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World of Darkness: Attrition - Thomas Gabriel Morgan

Thomas Gabriel Morrison

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Concept: A seeking of mysteries and magic, of deeper enlightenment and understanding of the essence and nature of magic, a professor of history, literature and mythology.

Personality & Beliefs: Thomas is perhaps, one of the most intelligent minds of his generation, perhaps not the absolute most intelligent, but very nearly so, and he has a good measure of pride in that fact. He is also one of the most calm and self-controlled individuals, and his resolve has been increased by his awakening to being above the norm, but he lacks somewhat in charm and charisma due to being so cerebral, but makes up for it with considerable empathy and persuasive capability, and even now often attempts to find ways to get folks to work together when they are unwilling. He believes strongly that everything in the universe has a place and a purpose, that there is a powerful divine will behind everything, and his experience with awakening has only strengthened this believe, though he now believes he sees the building blocks, the essence of the divine will, in the arcana, that within the essence of the arcana is the very mind of god.


Thomas was born approximately 28 years ago, in the city of LA, and he grew up in a fairly normal home, his parents were both teachers, at the elementary school level, and he learned to love knowledge while growing up in that house. As a child he learned quickly, and was well behaved, and he was their first child, but the arrival of a sister, and later another brother changed his life in some interesting ways. His childhood was fairly normal, though his intelligence and such actually had him skipping a grade or two, and by the time he was 12 he was actually a sophomore in high school, by the time he was 15, he had enrolled in collage and begun to study literature as his major.

It was about at this time, the disappearance of his sister and brother was to change his life significantly, though they tried to find her, they couldn’t, and after a time they were sure she was dead. It broke his parent’s heart, and within the next few years his family dissolved, but even so, he managed to complete his major and begin studying for his doctorate by the time he was 18..

Continuing to aggressively focus on his studies, he kept coming back to his sibling’s disappearance, and began to study the nature of occult and science to see if there wasn’t anything more he could find out, with a steady and direct manner that was actually to serve him well in the years to come..

It was when he was 25 when he managed to confirm one thing in his own mind, if not find actual proof, the world was filled with dark supernatural creatures, and that meant he’d only found the tip of the iceberg, and Thomas slow and direct investigation at last, he found his way to the watchtowers..

It was while at a anthropological during heavy rains when he saw something outside in the lightning from his tent, and curiosity, and need to know compelled him to investigate.. Heavy winds and storms blew in his face, and he felt as though he was fighting against the world itself, but he found his way to a golden tower, and going inside, was almost compelled to write his name on the pages of the golden book he found there… when he woke, he had awakened and found that he was drenched and in an old building that they had uncovered in the dig, one with nothing all that remarkable about it, except it overlooked the rest of the dig. [This was a little more then year ago]

A thirst for knowledge and understanding of the mysteries lead him to the mysterium, and he began to take the first step in the deeper mysteries of his order in this last year, and he has spent a measure of resources on building a private sanctum near a personal hallow he found, that has allowed him a place to carry out some of his more private researches and begin building his knowledge base. He also took the first steps onto the legacy, The Eyes of Ain Soph, the seekers, seeking to know more of the nature of magic itself

Today, Thomas has entered the LA university as a teacher of Anthropology, Literature and History, though he’s only begun teaching there this year.

Goals: Among Thomas’ many goals in life are the following - Find/Join/Start a Cable of Mages in his area, Oppose the Sears and Banishers, Deepen his understanding of the Mysteries (deeper status with the Mysterium & Mystery Initiation), Build an Athenaeum, Master the Prime Arcana (before others), Further his steps along the Seeker’s path (Expand Legacy), Find out what really happened to his Brother and Sister (he's certain it was something supernatural, he's simply unsure what)

