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[SR] Jaleena 'Magnun' Trevayan

Jaleena Trevayan

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Leena Trevayan

ORK Shadowrunner (20 BP for being an Ork; low light vision)

BOD: 4/9

AGI: 5/6 40BP

REA: 4/6 30BP

STR: 4/8 10BP

CHA: 4/5 30BP

INT: 3/6 20BP

LOG: 4/5 30BP

WILL: 2/6 10BP

INI: 8/12

ESS: 6

Edge: 2/6 10BP

ability pts: 200 (+ Ork cost)


Archery 1 4BP

Artisan 2 8BP (metal engraving) 2 BP

Athletics Skill Group 1 10BP

Close Combat Skill Group 1 10BP

Firearms Skill Group 4 40BP

Demolitions 1 4BP

Dodge 2 8BP

Heavy Weapons 2 8BP (Grenade launcher specialization) 2 BP

Pilot Ground craft 1 4BP

Thrown Weapons 1 4BP

Negotiations 2 8BP

Perception 1 4BP (visual) 2 BP

Infilitration 1 4BP

Armorer 6 28BP (Weapon modification specialization) 2BP

skill pts: 152

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS (pts log + int x 3= 21)

Blade Design 4

Chemistry 3

Engineering 2

Firearm Design 4

Gun Trivia 3

English Native (Language)

Or'Zet 5 (Language)


Addiction (whiskey) Moderate 10BP (negative)

MONEY: 165,000 Nuyen (33BP)

Middle (5,000 nuyen/month) 3 months

Contacts: Arms Dealer - Travis Black (Connection 5/Loyalty 3)

Fixer - Code Worm/Minnie Latoya (Connection 2/Loyalty 1)

Black Tusk head enforcer - 'The Jamaican' (Connection 4/Loyalty 4)


Communications headset 500 nuyen

Goggles w/image link, smartlink and thermographic vision (50 + 25 + 500 +100 nuyen)

Combat Axe; (600 nuyen)

1 Katana; mod: lvl 2 custom look (2000 nuyen)

Survival Knife; (50 nuyen)

Stun Baton; (400 nuyen)

Forearm snap-blades mod: lvl 2 custom look (150 + 1000 nuyen)

Bow (min. Str 4) w/20 arrows; (400 nuyen)

5 Throwing Knives; (100 nuyen)

5 Shuriken; (150 nuyen)

10 Fragmentation Grenades; (350 nuyen)

5 Flash-Paks; (1000 nuyen)

5 Garottes (50 nuyen)

1 extendable baton (50 nuyen)

5 Streetline Specials (500 nuyen) Holdout

Ares Predator IV (w/quickdraw holster, hidden arm slide and internal smartlink system + 10 clips of explosive ammo);

Mod: Custom Look rating 2, personalized grip

(350+100+500 + 350 + 350 + 1000 + 100 nuyen) H. Pistol

Yamaha Sakura Fubuki (Smartlinked, w/ concealable holster, hidden arm slide and gas vent-2);

Mod: Powered folding stock (replacing standard folding stock),

(2000 + 350 + 100 + 200 nuyen) - L. Pistol

Walther MA-2100 (w/4 clips Regular ammo, imaging scope w/ vision magnification, shock pad, underbarrel smartlink system,); (5000 + 80 + 400 + 50 + 400 nuyen)

S. Rifle, main gun

Mossberg AM-CMDT (w/ gas vent-2, internal smartlink)

Mod: Powered folding stock, sling, personalized grip (1000 + 200 + 1000 + 10 + 100 nuyen) Shotgun

Aztechnology Striker; (1000 nuyen)

Missile Launcher

Armourer Facility; (100,000)

Armourers Kit; (500)

Shop (5000 nuyen)

Modification Database Rating 4 (12000 nuyen)

Storage Warehouse w/materials for work (5000 nuyen)

Armour Jacket (900 nuyen)

1 extra month of medium lifestyle (5000 nuyen)

biometric locks on warehouse and workshop + medium-grade mag lock on shop

(10000 nuyen)

