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[OpNet] Just been thinking.

Lemmy Chillmeister

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Okay, I ain't been sick in years. I still eat a gutload but the fact is I don't need to, I just love to. And even when I do, well, let's just say we never see that food again. I don't sweat. I realized awhile ago I don't have to blink. I still do, kind of a habit I guess, but I don't have to. No burping, farting or hiccupping. No eye boogers, excess earwax, patches of dry skin or stupid aches and/or pains.

I can't imagine the amount of brain power I save just by not having to deal with ANY of the above. I mean, fuck, I don't even really think about my body anymore unless I'm fucking or trying out something new.

It's like I got all Zen with my bod but never had to try to do it. It just happened.

Amazing, I've been sprouting quantum woody for nearly eight years now and I'm still finding out new shit.

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