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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Rules and Setting - Exotic Locations: Various non-Earth Worlds and Dimensions.


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Name(s): J2, Jupiter Two.

Home Dimension

Star System: HD44594, 84 Light Years away from Earth, It's a yellow main sequence star with nearly identical age, luminosity and spectroscopy as the Sun. No known exoplanets or stellar companions (before investigation). Eighty-four light years away in the Puppis constellation.

Description: On the fringe of the habitable zone, J2 is a large gas giant almost twice the mass of Jupiter. It has 6 rings and 38 moons. One moon is filled with heavy metals, one is luminescent (silver?), one is mostly liquid water (no life and its orbit puts it through a serious ice age every 90 days).

Some of the rings are mostly ice, others are the result of worlds colliding. The metals in the ring system were all non-radioactive heavy metals, iron was most common, but just about any metal could be found among the rocks that were part of this ring system, and there were huge amounts of it. Some of the pieces of the rings were as much as a mile long, rock, iron, copper, lead, gold, mercury, alloys of cobalt, zinc and aluminum could all be found within these rings, to name a few.

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Name(s): Earth2, Jurassic Park, The Garden of Eden, Garbage World, Hell

Description: Cross Time Travel Earth where the dinosaurs were never killed by that rock.

Number of CTT successes used to find/describe this world: 1

In this case one success is a lot. Warren didn't deliberately make this world "hell" but this Earth's plants have not gone through tens of thousands of years of selective breeding for humanity’s benefit. Similarly, the really dangerous animals weren't exterminated in our long forgotten history, and nothing has instincts saying attacking humans is a bad idea.

To date two large groups of mother hunters have been dumped here. Historically Warren has dumped other things there although that hasn’t been shown yet.

Original Baseline Letter:

Mother Hunter,

You're not on your Earth anymore; this Earth had a different history. I considered taking you to a world with no novas, or perhaps something more 'Mad-Max', but what would I think if someone dumped a group of genocidal baby killers in my backyard? Worse, what crimes would you commit there? The priority is preventing you from committing more atrocities, so this world has no potential victims.

This is the Garden of Eden, you're getting a fresh start. God knows it's more than you deserve. This world missed the Rock that killed the dinosaurs so humanity never evolved. There are no other races for you to sterilize and no children for you to murder for the greater good. It's up to you whether you rebuild the society whose rules you have rejected.

I've left you your gear and weapons. I've also left some basic provisions, given your other crimes I doubt cannibalism will be a problem. There should be fresh water to the East. Watch out for the Velociraptors.


2nd Baseline Letter (which accidently was captured by their parent organization)

Mother Hunter,

This Earth had a very different history, think of it as the Garden of Eden. The Rock that killed the dinosaurs missed so humanity never evolved. Thus there are no potential victims for you, no other races for you to sterilize and no children for you to murder for the greater good.

I use this as a dumping ground for the genocidal baby killers I run into. You're getting a fresh start, it's more than you deserve. It's up to you whether you rebuild the society whose rules you have rejected, but whatever you do, it's no longer my problem.

I've left you your gear and weapons. I've also left some basic provisions, given your other crimes I doubt cannibalism will be a problem. Watch out for Velociraptors.

-Francis Biddle

Threads Active:

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Name(s): Primal Lands

Description: Cross Time Travel Earth where the dinosaurs were never killed by that rock, but the mammals evolved anyway. The mammals gained the upper hand through eruption, giving them the edge to survive against the unintelligent dinosaurs.

Number of CTT successes used to find/describe this world: 5, normally (Morri can do it with 1 because it's the only place she can go)

The Primal Lands are ruled by the erupted mammals that live there. The humans have their own small kingdoms, a total of three. The scholarly Zunyi live in mountains well away from lands claimed by dangerous animal groups, studying the stars and passage of the seasons. The Kryyrk are a war-like tribe that focus on killing their way to the top of the food chain, no matter the odds against them. The Cheir are a subspecies; Neanderthal-like and brutal, they claw out a living where they can find it. Humans do not erupt. Instead, they develop into the "inspired", often seemed to be minor novas and mentalist. It isn't known why they do this; there are rumors that other animals do so, but none have brought proof.

The animals are much more powerful. Quantum makes up for the lack of thumbs; when a tiger can rend rock or teleport and a non-erupted tiger is as smart as a human, a thumb isn't as much of an evolutionary advantage. In particular, the Tribe of the Sun is the largest animal kingdom. The lions are social enough to hold their lands together against intruders; the next largest are the White Tribe, a group of Asiatic lions that live far to the east. There is some limited trading and interbreeding between the two, but they don't have much contact.

Other major groups are the Kingdom of Scale, the massive crocodiles that hold the banks of the Nir, the mighty river that splits most of the Primal Lands in two. Though there are ways across, the Scales hold most of the passes, making crossing an interesting prospect for someone who doesn't have the means to transport themselves over. The Sky-callers are more primitive, but the birds of the air are also more spiritual; they live among the clouds and do not bother themselves with the affairs of the dirt-trapped.

The Greys divide themselves into packs. While the Suns will group themselves into families for local rules, the Reth is unquestionably the ruler of all. The Greys don't follow this at all; the rulers of the forests group themselves in self-governing packs of dozens or even hundreds wolves that cover hundreds of miles of territory. These packs choose their own rules, leaders and govern themselves.

The Dwellers are unknown and mysterious. These three-foot wide spiders live in caves below the surface of the earth. They don't interact much, coming out only to offer their woven goods for trade. Their goods aren't valued much, but some of the others have found uses for their strong ropes or light cloth.

The Night Confederation are a group of allied species. They are the only ones that cross species lines to work together. The most powerful members of this group are the Night-fliers (Owls), the Small Striders (Coyotes), the Night-singers (Bats) and the Sharp-Teeth (Weasels, Minks and Ferrets). They work together to stand up against the other, more powerful groups.

Power levels

The Animal Kingdoms are all roughly equal in power. One of their erupted in his or her prime would have 60-80 nova points; those who are the leaders and gods of their realms would have 120. However, Level 4 powers and higher don't work in this realm. Oddly, neither will technology above the stone-age level. It should work by the science, but binoculars won't show things at a distance and a water mill will not turn.

Map (click to enlarge - warning, it is HUGE):


Or see the attachment here: post-517-0-69725100-1317357977_thumb.jpg

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Name: Gold World

Description: Cross Time Travel Earth (See below)


Different standards: For historic reasons gold bars are labeled with Roman numerals and weighted by Roman weights. Further, thousands of years ago a Roman Emperor with 12 fingers and a ‘standards’ fetish made up an entirely new base 12 system and forced the empire to it. English and the Arabic base 10 system still evolved and are more commonly used. Roman Standard is mostly used for rare metals and copyright dates.

Similar History: History was similar enough that it’s possible to find things like cities and read books.

No Nova: Novas never came about.

Whoops: A big rock from space hit Europe about 15 years ago. It was expected that it’d throw dirt up and obscure the sun for 3 years. However it shook up the Earth enough that increased volcanic activity turned that into 10 years. With that, the collapse of society, and the various other natural disasters, effectively mankind is extinct.

Successes needed: 3 (Warren got a lot more)

Notable Locations: Stronghold (Functionally "Fort Knox")

Shown on: [interlude: Warren] Misc Errands

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