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Trinity RPG - Collection of Story Ideas


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Collection of Story Ideas

Author: see each idea

Summary: a repository of short story ideas to help inspire Trinity Storytellers

Based on the PS2 game Kinetica - by No Sheep

Well the first idea I had was based off of the Ps2 game Kinetica. In the game, you play a cyborg style racer doing tricks and racing in lots of really odd boards. Well as a game idea, I was thinking about having the PC's just finish the Decent through Darkness stories and getting the message of an odd missing person's case. The missing person was an EK latent and a rather wealthy playboy too. The cops called Aeon because the body of Mr. Wealth Playboy was found at an underground race track. He had been implanted with some highly illegal cybernetics that allowed him to race. There is also a stable there which showed there were at least 6 other racers.

Now the group gets to track back who owns the race track, who has been making these cybernetics and other possible missing person cases that link to this case.

Based on Gallerians - by No Sheep

The other idea I've been toying with is a storyline based off of Gallerians. The PC's would be between 16-19 years old. They wake up in large medical style hospital and they meet up while trying to escape the building. All they know is a man's voice in their head telling them how to get out and where to go. They can't remember their past but they know they have to get away from these people. While they get past the guards, they discover their own psionic powers. Then they have to make it outside and find the mysterious mentor who tells them that they are the next generation and if they wish to avoid slavery, they have to get off planet to Luna and another group who will protect them.

In reality, a few years before the PC's several high ranking members of the Rexs, EKs, Telepaths and Legionnaires started work on making a Prometheus tank on their own. They had discovered the limitation put on the old tanks by the Doyen. They want a tank that isn't limited. So in super-secret-mystery fashion, they build their own. But they find out that only children may be triggered this way. Adults will die horrible screaming death.

The scientists and psions that created the tank have a falling out. Some of the more reputable scientists and psions are discredited in public and have to go into hiding. The bad scientists and psions are left in control of the new tank. They start raising killers and perfect soldiers from the children dunked in the tank.

The good psions go to a clear to help them. The clear finds a way to reach out to some of the children (the PCs) and lure them away. Now the good psions have to train the kids to control their powers off world.

(And to answer a question I see forming, all of the scientist and psions have to keep quiet about this because the Doyen have become closer to humanity and the humans know that if the Doyen find out, they will do anything to destroy all their work, the kids, them and the tank.)

Prototype Jumpship Disappearing - by notsoangrydave

Another idea i had that i actually started a couple summers ago but never finished was that a prototype jumpship disappeared, and the pcs have to go find it. the deeper they dig, the more they discover about a massive cover-up and one order's incredibly ambitious gamble for control over the Aeon Trinity...

No Sheep, have you thought about FSA sponsorship? that's exactly the kind of thing the FSA's massive secret projects budget might be funding. i can see a lot of opportunity out of that, what with the agents of the group in control hounding the pc's, forcing them to perhaps go through criminal elements to get to the moon, which causes more problems.

...and of course, if anyone found out what they were, the pc's would have to flee from them, too, as every organization in settled space wants to get their hands on a multi-aptitude psion, mostly for testing reasons.

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