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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Fiction - [FIN] Episode 1: Britannia

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Slowly the cloaked figure seamed to take a of less defensive stance as it listened closely to what the humans were trying to say as the speech was becoming clearer and clearer with each minute. She looked at the two before her the human couldn't possibly be able to speak in her language with out help. Her eyes looked towards the lion in the air whom seamed to still be on guard watching her like a hawk. Her cloak hood slightly shifted looking between the two trying to figure out how this was possible. It was unheard of that thus far this human race they call themselves could speak Vulpese let alone learn it so fast. But here they were talking now much like children learning the language rather quickly. Soon the cloak figure stood at ease but its right hand still was close to its hip near the object that was waiting to be snatched if need be.

"Interesting... There is no way naturally you could be speaking this language.. I assume you have a device of some sort?" Her words came softly in a feminine tone. She seamed more curious about how communication could be established so quickly and easily it was surprising and yet refreshing. "I mean no harm by the way... If I wished such, I am pretty sure you would be taking cover or not left standing... But it was more amusing to see what reaction you fur-less creatures would take. Most I have encounter have been very hostile I have no idea why."

Although she stood still ready to move the cloak covered her up a bit more hiding her form from view only leaving the one hand open in plain sight close to an object she could easily snatch if she wanted. She made no move or attempt for the moment still considering the intentions of these curious fur-less creature and strange mecha that seamed alive.

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"Well. That's good. We've had rather too much pointless hostility today for my tastes. You can call me Melody, and this is, well, we're calling him Chris," answered the chronokinetic with a look up at the looming beast with her best 'now let's get something productive done' grin before focusing on the increasingly-inhuman seeming stranger, "Yeah, we humans tend to startle easily, and individuals that look as strange as your leg seems to suggest you are tend to have issues with taint that make things... complicated across the multiverse."

That statement was a test, a lure to see how the aparent female would respond, focussed on how she'd react to the words. Get a feel for her before Irma trusted her new teamate to handle it so she could get back to crowd control.

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"M.. M.. Melooody...." the cloaked figured said having a little trouble pronouncing the name, "Odd word for a name... Then that mecha is crhris? A very unique piece of machinery with a artificial intelligence." She softly rumbles seaming more at ease as the human and mecha seams to be a lot less hostile then the last few humans she encountered recently. Her hand moves away from her side closing the cloak back up at the mention of her leg with a soft chuckle of sorts. "Oh? By my standards you our selves are incredibly strange mind you with out fur and all pinkish in color."

The head of the cloak tilts a little, "What is... T..ta...taunt...rrrr Taint.. What type of word is that? What meaning does it have?" Clearly she didn't comprehend the word as it seamed quite alien to her.

Corruption would actually be a word that she would understand.

"I have no idea why such a non-meaning word would cause such complications across the multiverse although we have yet to really begun to explore the possibilities of what exists. What we have seen is a bit disappointing mainly... But this is the first we have been able to make contact with words in our own language with your kind so easily and quickly.... How is this possible?" She curiously asks her tone of voice sounding very interested in wanting to know how.

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Sarah pulls out her comlink and accesses Irma's holo-projector built into her comlink and activates a camera next to her. "Umm, Hello Miss... I'm Sarah, one of the Professor's companions." She says, her form standing at her real height of 5'10.

"What we have is a specialized comlink my guardian made for us. It has a universal translator and a full communication suite." She says. Adjusting the white polymer suit she's wearing. "Also, you are welcome to stop in if you are so motivated. At the very least you helped stop those snipers and stopped a aerial ambush at the same time. The least we can do is offer you dinner and a thank you."

She smiles. Also I think once the Professor is able she'd want to thank you herself.

She turns off her camera and looks over to the bed The Professor is laying on. "Please wake up, Sakurako..." She whispers. "What would I do without you?"

Then as if suddenly bidden, Sakurako's body shows a sign of life as she breathes then wrenches and contorts in pain. "Professor?!?"

The Professor lets out a primal scream as her body violently glows with quantum energies then as soon as the light erupted from her it finally fades away, revealing a younger form of herself, looking no older than 14... The woulds are gone and healed... her hair is longer and more bushy and for the first time the new body breathes.