Outside security/support 1000 nuyen/month

Thundercloud Contrail Racing Bike w/ anti-theft system, chameleon coating, signature masking lvl 1 (5000 nuyen + 1200 + 6000 + 2000 nuyen)

4 certified credsticks 100 nuyen

2 fake SINs rating 4 8000 nuyen

Rappelling Gloves 70 nuyen

Grapple Gun 500 nuyen

This lot totals: 184685 nuyen

Arsenal purchases

Tonfa x 2 (100 nuyen);

Nunchaku (75 nuyen),

Nitama Optimum II w/ underbarrel shotgun, internal smartgun system, rigid stock w/

shockpad, and gas-vent 3 system

Mods: Foregrip, Sling and personalized grip

(2200 + 400 + 50 + 10 + 100 nuyen)

Assault Rifle

Ares Alpha w/ underbarrel grenade launcher, airburst link, smartgun system, gas vent-2 and recoil dampening barrel (2 points)

Mods: Powered folding stock, Foregrip, Sling and personalized grip

(1700 nuyen + 500 + 200 + 100 + 50 + 10 + 100 nuyen) Assault Rifle

Ingram Smartgun X w/ gas-vent 2, internal smartgun, sound suppressor and folding stock

(650 nuyen) Sub machinegun

This lot totals: 6245

Ammo + minigrenades for Ares Alpha

50 rounds explosive, Light Pisol (350 nuyen)

50 rounds explosive, Heavy Pistol (350 nuyen)

50 rounds APDS, Sniper Rifle (350 nuyen)

50 flechette rounds, shotgun (350 nuyen)

10 fragmentation minigrenades (350 nuyen)

10 high-explosive minigrenades (450 nuyen)

This lot totals: 1850


5 kilos of commercial explosive (500 nuyen)

1 kilo of rating 10 plastic explosive (1000 nuyen

5 detonator caps (375 nuyen)

This lot totals: 1875

spent: 195005 of 195000

Running Cost: 410 BP (+10 for moderate alcohol addiction)

Starting Cash: 1400 nuyen


Attributes: 200 pts

Skills: 152 pts

Gear: 39 pts

Contacts: 19 pts

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Jaleena's mother was a shadowrunner, her father an ARES Megacorp fixer and humanis policlubber. She lived a fairly normal life in the corporate sector up until she hit puberty, and goblinized, mutating into an Ork. Her father's response was frightening and brutal, as his beliefs in purity were deep-set and he loathed what she had become. He began to beat her, and withdrew her from school on account of 'sickness', banned her from seeing her friends, and began to consider what to do about her.

The eventual answer was simple: He called her mother.

Jaleena had heard of her mother, but never met her. When she met the enigmatic and by-then experienced shadowrunner, it was a slide from one life to another with no step between, as her father kicked her out and made it clear he never expected to hear from her again.

Shireen - Ravage as she was known on the streets - tended to say little, and while Leena desperately sought explanation and help, Shireen had little to offer but the lessons of the shadows and training. She emphasized taking care of oneself, and the impermanence of life. Oddly, though she was a Street Samurai and heavily augmented, she always stressed that Jaleena should never use cyberware if she could avoid it.

Over the next few years, Jaleena began to settle. Shireen passed her around her ork friends to let her get a feeling for 'her' kind. It was being around other Orks that gave Jaleena an impression that something was 'wrong' with her mother, something broken inside. Most of the Orks she encountered - the non-runners anyway - were communal types with large families, full of the usual problems but eager to share them and often loudly. They welcomed her like one of the family, and behaved in ways that seemed... odd to her, because she was not used to people being garrulous and welcoming to people they didn't know, let alone treating someone like one of the family just because of what they were.

