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What is Trinity?

Trinity is set in the early 22nd century. Humanity has ventured into the stars and discovered strange alien races and malevolent cosmic forces. While much like our own reality in many ways, the Trinity universe proposes a future that confirms the existence of psionic powers and extraterrestrial life.

System: Revised Storyteller System (d10)

Setting: 2120 and onwards

Character: 'Psions' bestowed with psionic capability through 'the Prometheus Process'

Powers?: The manipulation of 'sub-quantum' energy.

Prometheus what?: Psionic powers are artificial. This is how they get the powers.

and Aberrants?: Still about. Just as heavily tainted 'mutants' that cause hassle for Psions.

Organizations?: Orgotek, ISRA, Norca, The Ministry, Aesculapian, Upeo, Legions and more .

Books: Plenty, the books list to date is:

Aeon (original name) Limited Ed., Trinity Hardback, Trinity Soft back, Trinity Players Guide, Lunar Rising, America Offline, Shattered Europe, Aurora Australis, Stellar Frontier, Storytellers Screen, Technology Manual, Darkness Revealed Trilogy (Decent into Darkness, Passage Through Shadow, Ascent Into Light), Alien Encounter Series (Invasion, Deception), Field Report Series (Media, Psi Laws, Extrasolar Colonies, Alien Races) Free Web Only Field Reports (Corporate Life, Oceania - available at www.white-wolf.com), and the first E-book: Terra Verde.

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