The medical scanner shows she is in REM sleep, her quantum stores at 0. But she finally has a heartbeat. She's alive again.

Director note
Sakurako did catch a little of the time acceleration (some handwaveum on my part) but she now will be Out of commission for 24 hours. Just setting up for next weeks fast foreward.
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Sarah looks over the newcomer. "Hmm... Might not be human at all, Kiddo. Thanks for activating your firewall by the way." She says to Irma. "Heather? Umm,... " Sarah says, turning to Heather. "Is it possible for you to patch your medical scanner into the medi-scanner that is running with the comlinks? You've always wanted to get better data from more subjects, this may be your chance."

Heather turned to Sarah, answering, "You know, I don't know. Only one way to find out!" with that she pulls her scanner back out and starts working on the console. It was obvious that the scanners on her device would not be able to scan through the scanners of the ship until she had done a lot more work calibrating both of them, but a temporary feed directly into the processor, could give her raw information that the sensors of the ship could not achieve and that her mind could then work out the patterns for.

[Wyrd] 5:02 pm: Last 3 mega:

Wyrd *rolls* 13d10: 4+3+9+2+3+6+9+7+3+3+10+4+7: 70

With 8 successes, I'm going to say she figures out quite a lot

"From what I can tell, this person has no connection to humanity whatsoever. There is a vague genetic resemblance to foxes--do you have foxes on your world, Sarah? They are such cute creatures--but no more connection to them than people have to apes, really. I'm definitely reading the same signs of Chaos that I've been picking up from just about everyone I've scanned; I don't know if that is a corruption in the system, though. This device was top of the line medical tech before the day of Chaos, but whatever happened might have warped it as well. She is wearing rather tough clothing, and has a number of unusual devices on her." Heather continues to read her device, but a lot of it just isn't making any sense. Lost in the translation would probably be the best way to describe it, as the information is being filtered several times through different devices before getting to her, not all of which speak common mechanical tongues.

She's still not thinking in terms of 'armor'. With nothing ever injuring her, she hasn't quite grasped the whole concept of combat and warfare except in a theoretical sense, and watching half of her world's population die in one day created a bit of a disconnect for her regarding the deaths of others.

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The cloaked figures head turned as she watched a flickering light and then suddenly a holo-gram come to life of another humanoid creature standing and looking in her direction. She was a little impressed for humans to possess something that advanced but then again her own kind has similar tech. She listened to the message as it seamed to respond in real time asking her questions and giving thanx. Indeed these particular group of humans didn't seam half bad perhaps they are more curious about her as she is about them.

"Well since you put it that why... Why not? I guess I can sample the wired dishes you call food in this universe. It would be an honored to take you up on your offer for a dinner. An maybe we can get to know each other a bit better, I am quite interested in your translator. I have to honestly admit."

The image soon fades away and she notices the mechanical tiger sigh and begun to shrink. Steadily his body changed and altered as she watched silently realizing it was no AI or mechine but a living creature no less a human!?! This was surprising on so many levels no mention in previous reports has beings like these been noted or seen but then again it hasn't been to long since they started using their own gate way. Still it was amazing sight to see she couldn't help chuckle softly,

"My.. what an interesting species you humans are.. In one moment your overly barbaric and in the next your sweet as kittens high on nip."

"Well since things are not overly hostile or amusing I need to retrieve something... A moment please."

She turned her back on the assembled group and barked a few commands into her own com device that didn't translate out to well. While her back was turned everyone could easily notice something under her cloak was moving inside her cloak concealed from sight. It was random and bulged out in few places at the same time it left one to wounder for a short moment. But then a soft vrrrring noise was heard followed by a small object no bigger then some of the smallest flying model air planes came into view. She reached up strange aircraft of sorts angled it's decent towards her out reached hand before catching it. Her arm rocked back just slightly from the jarring force of the impact. The small air crafts wings begun to fold into place neatly on top of the small planes body before it collapsed in on itself a bit making it a nice small object that can be stored. The process of it folding up its wings and collapsing its fuselage in just a bit only took then seconds. She reached into her cloak with the object and attached it to something with a loud clicked before turning to face the group once again.

