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Training a Trait, contributed by Thomas Due

Whenever a character wants to learn a new Ability or improve on one he already knows, he must train the Ability in question. This is done by first finding a trainer.

The trainer must pos-sess the ability Instruction and the trait being trained on at least one dot higher than the trainee. If these requirements are met, the training can begin. The trainee must achieve twice as many successes on an Intelligence + <Ability> check as the new level in the ability. He can roll once per week. He adds the successes on each check together, until he reaches his goal. Each botch subtracts one success.

Furthermore the trainer must roll Instruction once per week, and should he botch this roll, the entire week of training is lost. This training is considered to take two to three hours each day for the character. He can push the time barrier by training more hours. He cannot train more hours than he has dots in Intelligence. Each hour above that will add a +1 difficulty to his roll. Should the character fail in finding an instructor he can train himself, to an extend. This func-tions as normal, except he suffers a +1 difficulty to his roll at the end of each week, in addition to any other modifiers. If the character is training an Ability beyond three dots he suffers an additional +1 difficult for each dot above three. This only applies when training without an instructor.

For Example: Cain wishes to improve his tech-nique in Martial Arts. He possesses three dots in the ability. He finds an instructor who can train him further. Cain needs eight successes on an Intelligence + Martial Arts check. Each week he rolls the dice. After the first week he rolls four successes, and after the second, two. After he has completed three weeks of training he rolls again for a further three successes. He now has nine successes, as he required eight, he can now raise his Martial Arts to four dots.

Each week his instructor rolls his Instruction, should he have botched one of these rolls, the training would have taken four weeks, instead of three. Should he have been unable to find an instruc-tor he would suffer a +1 difficulty for training on his own, and +1 difficulty for training the fourth dot, for a total of +2 difficulty.

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