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Trinity RPG - Trinity Field Report: Noetic Science Developer Interview


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The following is an excerpt from an interview

(November 2002) with the Developer for the

E-book Trinity Field Report: Noetic Science

Noetics Developer: 'Knave'

Interviewer: 'Harlequin'

Harlequin: So, what is TFR: Noetics going to be all about; noetic science obviously, but what sort of things can we expect to see?

Knave: Well... there are two main goals about the TFR really. Firstly - it should bring in the ability for noeticists and psions to talk shop without going too far, but they should be able to build up some consistent reasoning along 'noetic lines'. The second major thing - the book is jam packed with plot threads and STUFF to work with we've expanded on some of the ideas in previous books and also come up with a lot of brand spanking new ones too. The great thing about doing a TFR is that because everything is 'in Character' things become easy to include in a game or ignore. This particular book isn't about new rules, its about new ideas, progress that is being made on projects, and all sorts of bizarre stuff. So I think that the format works really well for a fanbook - because - if you don't like something you don't even need to apply the golden rule - that bit of theory, rumour or whatever can just be 'wrong' in your particular game. Having a certain amount of speculation on various subjects happening in character in a game world can add a lot of depth...

Harlequin: Sounds great, but I gotta ask, do you deal with Process 418 at all?

Knave: Quite early on we decided that whilst we would expand a few of the ideas in the main books, we would avoid 418 as much as we could for the simple reason that EVERYONE already has an idea of what they want to happen, also because AsAs - if it happens - has 418 related material. That said... we have some 418... related...stuff... you'll have to wait and see. ;)

Harlequin: Ok, we'll wait, but my next question is are you making new modes or powers to go into it?

Knave: Well not per se. Noetics is a TFR - so its first person so, there might be... reports and ideas there, but there aren't going to be rules for modes. No.

Harlequin: Can you give us a clue as to any new plot hooks in this book?

Knave: Heh... ok. I don't want to give away too much, especially considering that it's a short book. But, there are some suggestions about why the orders are as arrogant, I suppose, as they are. Also, there are some ideas about what's happening with noeticists working with the Eden novas and loads more stuff... but I think I'll stop there for now.

Harlequin: Cool, so what part of the project has been the most fun for you?

Knave: Well - it's been great working with the folks at EON (awwww ) No seriously, the other writers have come up with some great ideas and the ART! There is some really really great art happening too must admit though, that Flashmaster Watts floored me with his demo. He captured the mood of the whole Adventure! through to Trinity Science idea perfectly! Especially with big rock candy mountain.

Harlequin: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the book?

Knave: Mmmmm.... yeah. I really hope you all like reading it as much as we liked writing it! I hope it gives you guys loads of ideas for new games or livens up the scenes that fellow GMs describe, and I hope it keeps you going till the next E-Book is done. If it does any of those things it will have been a success!

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