"Now for the real awkward part. You want to see my face... I warn you it may not be what you would expect."

What she caught was a highly advanced UAV, designed to be compact and store-able.
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"Keep me in the loop, Chris. I have crowd control to tend to," offered Irma with an honestly amused grin at this aparently terrestial but very alien creature in front of them. This was going to be interesting and dangerous, especially if she could read Irma's tells. Decide later what to do about her. The chronokinetic toggled off the hologram with a click

She then vanished in a tick of quantum to behind the loose skirmish line of Section T troops trying to keep the civilians and reporters at bay from the contaminated zone. She turned on the best of her quantum-boosted people skills, pushing past the guards and into a photostorm of questions. The chronokinetic began weaving a new web of lies and half truths for the press and civilians, cool and confident and reassuring despite the violence that had wracked the beach and nearly(?) killed her ally.

The closest 'real Irma' came to showing during the affair was when some bold reporter challenged her on her use of anti-tank ordinance on children, drawing the briefest of glares and the blunt response, "Those 'children' had just aparently killed my friend. The world where I came from was harsh enough that I didn't feel I had time to see if that child wasn't bullet proof. We 2nd Generation Novas sometimes are."

That somewhat unintentional confession sparked off a new frenzy of queries and even Irma was hard-pressed to keep the web of social influence spinning the way she wanted as she recovered, fully engrossed in the present task.

Using Persuader, down to 14 Quantum in her pool.

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"Dragons?" The cloaked figure said softly seaming to tilt its head to the side. "I know not what such things are.. Care to describe them?"

"Well I guess some have to go quickly do take care you may be in for more then you realize by the sound of it." She chuckled softly as Irma suddenly vanished the way she appeared to some place else.

"So what now?" The cloaked figures attention was now fully upon chris whom stood there watching her just as carefully as she did.

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"I guess I could tag along for a bit..." She chuckles softly "No need I can easily keep up.." She called out letting the strange human take the lead flying in the eastern direction. She remembered there was a beach in that direction and some other buildings but other then that it was puzzling to her as to why he would go in that direction. Although she would sure find out with a suddenly jolt she moved quickly across the building tops, bounding off the walls with ease. Some times the sound of crunching could be heard when she landed leaving a small dent in the buildings wall or roofing when she landed and or pushed off. Every now and then he would look back seeing the black cloaked figure still behind him easily keeping up.

"So were exactly are we going? I might no be around here but I am pretty sure your not taking me out for a stroll along the beach... We barely know each other.... Let alone I don't think our species difference..." She held back a bit of laughter as she playfully teased. "Besides I think you had better tail as that mechanical creature, this body seams to be lacking one how could you keep your balance?"

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"Ah, the wind in your face the sand between your toes... So fun... Indeed..." She didn't sound to thrilled but still followed behind closely, "So what is this ship? Would that be some type of vessel?" Indeed she is curious asking questions at every turn making a game of it one would seam.

Chuckles softly, "Well if you wanna shake your tail feel free, I wont look......."

"Natural form? So... this is what you truly are? It kinda makes no sense how could you be that and yet what you are?"

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"I see, being able to change your form as you choose... Is it always mecha in its look? Metalish?" She kept pace until they reached the last building as she stopped looking down at the ground. Her cloak ruffled a little as the wind picked up. She could see the beach directly head noticing no other humans were around as one would thing only what looked like a yellow inflatable raft bobbing on the water and he was heading towards it. "You...." Is all he heard before he was out of the range of the translator. He could hear soft growls and yips that soon followed.

[spoilertag=Note] Gotta be kidding me...

The cloaked figure motioned for chris to fly closer to the ground and to continue on his way as she sat on the buildings ledge casually watching him. One of her oddly shaped legs dangling over the ledge as she waited for him to stop. She is no fool to go out in the open like that as she watches him like a hawk and keeping a eye out for any type of ambush. Interesting creatures these humans are but she is no fool wanting to make sure the coast is clear before she moves in.

