)

Combat Stats

Initiative: 8

Base Soak: 20 Bashing/ 10 Lethal

Physical Soak: 32 Bashing/ 22 Lethal

Health Levels (Default): 10












Note: Never suffers any wound penalties.



Standard: 12/2

Baseline: 12/2

Nova: 12/2


10 Nova: Physical Invulnerability 2

8 Baseline: Willpower from 8-9

9 Standard: Raise Willpower from 9-10

1 Standard and 2 Baseline: New Ability: Investigation

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Due to in part to some questions I've had about it, I'm adding clarification to the above story, and some things for Mega-Intelligent nova's to pick out..

One, if you asked Carnal/Typhon about this, his answer would be absolutely yes, and it would register as true, but.. there are several anomalies, that one would need Mega-Intelligence 3+ or Investigative, Tactical or Strategical prodigy to pick out quickly (long investigation over months also might pick these out, but that's more questionable)

  • First, it's odd that Pax would use Eclipsidol, he's actually physically powerful enough that he would have been able to take both Ba'al and Istar without it, but he is one of the people who would be able to get his hands on it.
  • Second, it's odd that Pax would do something so out of character from his personal self-image, and let a telepath who might be able to send it to someone else watch it.
  • Third, Pax has never been mind controlled or worn anything to protect his mind against telepath's before, but no one has ever controlled his mind, so one must wonder if he needed it. Still, the reverse is also possible, it's possible a dominator w/possession was running Pax at the time, or even could be hiding in Pax's mind without him being aware if it, taking control and erasing episode from Pax's mind.
  • Fourth, his growth in power has made him a little more unstable (Pax has Quantum 8 and Taint 8), and he is power obsessed, and rape is a power crime, though it is a bit out of character to draw it out over 12 hours, but maybe he was crazy enough to do it.
  • Fifth, It could be a frame or a blackmail, something set up to better control Pax, or to get him to do something someone wants, after all, he is obsessed with his self-image to an extreme degree, he would go to considerable lengths to avoid the negative publicity that this could produce. However, only a sphinx could possibly manage a frame up of this level, but it could be done.
  • Sixth, a extremely capable metamorph, with Shapechange, Appearance Alteration, Copycat & Persona might be able to perfectly copy Pax in such a manner as to make it completely believable.
  • Seventh, Pax has a partial (not complete) alibi for this day, he was seen several times flying overhead.. that doesn't mean he didn't do it, but it would mean he stopped now and again to make an alibi work.. or had an accomplice..
  • Eighth, a powerful enough telepath could have constructed this event in Ba'al.. or even Carnal's mind, this is one of the few ways to convincingly trick a Grifter, convince them that something happened, and give them even the experiences for it.
  • Nine, no one saw Ishtar or Ba'al's bodies... they might not be as dead as Carnal thinks they are..it would certainly allow someone to take them captive for extended periods of time if everyone thought they were dead..
  • Ten, Nine, it could all be true exactly as described.. ..
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My own Notes in reply to the above:

Pax (If it was Pax, apparently...) used Eclipsodol not because he couldn't take both of them (as they were *only* Q7), but to keep Ishtar from using her quantum to shapechange in a manner that would have prevented the rape or allowed her to heal.. The Eclipsodol would have left her without any quantum, forcing her to burn health levels for power when she was already being beaten to near death.

Pax (if it was Pax, apparently), used a couple of Quantum gadgets (easily accessible to him via Utopia's confiscations), including a psychic shield (just to be sure),and a quantum Bomb (disintegrate/area) to get rid of the evidence and bodies.

Lastly, It was Krul's (Quantum Fire's) idea to have the rape/murder occur, and to have it be Pax, so any criticisms for Pax acting out of character should be addressed to him and not construed to be me rewriting NPCs willy-nilly. I'm sure he reserves the right to plot twist the idea if it makes sense, but as he and I discussed, and my intention while writing the background is that it was ACTUALLY Pax, and that his megalomania and rage aberrations have begun to spiral him deeper into madness as he approaches Taint 10. Krul wanted and encouraged me to go dark and disturbing and I obliged.

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