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Sad but true


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Hello everyone, I know I have been kinda ghosty lately and I needed to get on and say something to people. For the past couple months I had put school to the side and was pretty much just working my job. I realized that I was a little burned out since when ever I would get home I would not bring up any game or do any web surfing, I would just load up netflix and sit in my chair and stare at a computer screen. Last week I went to Gen Con and talking to several people there kind of snapped me out of it so I am happy to say I am out of my funk.

Sadly what this means is not only am I getting my classes back underway but I am also getting our game design company going again, now that I may have found a means to fund it, I am also starting to run events for a local game store in the hopes of bringing them enough revenue that they can hire me away from Papa Johns. What this all means is I will effectively be doing the work of two full time jobs which is going to leave me with even less time and inclination to be writing. For now I have to retire from the site.

I have been gaming for over half my life and here on this site are some the best people I have ever had the privilege to role-play with. I am hoping if the game store can hire me full time and I can mostly get out of Papa Johns I will be able to have time again to at least come back and rejoin a few of the games I am in. Until then I will try to jump in to chat now and again and hang out because I love you guys.

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