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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - ...but the moment has been prepared for.

The Traveler

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I believe we are being asked which player gets to choose her next form and personality, with the restriction being that the core elements of her personality and being must remain intact, in the same sense that the Doctor has remained essentially the same person viewed through a wide variety of lenses.

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Yeah, I and Long(Mech) were talking about Washu's personality... but I am definately not above taking that appearance at least... but what is to be discussed first is WHO picks. If I remeber the conditions correctly, the community in IE has to pic... I think it should be trimmed down a bit to where it's the authors in the story I regenerate in. If we wait for ALL IE players to chime in we'd never get done because there's some abandoned characters here too I assume.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I know people've been digging a washu run.

I know people have mentioned she should be a kid or at least younger looking...

I know I really can't make a final decision...

So let me suggest a different route... she's smart, cute, pink haired, and would probably use you to figure out how zombies operate... as a gunea pig.

Ladies and gentlemen let me submit for your consideration... Saya Takagi.

I await word on your decision because this week there will be a new Professor.

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Okay... Not what I expected when I put my fate in your hands.

But I've decided unless Mr. Fox wants to weigh in to take a few "executive decisions" in regards to my character for this regeneration.

1: Look at the avatar. That's the New Professor.

2: She will be dealing with an overwhelming guilt. Guilt for putting the team in danger and for almost getting Sarah, her ward, killed.

3: She will have a distinct fear of thunder and storms. Most likely from remembering the sound of the rail rifles used by the now late snipers.

4: She will be shorter, and almost look like Sarah's slightly younger sister.

5: I got, at least by Long's reckoning 65XP floating currently with another 25 coming next month. That which doesn't kill me makes me dead killy. Her regeneration will change more than her looks.

6: This universe, and others, need heroes. People who stand for something more than themselves. She came to this realization and it was transformative. Her nature is now Paragon.

This Professor's got some fight in her. Ya?

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Fox.... Ya know I love curveballs, but perhaps next one? I've sorta held up the story thread a bit because of my condition.

You know what, if it's something not obviously outward, toss one at me. I really am having a hard time figuring out a mental trauma (Coming back from a .50 cal slug ripping and tearing your innards is pretty well... traumatic.) So, Mr. Fox, you're my shrink.

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