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he did as she indicatemoved back into range of the communicator while lowering his altitude and smiles. "Appearances can be deceiving. It's far more than it seems, and I assure you, quite safe. Come on."

he nodded. "No, I'm not limited to metal forms, I just tend to use them."

"It's safe, none of our group is a threat to you."

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Carefully the cloaked figure looked around taking careful note of every detail, each person below and were chris was located. After a few long minutes she rose to stand and then vanished with her just fading out were she once stood. Chris felt her presence almost instantly behind him and blow him standing on his shadow as she looked up at him in the air.

She used Shadow Sentinel

"Well old habits so to speak, it's not wise to be out in the open like this. Many can find one prey to a hunter or other creatures of the wild being this exposed. But then again I would guess this is a civilized area so more so less the creatures appearing."

"Group? You mean your pack?"

"Are they anything like you? Or... Different?"

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"Every nova is unique, though some of us share similar traits, yes." He sighed as she did her trick, and then made his way to the ship touching down and nodding. "Here we are."

"Sarah, Professor, Heather, I've got someone here you might want to meet."

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"We have very few Foxes left, Heather. After the unification war, the nuclear fallout almost rendered them extinct. Odd how your device works. Almost as if it's influenced by ambient quantum realization fields... golly I'm starting to sound like the Professor now... I'd better Greet Chris and the fox-woman before I start regenerating too!" She says with a laugh.

Sarah peeks out from the flap that serves as a outer cover for a airlock door hidden under the "skin" of the yellow and red life raft the ESS chose itself to look like. Not before leaving Heather with The Professor. "Heather, keep an eye on The Professor for me while I set the airlock door to the secondary sickbay entrance and say hello to our Vulpinoid."

She looks to Chris and Silvertalon. "Ah!" She says, her red hair messed up from the stress and action of the day. "So you're the new face." She says with a smile. "I'm Sarah Hideyoshi. The Professor's Ward... for lack of a better title. The Professor is convalescing in Sickbay. She's just regenerated and is recovering from the ordeal. Our Medic... if we had positions... is also inside. Heather tends to be a curious sort."

Director's Note
The Translator is now at 90% efficiency.


"Ma'am! What sort of authorization you have using such firepower?"

"How do you know the Professor?"

"Are you on her team?"

"Who attacked the Beach?"

"What do you know about Mary Saxon's treason?"

The Reporters get even more interested in Melody/Irma with every question.

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Step One: Control the situation (in this case, the 'stage'). It was more a case of controlling what was understood, and not understood by the on-lookers so that the 'Specials' could go about their business. If he could delay the possibility of the situation spiraling out of control due to outside forces ... they would all have a window of opportunity.

Step Two: Getting there is half the battle. Who ever said this rare had to 'get there'. In this case, the 'getting' was making an introduction without seeming to be hostile. Besides, guns were bad. It was an indication of poor planning if your only option was a gun. Big Guns are worse, especially if they could hit the Moon from the surface of the planet (perhaps a slight exaggeration at this point).

Zeph reached deep down inside himself, grasping at the elusive core all novas had in common. He felt the power feed back into itself. He harnessed the resulting wave of elevation then let the power flow outward and upward through the quantum pathways in his Pattern.

Power Maxxing - Q6

[Lobby]: Adrian Moss has entered at 7:05 am

/backtime 5

Adrian Moss *rolls* 6d10: 5+7+8+5+2+8: 35

Woot! Three successes!

These are put into the Cloud Extra

Six quantum spent, twenty-six left.

People with Quantum Attunement Active should sense this.

Inside his mind, Zeph shaped this new found power, picking the optimum expansion of his technique without trapping the nova close by. The sensation of power and control was unleashed in his own special way. It worked its warping magic, wove it's web of falsehoods, spilling over into a lack of concern , and ending up in a total loss of knowledge, fulfilling it's intent.

Using Information Void, affecting all their mediums of recording this event - and they won't even remember why this was so important.

[Adrian Moss] 7:26 am: Information Void: 12 dice plus 6 mega

[Adrian Moss] 7:26 am: First Base dice:

Adrian Moss *rolls* 12d10: 1+5+3+7+1+2+5+2+1+4+5+4: 40

[Adrian Moss] 7:27 am: Megas:

Adrian Moss *rolls* 6d10: 8+2+7+5+5+10: 37

[Adrian Moss] 7:28 am: Thank Goodness for the Megas!