By contrast, Shireen never spoke about her problems, or talked about her family. She never even talked about Jaleena's father and how they came together. When Jaleena was upset and crying or even begging her for answers, Shireen would just watch her, impassive, and calm, and implacable. There were a few ways their relationship could have gone, but while they drifted apart a little, at the same time Jaleena grew to admire and fear her mother, almost to revere her. She took onboard her lessons, and tried as hard as she could to be 'strong', whatever that meant. Like any teen she was seeking acceptance, and while she found it messing around with other Ork kids, it was her mother she wanted it from.

It was around this that Leena began to show her aptitude not just for maintaining guns - the first thing her mother had taught her - but to tinkering with and even building them. Shireen took her to a gun runner she knew well, and put her to work as an apprentice, and for the first time since becoming an Ork, Jaleena flourished. She proved to be prodigious, with a natural knack for weapons of all types, and a love of the forge and the workbench and the testing range.

Jaleena grew to adulthood surrounded by the shadows, in awe of her shadowrunning mother, never knowing more than the stories she heard about her successes and failures, and never hearing those from Ravage herself. When she asked Shireen - and more and more Jaleena referred to her mother by her running handle - all she ever received were enigmatic smiles, and an enquiry about whether or not she believed them. And whatever answer Jaleena gave, Ravage would always say 'Then that's good enough for me'. Though it frustrated her, it also motivated Jaleena to further refine her skills, and to use them to try and get closer to a mother who seemed incapable of being close to anyone.

Much to Jaleena's surprise, and her mother's, she grew up to be a very pretty Ork. She started receiving a quite shocking amount of male attention almost out of the blue, though she rebuffed all advances, feeling too nervous and too withdrawn to want to get involved with boys. When one of them got too feely, her mother near-gutted him with the razorspurs in her right hand, and after that people left Jaleena alone. This incident, more than any other, brought them closer. Once or twice, Ravage talked about her past directly, mentioned a few friends Jaleena had never heard of. They talked about sex, and growing up, and the things normal people talked of. Little things, but a start. And an end.

Ravage had been like many street sams: constantly fighting the curve, trying to keep her body ahead of the competition as well as the weapons in her hands. But eventually, like many of her fellows, she went too far with her cyberware. Shireen began to go berserk, raving and screaming, or weeping when not, and after coming within an inch of skewering Leena over dinner, left her with her gunrunning friend for good. She died a week later, in hospital.

The loss devastated Jaleena. At first she just cried, feeling lost and dazed. She had felt the walls beginning to break down, she had felt sure she was getting closer to Ravage. But then she was gone. Just like that. She sank into a deep depression and began drinking heavily.

In the depths of that, though, her temporary guardian revealed that Ravage had left her daughter a gift. A massive backlog of audio and video logs that she had been recording pretty much since she had taken over her mothering duties. Some of these were simple talks with a recorder or camera, others were recordings of happier times they had shared, or important conversations, only with the audio altered in places, like a commentary track on a movie. Ravage told how she had been a soldier first, fighting in dozens of wars for the UCAS, and became a Shadowrunner much later after her unit was sold up the river for some minor gain. And she said the words that would become etched into Jaleena's psyche, and haunt her for the rest of her life: "Soldiers live, and wonder why. Legends fall, but never die."

She thought she understood them, too. The legends of her mother's work were all the brighter now that she had gone. There were tributes on the matrix boards, talks in the bars and clubs among those in the know. Some were glad, some were sad, and others... others were doubtful, because nobody quite knew how she had died, and the few who did had no interest in confirming those rumours which touched on the truth.

Nonetheless, Ravage's death left Jaleena all alone. She had an awe of the shadows, but feared to step into them alone. So she did as her mother had done and joined the army, where her skills as an armourer went well appreciated and she received the final bits of training that moved her from an exceptional amateur to an incredible professional. Her talent for combat was honed and put into practice, and she began to develop some self-confidence. But her mother's mantra still haunted her. It never left her, not one moment in the bunks or among her unit. And after her first combat missions, she could think of nothing else.

This motivated her to leave the army after a few tours of duty. She finally chose to step into the shadows, to step into the void her mother had left and fill it with herself. She was no street samurai, not a warrior of the greatest variety. But she had skills they needed.

