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Trinity RPG - Psionic Backlash

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Psionic Backlash, contributed by Thomas Due

I have always found that the rule for Psionic Backlash did not account enough for some of the "horror stories" described by psions in the books. I decided therefore to design my own rule, which I personally think is much better, and reflects the danger of high Psi. When a psion is exposed to a psionic backlash, he will suffer an automatic amount of damage equal to his level of Psi. This damage can be reduced by a Stamina + Resistance check. Should this check be botched, the psion will suffer an reduction to his Psi Score on a botch-for-point basis, in addition to the damage, which is lethal. The Psi Score reduction returns at one point per day. The damage may take longer. The damage suffered are usually Stun, but can in particular circumstances be Lethal.

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