Capabilities: Thomas has degrees of anthropology and mythology, not to mention history and literature, he's also a capable scientist, and as a student of human nature, he knows the basis of persuasion and empathy, and due in part to the years spending time on different digs in many parts of the world knows a bit about survival. On the arcane front, however, his first steps along the path's of his legacy have allowed him to gain the ability to see and interpret magical phenomenon without much trouble, and look across the gauntlet into the spirit world.. as natural capabilities. His considerable ability with the prime sphere allows him considerable control over what sort of magic he allows to affect him, and should he need to, one of his more powerful rotes even allows him some offensive capability when necessary. He often has the rotes of magic shield and aura perception up, with the vision his legacy attainment gives him, and sometimes includes second sight when dealing with spirit beings.

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Name: Thomas Gabriel Morrison (Professor Morrison)

Shadow Name: Icarus

Virtue: Faith

Vice: Pride

Age: 28

Path: Obrimos

Order: The Mysterium

Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph




Intelligence: 4

Wits: 2

Resolve: 2



Strength: 2

Dexterity: 2

Stamina: 2



Presence: 2

Manipulation: 2

Composure: 4



Mental (Default -3)

Academics(Anthropology, History, Literature): 4

Computer: 1

Craft: 1

Investigation: 1


Occult (Mythology): 4

Politics: 1

Science: 3

Physical (Default -1)







Survival: 2

Weaponry: 1

Social (Default -1)

Animal Ken: 1

Empathy: 3



Persuasion: 2

Socialize: 1





High Speech

Eidetic Memory

Status (Mysterium) 2

Mystery Initiation 1

Sanctum 1

Hollow 1


Other Stats

Willpower 6

Wisdom 6


Magic Stats

Gnosis 3

Mana: 6

Dedicated Tools: Golden Key on Necklace (Order), Steel Knife (Path)





Forces: Initiate (1)



Mind: Initiate (1)

Prime: Disciple (3)


Spirit: Apprentice (2)




*Supernal Vision (Prime 1; Page 222) Eye of the Magus

- Wits + Occult (Rote Specialty ) + Prime (10 Dice)

Rote: Dispel Magic (Prime 1; Page 220) Unweaving the Flaw

- Intelligence + Occult (Rote Specialty ) + Prime (12 Dice) - Spell Potency

*Magic Shield (Prime 2; Page 222) Aegis Magicus

- Resolve + Occult (Rote Specialty ) + Prime (11 Dice)

Rote: Counterspell Prime (Prime 2; Page 222) Rend the Weave

- Composure + Occult (Rote Specialty) + Prime (12 Dice)

*Celestial Fire (Prime 3; Page 224) Bolt of Heaven

- Dexterity + Occult (Rote Specialty ) + Prime (10 Dice)

Rote: Second Sight (Spirit 1; Page 246) Solomon's Sight

- Intelligence + Occult + Spirit (11 Dice)

Rote: Aura Perception (Mind 1; page 205-6) Know the Wolf by His Stance

- Wits + Empathy + Mind (6 Dice)

* Starting Rotes


Legacy Attainments

First: Seekers Eye

- (Analyze Enchanted Item and Supernal Vision at will, Last as Long as desired)

- Analyze Enchanted Item (Intelligence + Occult + Prime [11 Dice], See Rotes for Supernal Vision)

- Spirit Effect: Peer Across Gauntlet at Will (Wits + Occult + Spirit [8 Dice], Lasts a Scene)

Experience Purchases (50 + 5 from lowering Wisdom by 1)

- 7 for Arcana (Mind 1)

- 10 for Attribute (Manipulation 2)

- 14 for Skills (Investigation 1, Craft 1, Politics 1, Computers 1, Academic Specialty: History)

- 14 for Merits (Eidetic Memory, Sanctum 1, Hallow 1, Mystery Initiation 1, Status (Mysterium) 2)

- 10 for Rotes (Dispel Magic (Prime 1), Second Sight (Spirit 1), Counterspell Prime (Prime 2), Aura Perception (Mind 1)

Total: 55

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