8 successes

Spent three Quantum, twenty-three left.

'Unless someone starts shooting again ... stage one complete. Now, onto ... stage two.'

He approached a trooper, flashed an impressive looking Halloween costume badge, mentioning something about Ministry of (cough, cough). The baffled man let him pass and he began to make his way past the 'locals' and toward the newcomers. It was a bold, daring move worthy of James Bond, or Doctor Who. It also wasn't quite his style, but the subtle touch couldn't always get the job done. Now, if he could just slip past that over-vigilant nova ...

Was luck with him?

[Adrian Moss] 7:37 am: Manipulation+Subterfuge

Adrian Moss *rolls* 10d10: 7+2+8+4+3+10+10+8+9+10: 71

Woot! 7 successes.

[Adrian Moss] 7:38 am: Stealth+Dex

Adrian Moss *rolls* 9d10: 4+3+1+1+9+1+9+7+8: 43

A palatable 4 successes.

Okay, he's being a spy, but is he spy enough?

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The cloaked figure turned to Chris pausing in step for a moment allowing him to lead the way. "Novas? Is that what your species is called?" Her question sounded very genuine in tone and curious more so learning as she interacted with this creature. "So each of these...." She pauses for a moment, "Creatures that walk on two legs like you your species call themselves novas and they are unique?"

They both soon came to a stop as Chris indicated they are here. The cloaked figure looked around seeing the life raft in the water and nothing else. "......I don't see anything... Other then some type of flimsy water going vessel that doesn't look safe. Are you sure we are here?"

The cloaked figures hood slightly perked up on either side of her head as she turned to see someone stepping out of the little boat of sorts. "...So.. I see.." Cloak figure took a slight step back.. "The flimsy water craft is more then what it seams... I am assuming a projection field of sorts?" She asks with out returning the greetings more curious about the tech then the people around her for the moment. Slowly her attention feel upon the one that greeted her as she nodded slightly, "Greetings nova Sarah Hideyoshi, I come in peace. My people call me Shadow Walker its a pleasure to meet you and your interesting party of sorts."

"Professor... What is that title? A rank or name? I know not that word does it have a meaning? You nova's have strange words I am unaccustomed to.."

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"It is a Title, Yes. A representation of achievement in academics." Sarah says scratching her head. "Projection field? Seesh, The Professor's much better at this... something to do with Dimensional tesseracts, reversed neutron thingies... I don't know how she keeps her own head on straight." She smiles. "Although this does look sort of flimsy..." She says before pulling out... slowly for demonstration... a pistol. "...now wait... just showing you how sturdy this is... you might wanna step back."

She gets up out of the ESS and aims at a wall of the ship facing towards the water and fires a single bullet which seems to be absorbed into the "skin" of the ship. "Now if this was a mere Synth-Eufiber skin this thing would have quite a leak... But this is a real piece of work... we've sat on volcano lava like it was a lake, fallen down into the Valles Marineris once... 3 miles straight down... and been bathed in Hydrochloric Acid. Not even a scratch or a patch needed. As if this thing is even inflated I mean it's probably some superalloy hull or something as far as I know... and once you see the inside... Well, I'd brace yourself."

"She's bigger on the inside."

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A slight nod was seen before the cloaked figure spoke softly, "I see... So a sage, artisan or shaper. Thus your word professor covers a number of avenues but still a very strange word it is."

She listened as Sarah continued to speak about the small boat that floated on the water before them. Her hood tilted to the side taking in the information with a slight nod, "I see... The ship has the ability to shape itself and adapt to suit the needs in short. Interesting I wounder how you came across this tech it is something in which your kind doesn't seam to exhibit or possess the knowledge of crafting such a device." Her tone sounded slightly suspicious of the intents of these creatures calling themselves novas wondering if this is another trap.

She took a step back watching the demonstration her cloak hood slightly flickered towards the back as her ears hidden below flinched at the loud discharged sound. She carefully watched what happened and only nodded knowing full well if what Sarah said is true it would take something close to a col-bolt tipped warhead to do any damage to this vessel.