Setting up in Denver (the place where her final tour of duty ended), she contacted the local orks and sought out somebody who could help her get set up.

A chance encounter with an Ork enforcer gave her the link she needed. After a long talk about guns where she wowed him with her knowledge and left him speechless after taking apart one of his pistols and putting it back together in front of him, leaving it more effiicient in the process, he put her in touch.

Jak 'Black Beard' Brohan, Big Bs or B3 depending on who you talked to, led the Black Tusks - so called because they stained their left tusk black - a fearsome Ork bike gang, was more than happy to talk with her. After she demonstrated her abilities by fixing up his favourite shotgun in an hour and a half, he gave her a few simple outfitting jobs to test her skills, before engaging in an actual business proposition.

He put up some capital, arranged a workshop to be bought for her, and allowed Jaleena to go into business as an official shadow armourer (as official as these things go anyway), with the agreement in place that she would give preferential treatment to the Black Tusks in return for the favour B3 had done for her, along with regular payments to pay off the investment.

Jaleena thanked him and went to work. She put her heart and soul into the job, doing her damnedest to prove herself to be the Orkiest ork imaginable. Her good looks and abilities attracted some of the wrong sort of attention, though. A rival gang came after her when they heard about the new supplier given the Black Tusks a one-up in the game. They shot up her shop, and tried to kill her. She fought them with what she had, just a few pistols and a shotgun, until she met someone... unexpected.

An albino, Jamaican Ork. She killed the remaining gangers all on her own, and informed Jaleena that she would be her contact with the Black Tusks from now on. Going forward, 'The Jamaican' as she was called on the streets and apparently by everyone who knew her, would come to be the Black Tusks most feared enforcer and probably Jaleena's best friend in the gang. She was an outsider, too, a foreigner in UCAS, and last survivor of her gang back home seeking a new start. And like Jaleena, she had no intention of stopping.

With a fresh cash injection from B3, Jaleena beefed up her security and improved her operation, then set back to work. She continued to develop her combat skills, all the better to show off her wares, seeking out people to help her train and expand her knowledge, and went into the guns business herself. In an effort to better fit into the gangland territory she had been set up in, she learned the Or'Zet language. With that came a natural inclination towards Ork pride, but her identity was really centered on her mother, not her race. It left her in an awkward place, orky enough to be accepted among them, but never sure if she belonged among them. Her one-sided life and the unresolved issues in her past kept haunting her, though, along with her mother's mantra, and the fear that she was not living up to it. Could a gunsmith ever be a legend? Jaleena didn't know. But she had never heard stories of the person who made her mother's razorspurs, or who crafted the custom machine pistol she had used in her career.

The internal pressure led to her leaning more heavily on the drink.

It was around then that she met Travis Black, a self-styled 'Dark Elf' gunrunner, suave and sophisticated and oddly fond of Orks. Leena had romanced a few times, lost her virginity to one of her many drunken stupors and a tumble with an ork bouncer, but she had never met someone like Travis. He didn't lead her on, it was all professionalism, and the charm just came as part of the service. He appreciated her talent with the workbench, and offered to start supplying her with materiale to help her upgrade. She OKed it with The Jamaican, who brought down the all-clear from B3 with the usual caveat: Black Tusks get first dibs.

The deal was simple; Travis would bring her guns, she would modify them, he would then sell them on to his clients at a higher profit, and let her keep some surplus for her own use. It was mostly thanks to Travis that she was able to expand her business, bringing in much higher quality and even military-grade firepower for her to work on, along with better materials for custom jobs and as the cash pile grew, Jaleena continued to expand her operation, buying a separate lockup for her weapons to go with her armoury and its shopfront.

Yet still she felt unsettled. The flirtation with the shadows needed to be something more. Jaleena began to send out feelers, wondering if someone could use her wide skillbase for something more hands-on. When she put the question to The Jamaican, over a long conversation about a shotgun, The Jamaican put her in contact with someone she had heard of.

