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British Artech, contributed by Chris Hill

British Artech (BA) is a small hardtech artillery and weapons manufacturer that caters to smaller militaries operating out of Europe and Russia. BA's goal is to provide small armies with mobile artillery at relatively affordable prices.

BA is known as a very aggressive company. It specifically targets markets where it can undercut the competition, and its ability to create new markets in suffering areas of Europe is nothing short of an art form.

The exec's at BA are a sour lot - motivated purely by money. They have never engaged in the practice of marketing themselves as a company that provides 'defenses' - far from it, they have always marketed themselves as a company that can provide weapons - devastating military weapons - to any wannabe despot out there.

In The Shatter BA is ever present. The company has a team of 'Sales Executives' that are taken from the local populace with promises of riches from cuts of each sale made. These Sales Executives are almost as bloodthirsty as the local warlords they sell weapons to.

BA is very successful in its chosen markets. Its merchandise is low cost, effective (if crude and ugly) and they 'market' themselves well. BA is currently testing the idea of expanding its 'Sales Executive' program to other hot-spots throughout known space.

Considering the success of BA, it is not surprising that there are corporations and government interests across Earth that would dearly like to the the company put out of business. There are many claims that BA is a major factor in the continuing destabilization of European and Russian countries.

BA is constantly the target of law suits, aggressive political moves and has come to the attention of at least two of the Psi Orders. The United Nations is attempting to curb the activities of BA through traditional means.

The Aesculapian Order has run afoul of BA on several occasions. Its not surprising considering the completely opposite views each organization has - The Aesculapian's want to repair & rebuild Europe, whilst BA seems to want it to burn in the fires of a new war: with weapons bought from them.

The Aesculapian Order even once attempted to coerce the British Government into investigating the practices of British Artech. The investigation was barely paid lip service, and is bogged down in massive amounts of paperwork and 'incompetence'. A senior Aesculapian, during an abortive meeting with BA reps and the British Government is famous for saying (when he finally lost all semblance of control in anger):

"The cancer of Europe is not lack of food, lack of supplies - its you two bastards (pointing at the BA and British Government reps) that will be the downfall of everything we have tried to do!"

To see complete details of weapons and equipment produced by British Artech - click here to visit the Technology section.

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