"So..." She turned her attention to Chris for a moment, "Nova's which are you beings have powers, while all those." She turns slightly looking towards the city, "Most have none.... Interesting... But why the distinction are you not what you are yet the same as them regardless of your powers?"

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Sarah takes her pistol and in a smooth motion with her hand, spins it around with the barrel pointed to her and presents the pistol to Silvertalon. She sees the strange new life form is nervous, and feels the best way to relieve the situation is to show trust. "If it makes you feel any better, Miss... you can keep an eye on this."

She smiles. But on her face she has a tell, one of puzzlement, but sincerity.

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Translation on.

Adrian Moss *rolls* 12d10: 1+3+4+2+3+2+4+2+5+1+7+4: 38

[jameson] 11:02 am: see ya

[Kamiko] 11:03 am: heh

[Adrian Moss] 11:03 am: Wow! That sucked. Nows for the Megas

[Kamiko] 11:03 am: OOOH lowball

Adrian Moss *rolls* 5d10: 4+3+4+1+2: 14

[jameson] 11:03 am: BOTCH!

[Kamiko] 11:03 am: BBBBOTCH

[jameson] 11:03 am: EPIC FAIL!

[envoy] 11:03 am: ugh. what was that for power use?

[Adrian Moss] 11:04 am: No ... 1 success.

[Adrian Moss] 11:04 am: Information Manipulation.

3q with 20 left.

"Maybe I can be of assistance?" said the nice dressed man walking up the Trio. What surprised the Vulpine Newcomer was that she understood his words and connotations exactly. His stance showed his station (mid-Ambassadorial), birth rank (1st), ect.

For Zeph, he hoped his field would reach out and surround all the assembled, but something was ... off.

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"Ma'am! What sort of authorization you have using such firepower?"

"My own," Irma had answered frankly to the baying mob, smooth and confident, "Earned on almost a dozen worlds not as friendly as your own before I met up with the Profesor and..."

Then... *Something* happened and the baselines around her seemed to lose interest in her and the entire incident, including the Section T troops called up to assist. That wasn't normal, and while she was no expert attuned to the quantum energies of others, someone had done something. This condundrum distracted her enough for Zeph to make his way to the trio by the ship, but not enough to cover his brazen approach on the trio as she walked up behind him and gave him a long, piercing look. The chronokinetic's expression quite succently conveyed her truly deep and abiding love for ambassatorial and psuedo ambassatorial spook types.

Unfortunately given her experiences with Utopia, that love wasn't deep enough to substain a minnow. So he had better walk lightly.

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"No, Some were once like them, others, like me, never were. I was born this way."

He looked at Zeph, and his yellow eyes narrowed. "And Who exactly are you?"

"You didn't arrive with us, and I don't recall Sarah or the Professor mentioning you either."

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Zeph smiles and addresses Mech, "I'm Zephraine Constantine. I ... fix delicate problems. I facilitate difficult transitions between exotic locations and specialize in communication difficulties. Along with that, I iron out little incidents like what happened when ... certain people arrived. I find it that most people want to deal with the authorities at a time more conducive to them. In most cases, I believe that all travelers need to 'check in' to whatever Government agency that handles these incidences. I'm a reluctant criminal at best. In those rare incidences when that is not advisable, I can help with that too."

"For these minor services, all I ask is some basic information about points of origins and any other locations they are willing to talk about. My motto isn't "Knowledge is power." It's "Knowledge is the doorway to Greater Understanding."

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He looks over at the Fox-tailed alien then nods to Mech. "I'm just here to offer my services. Like I said, I solve other people's delicate problems. I also deal in information, both looking for, finding, and, if necessary, misplacing it."

He took out some cards (carefully) from his breast pocket, and offered one to Mech and Shadow Walker. He then turned and offered one to Irma, adding a friendly grin, "Just in case you find yourself in need."

Each card is made of thinly crafted obsidian-themed material (it is flexible), etched with the name of the Longfellow Publishing Company

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Irma's expression convyed how unlikely she thought that need would be, but she accepted the card and vanished it into her Collection. "Be careful with this one. Information peddlers always are," she offered before making her way aboard the ship, expression unimpressed by the man's stock in trade, a rare moment of honesty from the chronokinetic.