This was a local fixer known as 'Code Worm' who was involved in some small-scale shadowrunning ops, often helping people get a start into the business. Code Worm operated via the Matrix only, but could be contacted via the bartender of a local bar called The Angry Ork. The bartender was Minnie Latoya, a popular figure in the Denver Ork community, and she put Jaleena in touch with Code Worm, who fixed her first 'proper' Shadowrun.

Jaleena took the name 'Magnun' from the Or'zet word for volunteer, as she had chosen to live the life of a Shadowrunner rather than being forced into it like many others had been. She ran in the role of a specialist, being protected by the rest of the runner team while she set up explosives to destroy a tanker of some new chemical being produced by a subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology. The run went off without a hitch, and left her feeling, for the first time in her life, like she had found her feet.

She had a business, she had a life, friends, and she no longer quite felt the pressure from living up to her mother's name.

As Jaleena hit her mid-twenties, performing a mixture of shadowruns on the side and a raft of customization jobs, manufacturing and so forth as her main income, The Jamaican informed her that she had a sister. Or at least, there was some elf called Trevayan, and that's not a normal surname in Denver parts. And it turned out to be true. Jaleena's younger sister had become an elf rather than an ork, and met much the same treatment from their father. Only she'd had no mother to protect her, and ended up on the streets. Jaleena visited the whorehouse she had ended up working for, and paid for her time, just to say hello.

The meeting was not easy for either of them, but they began to form a relationship of sorts. The Jamaican did a favour for Jaleena in return for a custom-built machine pistol, and paid the pimp a visit. He had beaten Kaylin many times, but after The Jamaican was finished with him he didn't do much of anything anymore.

Jaleena helped Kaylin get set up in a new flat in a nicer area of Denver, and rather than being a simple whore, she managed to set herself up as a somewhat more classy 'escort', with better clientele and less abuse. Over time they developed an uneasy relationship, talking more often, sending messages, pushing back and forth and trying to get to know each other without touching on the dangerous topics.

She only knew her mother had taken care of her without question, and she tried to do the same for Kaylin. But she saw an irony in it. Just as Ravage had kept Jaleena at arms' length no matter how close they appeared to be, so too did Jaleena keep Kaylin from getting close to her. They never really talked about where the money came from, or who that scary albino Ork was who 'talked' to Jason that one time, in a conversation that involved some suspiciously loud banging noises, and so on.

So it is, with growing responsibilities and fresh determination, Jaleena finds herself looking into the shadows more and more...

Quotes: "There's a bullet for every gun, and a gun for every enemy; I got 'em all."

"There's a bullet with your name on it. I made it this morning."

"Soldiers live, and wonder why. Legends fall, but never die. That's what my mama said. She was a soldier. I'm gonna be a legend."

Character Description

Jaleena's a beautiful ork, as orks go. She's got smooth skin that's got a pleasant reddish-brown tinge that has a hint of badass and a touch of exotica to it. Got the same pointed ears and flat nose and thin lips you see on any ork, but she's better groomed than ninety per cent of the orks out there. She takes exquisite care of her tusks, keeping them filed to shining points and perfectly symmetrical. Her face is quite thin by the standards of most orks, ovalled, with straight black hair that's cut short. She's muscular but not overly so, quite busty, generally squeezed into dungarees in the workshop or good old fashioned jeans and a T-Shirt when in the shop. Her eyes are black.


'The Jamaican'; Albino, pink-eyed dreadlocked Jamaican Ork who is the lead enforcer for The Black Tusks. Naturally, has her right tusk stained black.

Travis Black: A suave, sophisticated elven gunrunner who brings in a lot of guns for her to modify so he can ship them out and sell them at a neat profit, in return for her keeping some for herself.

Code Worm and Minnie Latoya: Code Worm is her fixer and Minnie her contact with Code Worm, at a bar called The Angry Ork.

Kaylin Tregayan: A beautiful, half-Japanese elegant elf courtesan and Jaleena's sister.


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