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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Episode 1: Britannia - OOC

The Traveler

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Hello Everyone! The Professor here! Looks like we're heading to Britannia!

Now while we are in-between universes I thought it would be a good idea to see what people would want out of this next story. One; so I can get a story plan on lock and Two; So that everyone gets a spotlight to work with.

Also, while Brittania is my universe, I am welcome to seeing additions made.

Tech Level: The Tech Level of Britannia is definitely at a pre-aberrant war stage. For an example as to what Britannian London looks like... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJM6Zyq_XcM

The picture in that video is a fair representation of the Londonium Arcology. There are colonies on the Moon, and organized expeditions are planned to Mars in the next few years. (Listen to the video from 0:40 and imagine the ESS flying in to land at a Ministry helipad. Touring all the arclogy spires flanking the north sea.) Medical Technology is far advanced. Limbs that are damaged are replaced with stem-cell cloned limbs, most diseases are eradicated, and viruses are tightly reined in and mostly eradicated. Bacterial infections are treated with immuno-enhancers with care not to make bacteria resistant to treatment efforts. The Environment is clean, but after the unification war, there are many irradiated areas off limits to all but the most hearty of Novas.

Political: Britannia is a Constitutional Monarchy, similar to the real world UK. There is a Prime Minister, and Parliament. The Ministry of Powers handles all Nova and Psychokinetic powers. (Powers is the general term that Britannians use to describe those with powers.)

Population: 3.75 Billion, 1 Million Novas of mostly < 30 NP rating. Only about 50 Novas are known to have a > 100 NP rating.

If anyone has ideas, remember, this society isn't ideal, but it works for it's citizens, and conspiracies are slim, and easily ferreted out. But as noted, things aren't ideal. Nothing made by man or nova never is.


Currency: Currency is the EC or Energy Credit. A currency based on the value of the energy used to produce something.

The "Heisenberg Realization Effect", The World, And Taint/Aberrations: The Heisenberg Realization Effect is an extension of Werner Heisenberg's theories regarding the observer and their effects on reality. With the force of will that a Psychokinetic or Nova can produce, they can create their own reality around themselves, or at least an optimal condition around themselves. This "Realization Effect" is what makes Psychokinetics and Novas work.

In regards to Taint and Aberrations, to quote The Professor... "Oh dear... yeah... we... gotta talk about that. I got the problem too, well, just starting. I don't think yours is terminal but it is far more advanced than mine. See, at least here, no nova has gotten past stage three without going mad or becoming a puddle of goo or worse some sort of freakish beast... I've been working with the best paraphysicians here to find a treatment to the root cause of the symptoms... You might know the root cause as Taint... as I do... but I can't cure the effects of the disease, the aberrations. The Terats here and their philosophy has channeled this, probably from a variant of the Heisenberg Realization Effect, and I have heard rumors... at least here... of some other organication or group that knows how to train the body to more efficiently channel quantum and even cure taint before it starts causing damage..."

Taint aberrations are reflections of the Nova's own feeling of slipping away from reality and humanity, made manifest from residual quantum (taint) retained in the quantum template of the Nova. While this science of understanding the function of such reality manipulation is embryonic at best, this may be something leading to an effective treatment of taint, but not the damage it causes. Unfortunately, once enough residual quantum builds up in the template, the damage it does to the Nova is irreversible.

Section T Dramatis Personae

Captain Jane Arrowway: Head of the Cardiff cell of Section T, capable of resurrecting herself after death and is an expert pistoleer.

Owen James: Teleporter, team medic.

Patricia Awbrey: Former Scotland Yard detective, only human on the team.

Kimiko Hayashibara: Cyberkinetic Nova, spends 23 hours a day logged into the Brittanian Intelligence Network searching out for new arrivals through the Stonehenge gate or "Sidestep" capable Novas.

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Hmmm, I'll trust the broadstrokes to you, Saku, but after some beach downtime and possible mutual culture shock hijinks, 'Melody' is going to sucumb to her itch and go looking for Thetis. That'll lead her into all kinds of B-plot trouble I'm guestimating. So mayhaps we can weave it into the greater scheme of things.

Want to have the drama of the Irma-Dash confrontation sometime this chapter, too, Jer?

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If you are looking for a pink haired genius, it is hard to beat Washu.




This one I think really fits the character.


This motto sounds so like you.


Utena also has some potential, especially with the British trappings of this character.


This one has a kind of mad sciency look.

Most of these will require cropping or at least resizing, but you did ask for suggestions.

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Okay once Wyrd gets their Ini in then we can move to the crunch.

I'm not sure what Mr. Fox's standard SOP is regarding combat, but he seems open to how the head author determines how things go.

So... like I said before, this is about being cool, fighting the good fight, and fish fingers and custard.

Did I just say that?

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