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World of Darkness: Attrition - Lost to the Night - Corvus Investigatus (complete)


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The first part of searching out Brad over the next couple days had been the easiest part. He was in last year's UCLA yearbook, not much having changed between one year and the next. And the yearbook was simple as pie for Jeremy to acquire, so he had a picture of sorts to send off to his contacts on the mean streets with little rewards for those who honestly had seen something of him during the past two weeks.

Except now, he had to wade through rumors and fuzzy memories, plus one or two he could tell tried to lie to Noctis the conman anyway. Idiots, wilting under Jeremy glare and cawing anger. It didn't help them that Jeremy smelled the drug stashes and placed anonymous calls to the police that ensured the discovery of said stashes. The two could think about their mistakes in jail.

Finally, small-time thief Joey Degaldo had something of interest, not much, but a solid lead. "Yeah, I definitely saw that guy two weeks ago." That had been honestly placed around the time Brad had vanished, a day after the con-work by Jeremy. "Had a nice haul that day off the wallets, wanted to celebrate at the Amphora that night. I remember, because well... it was the other guy he was talking to outside the bar. Strange one, all pale and that freaky occult-looking charm or something around his neck. Saw them talking, went inside. Didn't see 'em again."

Jeremy left after giving Joey another haul's worth of dough, and turned over the pieces in his head as he came back to the Amphora. Pale man, occult charm on the night possibly last scene. No... a vampire? More leeches involved could be bad, no offense to Sarah intended. Well, the next step had been to visit the Amphora, grab a light martini, and rolling the rich flavors around like a banquet while chatting with the bartender.

When he mentioned the 'person who recommended this place', but 'couldn't place the guy's name', "It's on the tip of my tongue..." "Jackson," the barkeep said. "Regular, but odd guy, never finishes his drink all the way. Doesn't talk much, but... said his charm was Druidic. Guess he likes that shit, heck, my sister..." So in that way, Jeremy had a name, description and the possibility of a vampire status.

Not bad, perhaps this Jackson would be more familiar to Joey or others of his ilk.... In a good mood, he ordered another martini. This one would be shaken. Detective work, spy work, close enough, right?

[Jeremy]: Contacts: Street Criminals roll

Ok, Manipulation 3 + Socialize 2 + Street Specialty 1 + Bribe Bonus 1 - Information Obscure 3

[Jeremy]: *rolls* 4d10: 3+4+2+8

1 sux

[Jeremy] 8:59 am: Manipulation 3 + Socialize 2

Jeremy *rolls* 5d10: 6+2+10+5+8

Jeremy *rolls* 1d10: 2

2 sux

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Tuesday, August 23rd

For searching out this Jackson, Jeremy looked to a different sort of street-low life. Gary Mackelson was one of those fixers, people who knew people, and made information his second currency. The man was sitting on the beach, wearing a Hawaiian shirt that Jeremy considered tacky but did not mention when they met up for their chat. "I've heard of Jackson before." Gary commented, waving his straw hat to fan his head.

"Not much of a dealer, since he got his territory near UCLA dug out from under him... like many have found." Jeremy nodded, having heard of the disappearances, and some wild tales running around. "But his address... I can get find it for you, for a favor." Jeremy narrowed his eyes but continued nodding. Gary flashed him a half-apologetic grin before elaborating. "My wife wants a diamond ring for her anniversary. I tell the woman there isn't the money-"

"But she won't budge." Jeremy finished. He cast a wry glance at the fixer. "I'm not sure why me for that... but I have a few ways I can do it." It would mean raven form in daytime, but if he changed both ways in his home... he could pull it off, he figured. "Deal." Gary shook hands with Jeremy, then offered him a beer. Jeremy accepted, and they watched the comely T&A on display for a time.

OOC Roll
[Jeremy]: Manipulation 3 + Socialize 2 + Street Specialty 1 + Favor Agreed to be Done 1 - Information lacking penalty -1

[Jeremy]: sound good? I will include in the post what Jeremy agrees to do and does

[Jeremy]: meh

[Jeremy]: *rolls* 6d10: 8+7+5+8+2+1

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Wednesday, August 24th

Jackson pushed back into his house, annoyed at the pimp, trying to yank up the prices on that girl on him. Just his fucking luck, seeing as the Master, though pleased at Jackson's acquiring of his latest servant, had not decided to reward him by letting him get some quality bed time with Bonita as some examples of fine rewards for fine work. Or forgot... whatever...

"The Master is too damn busy with his new blood doll Tolliver... just ironic damn luck." He muttered, lurching into the kitchen for some booze.

"So a vampire IS involved... partly right on my part."

Jackson stopped as he saw the young black-haired man sitting in the table's sole neighboring chair, sitting around as if he owned the place. Gary had called not too long ago. "Don't go for your piece." Jeremy snapped as Jackson's arm just began to move, causing the dealer to pause. "This will go a lot better if you don't draw or try to attack me. Now where is Brad Tolliver and your leech lord?"

"Bitch, why should I-" Jackson's refusal was cut off as the man got up and changed. Black wings sprouted from his back, clothes melted into feathers, and Jackson's brain convulsed mentally as Jeremy became something of a Bosch piece, a raven-man that Hitchcock would have loved to base a movie around.

IT squawked something to the trembling and shaking man now backing uncontrollably against the wall. "BWRRAD!" Or so it sounded, the meaning being clear as day in any event. Soon Jackson was screaming out the location of Brad, and the basic details of where to find him. For a moment, pleased, Raven-Jeremy shifted his head to study the direction as the crow flies from here.

Except The Master had left a safeguard, which now kicked in at last in Jackson's mind. The fears of the thing that should not be, primally frightening were silenced. Kill him now, for the master. Jackson pulled out his pistol and pointed it. Then his arm felt odd, and as Jeremy's claws began to tear into his throat in retaliation, he noticed his hand was a ripped off stump.

Five minutes later, a raven, all raven, no man, and much smaller flew out the door, not closed in Jackson's frustration. On to Tolliver and 'The Master.'

Degeneration check
Just in case the mods called for it:


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