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After the demonstration of the strange vessels ability to easily withstand the small fire arm she put up her hand indicating there was no need to offer the weapon to her. "There is no need something like that wouldn't scratch scratch me. Besides I am pretty sure what ever this small vessel is it could easily with stand greater devices that would dwarf what your holding."

A moment later the demonstration was ended the sound of someone walking across the sand with a little huff made her turn. Still fully cloaked with the hood up only the back side of her cloak seamed to move about oddly as if something hidden with in the cloaks confines was moving around. A strange young man approached the assembled group and begun to introduce himself she listened carefully trying to understand the full concept of his greetings and message. As some of it still was odd to her and yet some of it she clearly understood. She couldn't but help to chuckle softly in a strange manner.

"I highly dout with out the aid of these beings communicators you could even comprehend a pup's level of understanding of my native language." She softly stated with a soft rumbling myrr in her tone.

The cloaked figure watched the continued conversation play out between the others after that not sure what she could add or what would be best to say. She knew for a fact there was no way she could even remotely convey to the authorities what she was or why she was here let alone show herself openly in public it would indeed cause a panic. But still it amused her to some extent but when he offered something in his hand towards her she stepped back and the hood tilted to the out stretched hand with the card in it. Slowly she leaned forward and sniffed his hand and the card as he felt her hot breath on his hand before pulling back but not taking the card. It was hard to tell if she understood the concept that he was offering his greeting card, that was indeed totally alien to her logic. But it seamed he was offering her his scent which caught her slightly off guard as it was traditional gesture amongst her kind.

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"Well then... now that we can at least deal with each other in enclosed spaces let's get out of the public eye... I'm starting to see tabloid photogs starting to see dollar signs at your appearance, miss." Sarah says to the fox-being. "And we could use our PR woman on the ship." She says in reference to Irma's efforts. She looks over the newcomer with suspicion. "At least the internal security should handle any threat, you too, Mister misterioso, get in da boat." She Shouts with a smirk. She looks up to Mech. "Chris, you coming?"

Meanwhile, Captain Jane is still keeping the public herded back. "Bloody hell The Professor's gonna owe me after this is over. Never a dull moment around her." She thinks.

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Zeph chuckles, "I'm hardly Mr. Mysterio. Handing out a business card wouldn't do much for the mystique, eh?"

He looks around. It seemed he might well be able to get along here and gain some useful information for his growing information web. "Thanks for the lift, ... I don't know your name yet."

None the less, he got on board. All he needed as a few moments and a doorway to get himself out of trouble.

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"Indeed being out in the open like this is not a good idea there could be more troubles of sorts just waiting to happen. Although the same could be said going into unfamiliar territory and into the den of a strange creatures so willingly can be considered just as bad as being out in the open. But I'll take my chances in the more confined spaces. Then to be a target in the open by things you may not see or hear coming any day." She softly says with a slight chuckle of sorts.

"Lead the way I will follow, I am curious to see what level of tech you strange beings possess here..." She casually commented as they begun to enter the open door way. The cloaked figure as indeed the last to step though making sure to remember the way back just in case things go south.

She has a very slight suspicious tone in her last sentence suspecting this ship and other tech on board maybe stolen but doesn't openly say it. She is still wearing her cloak keeping herself hidden at all times very adept in not relieving to much to these strange creatures but learning as much as she can about them at the same time. Also at the same time determining what information she can about the ship itself by see the sections they walk though.
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Heather stayed at the console where Sarah had left her, playing with the system and rapidly figuring out portions that Sarah had no clue about yet. Absorbing all of the text that flashed by in mere moments was no difficulty for the often strange young woman. Honestly, she had attention to spare to keep an eye on the unconscious Professor, though that was easier once she tapped into the internal security cameras and tasked a screen to watch the room, allowing her to keep the Professor, and herself, in the corner of her eye.

As interested as she was in the newcomers, there was so much here to read, and she had agreed to watch over her travelling companion while she was incapable of defending herself.

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